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  • Joplin

    Joplin - an open source note taking and to-do application with synchronisation capabilities for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

    Project mention: Joplin iOS App bug? | reddit.com/r/joplinapp | 2023-02-02

    This issue probably has to do with a bug concerning the iOS share function, already reported on Github: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues/7523 Must be some kind of regression because it only affects the latest version for iOS. A new one is in beta testing…

  • Appwrite

    Secure Backend Server for Web, Mobile & Flutter Developers 🚀 AKA the 100% open-source Firebase alternative.

    Project mention: Is Appwrite still written in PHP? | reddit.com/r/appwrite | 2023-01-28

    Hello I'm new to the community and been doing some research on AppWrite. Previous posts said that AppWrite is written in PHP but in appwrite (Github) it seems that the main project is written mainly in Typescript

  • Appwrite

    Appwrite - The Open Source Firebase alternative introduces iOS support . Appwrite is an open source backend server that helps you build native iOS applications much faster with realtime APIs for authentication, databases, files storage, cloud functions and much more!

  • react-native-elements

    Cross-Platform React Native UI Toolkit

    Project mention: 7 Popular React Native UI Component Libraries You Should Know | dev.to | 2023-01-17

    React Native Elements provides an all-in-one UI kit for creating a cross-platform application in React Native. It has over 23k stars on Github.

  • NativeScript

    ⚡ Empowering JavaScript with native platform APIs. ✨ Best of all worlds (TypeScript, Swift, Objective C, Kotlin, Java). Use what you love ❤️ Angular, Capacitor, Ionic, React, Svelte, Vue and you name it compatible.

    Project mention: The right way to build multi platform apps in 2023 using web tech. ? | reddit.com/r/webdev | 2023-01-31

    There are layers that offer access to native APIs like capacitor, cordova and nativescript. Apparently sometimes multiple of them should be used, but I didn't understand what are the differences even after reading the announcement. These seem to be frontend agnostic technologies and Capacitor is apparently the more modern choice at the moment.

  • NativeBase

    Mobile-first, accessible components for React Native & Web to build consistent UI across Android, iOS and Web.

    Project mention: Own UI library or an existing one? | reddit.com/r/reactnative | 2023-01-31
  • expo

    An open-source platform for making universal native apps with React. Expo runs on Android, iOS, and the web.

    Project mention: Web and Mobile micro frontend architecture using EXPO? | reddit.com/r/expo | 2023-02-02

    Hi u/ButterscotchEarly729, I would definitely start with the Expo official documentation https://docs.expo.dev/ If you need more, check the github repo https://github.com/expo/expo And if it is not enough, check their Discord https://discord.com/invite/TercuSpcC7

  • create-react-native-app

    Create React Native apps that run on iOS, Android, and web

    Project mention: Using generators to improve developer productivity | dev.to | 2022-05-28


  • InfluxDB

    Build time-series-based applications quickly and at scale.. InfluxDB is the Time Series Platform where developers build real-time applications for analytics, IoT and cloud-native services. Easy to start, it is available in the cloud or on-premises.

  • graphql-code-generator

    A tool for generating code based on a GraphQL schema and GraphQL operations (query/mutation/subscription), with flexible support for custom plugins.

    Project mention: help wanted: Typescript GraphQL Types Response | reddit.com/r/graphql | 2023-01-28

    It is already incoming, with an example in the repository. 😇 https://github.com/dotansimha/graphql-code-generator/pull/8863

  • devhub

    TweetDeck for GitHub - Filter Issues, Activities & Notifications - Web, Mobile & Desktop with 99% code sharing between them (by devhubapp)

  • react-native-calendars

    React Native Calendar Components 🗓️ 📆

    Project mention: Top 10+ Best React Native UI Components for Mobile App Development | dev.to | 2023-01-04

    GitHub Stars: 8.2k

  • outline-client

    Outline clients, developed by Jigsaw. The Outline clients use the popular Shadowsocks protocol, and lean on the Cordova and Electron frameworks to support Windows, Android / ChromeOS, Linux, iOS and macOS.

    Project mention: meirl | reddit.com/r/meirl | 2023-02-01

    Security Researcher here - this is more thought experiment-grade and not something that I have/would test, but if everyone in your family connected out to something like Outline VPN which makes it easy to set up your own VPN server then connect to it via different apps for phones, Mac, PC, etc, it would mask your location and IP address for your whole family if you share the server.

  • kittenTricks

    React Native starter kit with over 40 screens and modern Light and Dark theme for creating stunning cross-platform mobile applications.

  • react-native-ui-lib

    UI Components Library for React Native

    Project mention: Any good UI libraries? | reddit.com/r/reactnative | 2022-11-21

    Wix’s react-native-ui-lib is also nice: https://github.com/wix/react-native-ui-lib

  • react-native-modal

    An enhanced, animated, customizable Modal for React Native.

