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Top 23 TypeScript CLI Projects

  • GitHub repo angular-cli

    CLI tool for Angular

    Project mention: Entering Invalid Dates Is Not Possible Anymore in Angular Apps | dev.to | 2021-09-15

    Follow these steps to set the angular CLI projects using the Angular CLI tool.

  • GitHub repo n8n

    Free and open fair-code licensed node based Workflow Automation Tool. Easily automate tasks across different services.

    Project mention: Automation/integration hosting | reddit.com/r/unRAID | 2021-10-18


  • Syncfusion

    Syncfusion - See why our products are consistently getting 4.6 out of 5 stars by your peers.. Syncfusion Essential Studio for JavaScript is a modern UI control library built from the ground up to be lightweight, responsive, modular, and touch-friendly.

  • GitHub repo Ink

    🌈 React for interactive command-line apps

    Project mention: 25 Best Android Libraries, Projects, and Tools You Won’t Want to Miss Out in 2021 | dev.to | 2021-10-09

    The library was developed by Jake Wharton who was inspired by Ink.

  • GitHub repo ignite

    Infinite Red's cutting edge React Native project boilerplate, along with a CLI, component/model generators, and more!

    Project mention: How to approach errors like these | reddit.com/r/react | 2021-09-30

    I'm tryin to create a react app using ignite,and am encountering this error,does anyone know how to overcome it?

  • GitHub repo nexe

    🎉 create a single executable out of your node.js apps

    Project mention: Deno 1.13 Release | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-08-10
  • GitHub repo vercel

    Develop. Preview. Ship.

    Project mention: Vercel's IP is blacklisted and inaccessible from some ISPs | reddit.com/r/nextjs | 2021-09-09

    Someone opened a ticket with Vercel back in May which hasn't been resolved.

  • GitHub repo oclif

    Node.js Open CLI Framework. Built with 💜 by Heroku.

    Project mention: What Stack Are You Using to Build you SAAS | reddit.com/r/SaaS | 2021-08-29

    I had to create a CLI with https://oclif.io/ and JavaScript modules with https://github.com/formium/tsdx. Both highly recommended 👍

  • Scout APM

    Scout APM: A developer's best friend. Try free for 14-days. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo autocomplete

    Fig adds autocomplete to your terminal.

    Project mention: My Hacktoberfest journey with Appwrite | dev.to | 2021-10-17

    Last year, my pull requests were on my own projects: two to for my Apple Watch telemetry recording app, one was for a workout Watch app, and the third was for the research project I was working on at the moment (this paper has since been published, "The origins and genetic interactions of KRAS mutations are allele- and tissue-specific" and the code is open source). This year, in order to enhance my learning, I challenged myself to contribute to others' projects. In my opinion, I have been quite successful with contributions to Fig, tldr, snakemake, and pymc3-examples. In addition, I have also taken up the challenge of learning about Appwrite, one of the sponsors of this year's Hacktoberfest, and producing educational content about the service. (With some encouragement by the offer of free stickers 🙃) I found this a great opportunity to learn about an essential world of programming that I had yet to deal with: backend services.

  • GitHub repo npkill

    List any node_modules directories in your system, as well as the space they take up. You can then select which ones you want to erase to free up space.

    Project mention: One command to remove gigabytes of unused `node_modules` data | dev.to | 2021-10-15

    View on GitHub

  • GitHub repo clasp

    🔗 Command Line Apps Script Projects

    Project mention: How to diagnose/debug hanging issue within my own library? | reddit.com/r/GoogleAppsScript | 2021-09-25

    Thanks u/RemcoE33, Found it. https://developers.google.com/apps-script/guides/clasp

  • GitHub repo prism

    Turn any OpenAPI2/3 and Postman Collection file into an API server with mocking, transformations and validations. (by stoplightio)

    Project mention: Question mostly about (acceptance) testing Microservices | reddit.com/r/microservices | 2021-10-06

    Re: schema-first, there's tools like https://github.com/stoplightio/prism that can do some heavy lifting for you; if you're willing to get your hands dirty you can create an openapi generator for cucumber/gherkin scripts.

