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  • GitHub repo macOS-Simple-KVM

    Tools to set up a quick macOS VM in QEMU, accelerated by KVM.

    Project mention: iOS on QEMU | | 2021-09-16

    It's very doable, it takes like 10 minutes if your internet is reasonably quick and if you're lucky you might even get GPU acceleration out of it. I used this to set mine up:

  • GitHub repo Command-line-text-processing

    :zap: From finding text to search and replace, from sorting to beautifying text and more :art:

    Project mention: My simple GitHub project went Viral | | 2021-04-14

    I had a similar experience with one of my GitHub repos [0] that is currently 9k+ stars. I added donation link when it was about 5k stars (after it went viral courtesy HN). But this was before GitHub sponsors. I removed donation links after I got only a single donation in about a year.

    I had much better results when I started converting my tutorials into ebooks and sold them. Obviously having a paid product is different, but I'm referring to the paid sales I got whenever I put up 'pay what you want' offer.


  • Scout APM

    Scout APM: A developer's best friend. Try free for 14-days. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo lynis

    Lynis - Security auditing tool for Linux, macOS, and UNIX-based systems. Assists with compliance testing (HIPAA/ISO27001/PCI DSS) and system hardening. Agentless, and installation optional.

    Project mention: Intrusion detection software? | | 2021-09-22

    WAZUH (fork of OSSEC would be my first choice when it comes to Linux based HIDS (host based), and Snort or Suricata if you are looking for NIDS (network based). As well as Lynis for ensuring the setup of the host is as you intended.

  • GitHub repo crouton

    Chromium OS Universal Chroot Environment

    Project mention: Install: cannot stat '/root/Downloads/crouton': No such file or directory | | 2021-09-19

    Long story short, I have an old garbage chromebook so cheap it doesn't have enough room for crouton, so I got an sd card to install it onto (using this guide: Got all the way till "sudo install -Dt /usr/local/bin -m 755 ~/Downloads/crouton" where it seems it can't find my crouton file (Install: cannot stat '/root/Downloads/crouton': No such file or directory), though I checked and it's indeed there, and from what I can tell, the command should be directing it right to it, but it can't seem to find it. What am I doing wrong?

  • GitHub repo Gogh

    Color Scheme for Gnome Terminal and Pantheon Terminal

    Project mention: Getting started with programming - kind of | | 2021-09-10 I like dracula, nord, github, night owl, dissonance/brogrammer, and broadcast oh yeah

  • GitHub repo termux-packages

    A build system and primary set of packages for Termux.

    Project mention: I use arch btw,but the repos for me to build it are down so I’d shift to it later on my mobile | | 2021-09-21

    Probably Basically it sets up a localized GNU environment with Debian package management, inside the app's allocated storage. So all its executables are in /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin, all "system" config files are in /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/etc, the user's home directory is /data/data/com.termux/files/home, and so on.

  • GitHub repo todo.txt-cli

    ☑️ A simple and extensible shell script for managing your todo.txt file.

    Project mention: What are you using to achieve your goals? | | 2021-08-31

    Todo.txt for management on Neovim running Linux. I usually try to keep it simple, since todo.txt manages single tasks in single lines of text.

  • Nanos

    Run Linux Software Faster and Safer than Linux with Unikernels.

  • GitHub repo papirus-icon-theme

    Papirus icon theme for Linux

    Project mention: I finally found a way to install and run legit good old win XP legacy games like pinball and minesweeper again like old days on windows 10. I found those good old games from this website: | | 2021-09-20

    Fedora 34 + WhiteSur GTK theme + Papirus icon theme

  • GitHub repo bento

    Packer templates for building minimal Vagrant baseboxes for multiple platforms

    Project mention: Who still uses vagrant and why? | | 2021-08-13
  • GitHub repo airgeddon

    This is a multi-use bash script for Linux systems to audit wireless networks.

    Project mention: v1s1t0r1sh3r3/airgeddon - This is a multi-use bash script for Linux systems to audit wireless networks. | | 2021-01-12
  • GitHub repo spectre-meltdown-checker

    Spectre, Meltdown, Foreshadow, Fallout, RIDL, ZombieLoad vulnerability/mitigation checker for Linux & BSD

    Project mention: Any opinion about NUC as home server? | | 2021-05-24

    He's probably referring to the class of vulnerabilities checked by this script: It's not just Intel CPUs that were affected, AMD and ARM also have some vulnerabilities (I just ran it on an ARM v7 to see) although maybe not as many.