    Project mention: Top 10+ Best React Native UI Components for Mobile App Development | dev.to | 2023-01-04

    GitHub Stars: 5k

  • nativescript-vue

    Native mobile applications using Vue and NativeScript.

    Project mention: Vue vs React: Which Framework Should You Choose? | reddit.com/r/u_softwareplanetgroup | 2023-01-24

    If you are hoping to hire mobile developers to only build your app once and reuse your code across multiple devices, React Native allows building Android and iOS applications and will undoubtedly be an excellent choice for your business. In Vue’s case, for its part, there are a number of different options for building native mobile applications too. Of these, NativeScript is by far the most popular, though Quasar is also well worth checking out. Below are some other important points to consider:

  • react-native-render-html

    iOS/Android pure javascript react-native component that renders your HTML into 100% native views

    Project mention: I'm struggling to render JSON as HTML inside of a View in fewer than ~6 seconds; I'm not sure what to do. | reddit.com/r/reactnative | 2022-08-10

    I'm using `react-native-render-html` to render a handful of JSON strings; it works great when they're shorter but, above 20,000 characters, it takes a noticeable amount of time to render. Would it make sense to use a FlatList to render a single JSON string like this? I didn't know if it would still have the performance gain with the source JSON being a single string vs. a number of strings.

  • ant-design-mobile-rn

    Ant Design for React Native

    Project mention: Convert React web app into mobile app | reddit.com/r/reactjs | 2023-01-21

    No, not all libs will be compatible, but lodash definitely is as it's a utility lib and the makers of AntD also make "Ant Design Mobile RN." RN is pretty popular!

  • react-native-track-player

    A fully fledged audio module created for music apps. Provides audio playback, external media controls, chromecast support, background mode and more!

    Project mention: Introducing MonoBox: How & Why I Built My Very Own Music Player | dev.to | 2022-11-18

    So I tried playing music through the app before moving on to dealing with the back-end; here is where the React Native Track Player library comes into play.

  • apk-mitm

    🤖 A CLI application that automatically prepares Android APK files for HTTPS inspection

    Project mention: Various experiments in decrypting traffic from an Android phone | reddit.com/r/wireshark | 2022-12-24

    If you want to capture and decrypt the traffic from one or a few apps without root, you can use apk-mitm to reverse engineering the apps to install a network config file which allows you to use user CA to decrypt the traffic of that app. apk-mitm will do everything for you, you will just have to reinstall the app(it requires first to uninstall from the phone because the app's signature will be different and it will not allow installing the apks from apk-mitm as an update to the original app). Modern apps use split apks, you can use SAI to install an app from split apks.

  • react-native-iap

    react-native native module for In App Purchase.

    Project mention: [Firebase] Secure In-App Purchases | reddit.com/r/reactnative | 2022-10-04

    I've been working on this side project using react-native & firebase and I wanted to add In-App payments to it so users can buy "coins" inside the app, seems like the best way to do so is to use react-native-iap. I read through the documentation and it's clear to me how it works, but I still have some doubts.

  • pwa-asset-generator

    Automates PWA asset generation and image declaration. Automatically generates icon and splash screen images, favicons and mstile images. Updates manifest.json and index.html files with the generated images according to Web App Manifest specs and Apple Human Interface guidelines.

    Project mention: Gostaria de ajuda com PWA | reddit.com/r/programacao | 2023-01-04
  • quirk

    ✨🐙 A GPL Licensed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy app for iOS and Android. Currently a teaching tool

  • cli

    React Native command line tools (by react-native-community)

    Project mention: Android in MAC M1 | reddit.com/r/reactnative | 2022-04-21
  • Sonar

    Write Clean JavaScript Code. Always.. Sonar helps you commit clean code every time. With over 300 unique rules to find JavaScript bugs, code smells & vulnerabilities, Sonar finds the issues while you focus on the work.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2023-02-02.

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What are some of the best open-source Android projects in TypeScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 Joplin 34,214
2 Appwrite 28,958
3 react-native-elements 23,243
4 NativeScript 22,140
5 NativeBase 18,931
6 expo 18,896
7 create-react-native-app 13,092
8 graphql-code-generator 9,657
9 devhub 8,707
10 react-native-calendars 8,301
11 outline-client 7,409
12 kittenTricks 6,959
13 react-native-ui-lib 5,117
14 react-native-modal 5,093
15 nativescript-vue 5,029
16 react-native-render-html 3,061
17 ant-design-mobile-rn 2,666
18 react-native-track-player 2,596
19 apk-mitm 2,449
20 react-native-iap 2,296
21 pwa-asset-generator 2,276
22 quirk 2,091
23 cli 1,989
Write Clean JavaScript Code. Always.
Sonar helps you commit clean code every time. With over 300 unique rules to find JavaScript bugs, code smells & vulnerabilities, Sonar finds the issues while you focus on the work.