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Mentions Stars Project Description
106 21 Source Code of the Vanced Website
4 267 A tiny CSS framework for building faithful recreations of the Windows 7 UI.
3 17,603 NES-style CSS Framework | ファミコン風CSSフレームワーク
3 1,489 MacOS Big Sur like theme for Gnome desktops
3 169 A list of vendors that treat single sign-on as a luxury feature, not a core security requirement.
3 14 A Modlist for
3 7 🎨 The CSS theme of /r/anime
3 6 Material design framework using jQuery and CSS
2 1,176 A CSS framework for building faithful recreations of operating system GUIs.
2 578 System76 Pop GTK+ Theme
2 425 The Learning Hub for UoL's Online CS Students
2 229 Cactus theme for hugo
2 11 Inspired of the similarly named theme, Horizon is a dark theme created for Obsidian. Compatible with Obsidian Desktop, Mobile, and Publish.
2 2 this is my gulp starter template for tailwind that implements rtl support, jit mode, tree-shaking, dart-sass mixins and functions, es6 helper functions, and more out of the box
2 0
1 5,827 The U.S. Web Design System helps the federal government build fast, accessible, mobile-friendly websites.
1 797 :cloud: The SCSS framework for the modern web.
1 449
1 72 The code that runs
1 9 Seed Homepage

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