  • GitHub repo ionic-cli

    The Ionic command-line interface

    Project mention: Error: ‘Cannot read property ‘options’ of undefined’ al intentar crear Multi-app con Ionic + Angular | dev.to | 2021-02-20
  • GitHub repo expo-cli

    Tools for creating, running, and deploying universal Expo and React Native apps

    Project mention: Running React Native everywhere: The Web | dev.to | 2021-09-26

    And thanks to @expo/next-adapter, you can even use Next.js to control your Expo for Web app. For details, check "Using Next.js with Expo for Web".

  • GitHub repo kui

    A hybrid command-line/UI development experience for cloud-native development

    Project mention: kubernetes-sigs/kui: takes your normal kubectl commands and responds with sortable, clickable graphics | reddit.com/r/k8s | 2021-09-15
  • GitHub repo Ts.ED

    :triangular_ruler: Ts.ED is a Node.js and TypeScript framework on top of Express to write your application with TypeScript (or ES6). It provides a lot of decorators and guideline to make your code more readable and less error-prone.

    Project mention: Ts.ed – A Node.js and TypeScript Framework on Top of Express/Koa.js | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-08-12
  • GitHub repo graphql-cli

    📟 Command line tool for common GraphQL development workflows

    Project mention: What's new in GraphQL CLI 4.1 | dev.to | 2021-07-29

    GraphQL CLI is your one-stop shop for developing full-stack GraphQL applications in Node.js. With GraphQL CLI you can create and run a new GraphQL application in just a few seconds! Just declare your GraphQL schema and you can perform code generation, schema validation, introspection and more through intuitive CLI commands.

  • GitHub repo generator-ngx-rocket

    :rocket: Extensible Angular 12+ enterprise-grade project generator

    Project mention: Open-source Angular project recommendation | reddit.com/r/Angular2 | 2021-10-11
  • GitHub repo superplate

    A well-structured production-ready frontend boilerplate with Typescript, Jest, testing-library, styled-component, Sass, Css, .env, Fetch, Axios, Reverse Proxy, Bundle Analyzer and 30+ plugin. For now, only creates projects for React and Next.js. https://pankod.github.io/superplate/

    Project mention: Create a feedback admin panel in 15 minutes with refine and Strapi | dev.to | 2021-10-04

    There are two alternative methods to set up a refine application. We will quickly create our application with superplate.

  • GitHub repo cli

    The command line vault (Windows, macOS, & Linux). (by bitwarden)

    Project mention: I've made a password manager 100% in SwiftUI | reddit.com/r/SwiftUI | 2021-08-26

    I haven't looked into it, but Bitwarden also offers a CLI.

  • GitHub repo apk-mitm

    🤖 A CLI application that automatically prepares Android APK files for HTTPS inspection

    Project mention: Secret military aircraft possibly exposed on TikTok | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-09-28
  • GitHub repo tasuku

    ✅ タスク — The minimal task runner for Node.js

    Project mention: タスク (tasuku) — The minimal task runner for Node.js | reddit.com/r/JavaScriptEcosystem | 2021-09-10
  • GitHub repo graphql-zeus

    GraphQL client and GraphQL code generator with GraphQL autocomplete library generation ⚡⚡⚡ for browser,nodejs and react native

    Project mention: New GraphQL Zeus with useTypedQuery Apollo Integration | reddit.com/r/graphql | 2021-09-17
  • GitHub repo flowgen

    Generate flowtype definition files from TypeScript

    Project mention: Creating a modern JS library: TypeScript and Flow | dev.to | 2021-04-05

    If you are writing your library with Flow, you can use build tooling to automate the process. Alternatively, use flowgen to only need to maintain a TypeScript definition file and automate the process of Flow support. In any case, Flow is pretty rare today; supporting just TypeScript will probably never be a problem.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-10-18.


What are some of the best open-source CLI projects in TypeScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 angular-cli 24,998
2 n8n 18,097
3 Ink 16,917
4 ignite 13,084
5 nexe 10,413
6 vercel 7,627
7 oclif 6,545
8 autocomplete 6,392
9 npkill 4,979
10 clasp 3,111
11 prism 2,326
12 ionic-cli 1,956
13 expo-cli 1,914
14 kui 1,901
15 Ts.ED 1,882
16 graphql-cli 1,794
17 generator-ngx-rocket 1,409
18 superplate 1,360
19 cli 1,287
20 apk-mitm 1,269
21 tasuku 1,254
22 graphql-zeus 1,233
23 flowgen 638
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