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  • GitHub repo openvpn-install

    Set up your own OpenVPN server on Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS or Arch Linux. (by angristan)

    Project mention: Looking for VPN services | | 2021-05-01
  • GitHub repo archfi

    Arch Linux Fast Installer : tutorial installer

    Project mention: Want to install arch but need to if it works on my laptop. | | 2021-05-07

    I have a predator helios 300(2019). And I practiced installing arch linux a few times using archfi script on VM. I just wanted to know if arch works and doesn't break later(camera, battery backup, WiFi are important to me). Does anybody happen to have the same laptop and a successful build? Open to suggestions too

  • GitHub repo wslu

    A collection of utilities for Windows 10 Linux Subsystems

    Project mention: First time I ever paid for fedora | | 2021-03-19
  • GitHub repo junest

    The lightweight Arch Linux based distro that runs upon any Linux distros without root access

    Project mention: Will Manjaro support my needs? | | 2021-04-28
  • GitHub repo dynamic-wallpaper

    A simple bash script to set wallpapers according to current time, using cron job scheduler.

    Project mention: Market (1920x1080) | | 2021-04-03

    There is an entire array of collected backgrounds as dynamic wallpaper service. I use this for my arch. Very very cool

  • GitHub repo digitalocean-debian-to-arch

    Script to convert a Debian installation on DigitalOcean to Arch Linux

    Project mention: Arch Emancipationist | | 2021-04-23
  • GitHub repo aconfmgr

    A configuration manager for Arch Linux

    Project mention: Do you track ghost/unowned files? | | 2021-04-14 essentially does this for Arch Linux.

  • GitHub repo Direwolf-Arch-Rice

    🐺🍚 A guide to replicating my riced Arch Linux set-up.

    Project mention: People who've tried it or no longer use it—how is FreeBSD on the desktop? | | 2021-04-22


  • GitHub repo mons

    POSIX Shell script to quickly manage monitors on X

    Project mention: Minimal command line tools to get screen resolution for scripts | | 2021-01-29

    Use mons

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    Configuration for Arch Linux, sway, kitty, kakoune, zsh and more + scripted installation guide (by maximbaz)

    Project mention: [HELP]I'm having a kernel panic and can't control the keyboard at all. | | 2021-04-02

    I customized to be similar to the environment I was looking for, and when I tried it, I was told that there was no detached luks header, and I tried to exit rootfs and reboot, but an error occurred on exit.

  • GitHub repo termux-archlinux

    You can use setupTermuxArch.bash 📲 to install Arch Linux in Termux on Amazon, Android, Chromebook and Windows.

    Project mention: How do I use proot with systemd? (rooted android 11 device) | | 2021-02-18

    Ah, ok nice, I just found and apparently it has some implementation of systemd (csystemctl), should I just use that?

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    Configuration for Linux, Nix, i3, Kitty, Fish, Neovim and more (by Olical)

    Project mention: When Vim and Lisp are your love | | 2021-05-05

    And mine :D (all through Aniseed)

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    My bspwm dotfiles. Grab whatever you need! :) (by zodd18)

    Project mention: [sway] r/unixporn mods will delete your posts but keep up theirs... anyways hope r/UsabilityPorn grows more popular | | 2021-01-30

    I found it on Github

  • GitHub repo linux-mbp-arch

    Arch Linux kernel with 2018+ MacBook Pro patches.

    Project mention: Linux on 2019 Macbook air | | 2021-04-29

    You need this kernel patch to prevent that overscan. Have a look at for how to get that without compiling the entire kernel.

  • GitHub repo zen_installer

    Graphical installer for Arch Linux

    Project mention: zen instaler doesen't work | | 2021-04-04

    If you're referring to this, it's an unofficial installation script that hasn't been committed in 9 months, so likely doesn't work.

  • GitHub repo archtorify

    Transparent proxy through Tor for Arch Linux OS

    Project mention: Alternative for raspberry pi? | | 2021-04-08

    One alternative would be to install a regular linux distro that supports rpi and have all network settings go through the Tor network, e.g. Arch using Archtorify. But that means data is stored on the machine and you lose the whole live OS aspect that you get with Tails. One way round this is to have the OS saved on the SD Card and you can just unplug it when not in use, so it's always in your pocket. Not exactly a live distro but at least it's always in your possession. You could probably encrypt it, too.

  • GitHub repo Invidious-Updater

    Automatic install and update script for Invidious

    Project mention: I am hosting free, open-source, privacy respecting web services! (Searx, Invidious, Matrix, etc) | | 2021-05-08

    Invidious - Front-end for YouTube with no ads, no tracking and no google account source-code

  • GitHub repo arch-qbittorrentvpn

    Docker build script for Arch Linux base with qBittorrent, Privoxy and OpenVPN

    Project mention: Does anyone using split tunneling guide by htpcguides on Ubuntu 20.04?? | | 2021-04-29
  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    🔧 .files - different setups separated in branches (by 4lgn)

    Project mention: [OC] Simple script to look up the definition of selected words | | 2021-02-26

    Check out the powerline arrow fix section of the install script for my dotfiles here

  • GitHub repo Lomiri-Arch

    (ALPHA) PKGBUILDs for building Lomiri (former Unity8) for Arch GNU/Linux

    Project mention: Is Unity-for-Arch still maintained? | | 2021-04-11 You might be interested in this.

  • GitHub repo apple-bce-arch

    Arch Linux package for the Apple BCE driver required for T2-equipped devices.

    Project mention: Arch Linux on iMac 2019 | | 2021-02-10

    You might need this though:

  • GitHub repo pactest

    Test AUR software in a chroot

    Project mention: pactest: Small script to quickly test AUR software in a chroot | | 2021-04-13
  • GitHub repo pacom

    Pacom - the Pacman Companion

    Project mention: Pacom: New AUR helper with support for private packages and version lock | | 2021-02-13

    There's a section on readme for how version locking means: -- essentially, once you have approved a package to your local db, you can uninstall and reinstall it whenever you want and you won't be prompted to review it again (unless you want to update it or it's a VCS pkg). Then you can use that local db to distribute among other Arch instances you use, for instance.

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What are some of the best open-source arch-linux projects in Shell? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 openvpn-install 6,246
2 archfi 1,708
3 wslu 1,639
4 junest 1,173
5 dynamic-wallpaper 801
6 digitalocean-debian-to-arch 784
7 aconfmgr 588
8 Direwolf-Arch-Rice 512
9 mons 462
10 dotfiles 413
11 termux-archlinux 400
12 dotfiles 386
13 dotfiles 123
14 linux-mbp-arch 116
15 zen_installer 114
16 archtorify 105
17 Invidious-Updater 100
18 arch-qbittorrentvpn 94
19 dotfiles 91
20 Lomiri-Arch 47
21 apple-bce-arch 20
22 pactest 10
23 pacom 8