  • GitHub repo polybar-themes

    A huge collection of polybar themes with different styles, colors and variants.

    Project mention: POP OS has been a real treat to play with and to learn! Been on it for about two months now and really thinking about making the full switch from windows. | | 2021-09-18

    Sure can! Will go into more detail if you'd like me to when I get home but, for the top bar I am using polybar! The theme I am using for polybar is from here! here is the link to polybar too.

  • GitHub repo wireguard-docs

    📖 Unofficial WireGuard Documentation: Setup, Usage, Configuration, and full example setups for VPNs supporting both servers & roaming clients.

    Project mention: GitHub - pirate/wireguard-docs: 📖 Unofficial WireGuard Documentation: Setup, Usage, Configuration, and full example setups for VPNs supporting both servers & roaming clients. | | 2021-08-19
  • GitHub repo LinuxGSM

    The command-line tool for quick, simple deployment and management of Linux dedicated game servers.

    Project mention: It all started with only one Dell R710, now I have 6 servers and I still want more 😂 | | 2021-08-24

    -server games ( for me and my friends;

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    My dotfiles. Buyer beware ;)

    Project mention: Print Git Status in Your Tmux Statusbar | | 2021-08-17

    The function we will use for this is borrowed from jessfraz/dotfiles.

  • GitHub repo rofi

    A large collection of Rofi based custom Menu, Applets, Launchers & Powermenus. (by adi1090x)

    Project mention: Someone know how to make the menu like this? Same as Gnome menu. | | 2021-09-15

    You can make any type of custom menu with rofi. Here you can find a good collection of custom menus and make your own with the help of them.

  • GitHub repo photoshopCClinux

    Photoshop CC v19 installer for Gnu/Linux

    Project mention: What are some of y'all reasons? | | 2021-09-18
  • GitHub repo tmpmail

    A temporary email right from your terminal written in POSIX sh

    Project mention: A temporary email right from your terminal written in Posix sh | | 2021-01-14
  • GitHub repo wireguard-install

    WireGuard VPN installer for Linux servers

    Project mention: RPC security | | 2021-09-08
  • GitHub repo wslu

    A collection of utilities for Windows 10 Linux Subsystems

    Project mention: First time I ever paid for fedora | | 2021-03-19
  • GitHub repo tmux-yank

    Tmux plugin for copying to system clipboard. Works on OSX, Linux and Cygwin.

    Project mention: Tmux lets you select and copy text with your keyboard | | 2021-04-01

    I can highly recommend these tmux plugins that enhance the selection experience:


  • GitHub repo la-capitaine-icon-theme

    La Capitaine is an icon pack designed to integrate with most desktop environments. The set of icons takes inspiration from the latest iterations of macOS and Google's Material Design.

    Project mention: Modern Apple like icon & theme for elementaryOS | | 2021-09-08

    I use la capitaine with a quick fix for the wingpanel icons

  • GitHub repo mbp-2016-linux

    State of Linux on the MacBook Pro 2016 & 2017

    Project mention: ELIA5: Can I Install Linux On A MacBook Pro? | | 2021-08-26

    Some info here: Macs with T2 chip and here: MacBookPro 2016 may be relevant.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-09-22.


What are some of the best open-source Linux projects in Shell? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 macOS-Simple-KVM 11,320
2 Command-line-text-processing 9,655
3 lynis 8,829
4 crouton 7,845
5 Gogh 6,240
6 termux-packages 5,954
7 todo.txt-cli 4,630
8 papirus-icon-theme 4,496
9 bento 3,719
10 airgeddon 3,637
11 spectre-meltdown-checker 3,457
12 polybar-themes 3,399
13 wireguard-docs 3,110
14 LinuxGSM 2,938
15 dotfiles 2,895
16 rofi 2,565
17 photoshopCClinux 2,520
18 tmpmail 2,404
19 wireguard-install 2,291
20 wslu 1,886
21 tmux-yank 1,884
22 la-capitaine-icon-theme 1,825
23 mbp-2016-linux 1,784
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