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  • GitHub repo yew

    Rust / Wasm framework for building client web apps

    Project mention: Microsoft joins Bytecode Alliance to advance WebAssembly – aka the thing that lets you run compiled C/C++/Rust code in browsers | | 2021-04-28

    There are already client side Rust web frameworks:

  • GitHub repo Rocket

    A web framework for Rust.

    Project mention: Is Rocket web framework used in businesses and commercial area given that it is based on Rust nightly? | | 2021-05-01

  • GitHub repo actix-web

    Actix Web is a powerful, pragmatic, and extremely fast web framework for Rust.

    Project mention: I'm considering Rust, Go, or Julia for my next language and I'd like to hear your thoughts on these | | 2021-04-16

    With the tokio crate, you have all the tools you need to create concurrent programs that use futures (abstract threads) instead of OS threads, which is more energy efficient and faster for I/O-intensive programs (programs that are computation intensive should still rely on OS threads). For web specifically, you have Actix which builds upon tokio and allows you to create web servers extremely easily.

  • GitHub repo juniper

    GraphQL server library for Rust

    Project mention: A web framework I desperately wish there was a Rust equivalent for: FastAPI | | 2021-03-07

    I know this is different but I'm in love with GraphQL and they look to have great Rust server support.

  • GitHub repo stdweb

    A standard library for the client-side Web

    Project mention: C developers will always have jobs. | | 2021-02-13

    Wasted a few hours because of this: [1]

  • GitHub repo kosmonaut

    A web browser engine for the space age :rocket:

    Project mention: 2meirl4meirl | | 2021-03-16
  • GitHub repo feroxbuster

    A fast, simple, recursive content discovery tool written in Rust.

    Project mention: Here's my quick tutorial on using Dirbuster! Enjoy! | | 2021-04-08

    Dirbuster always bugs for me, I can't change anything after starting an attack without getting the entire GUI messed up. I recommend trying out ffuf or feroxbuster.

  • GitHub repo sauron

    Sauron is an html web framework for building web-apps. It is heavily inspired by elm. (by ivanceras)

    Project mention: Making really personalised UI interfaces | | 2021-04-21

    I made this futuristic-ui with animation using sauron web framework. All written in rust.

  • GitHub repo cargo-web

    A Cargo subcommand for the client-side Web

  • GitHub repo Rouille, Rust web server middleware

    Web framework in Rust

    Project mention: Building a shared vision for Async Rust | | 2021-03-18
  • GitHub repo dirble

    Fast directory scanning and scraping tool

    Project mention: nccgroup/dirble - Fast directory scanning and scraping tool | | 2021-04-12
  • GitHub repo mogwai

    The minimalist, obvious, graphical, web application interface

    Project mention: We'd love to hear your ideas/opinions: SSR in maple | | 2021-03-29

    I solved the SSR problem in my library mogwai using conditional compilation to include an encoding of the DOM element when compiled for non-wasm targets, which you can see here). The extra field ServerNode allows me to provide an html_string function on non-wasm targets. On wasm targets the html_string function is backed by the DOM element's outerHtml method.

  • GitHub repo actix-extras

    A collection of additional crates supporting the actix and actix-web frameworks.

    Project mention: Simple authentiacion in actix | | 2021-03-11

    you can use basic auth. You can do it from nginx too which I recommend as Ngix can act as load balancer, reverse proxy, tls endpoint etc. And nginx is stable too. You can use actix-web-httpauth too.

  • GitHub repo ructe

    Rust Compiled Templates with static-file handling

    Project mention: Ask HN: What novel tools are you using to write web sites/apps? | | 2021-04-04
  • GitHub repo encoding_rs

    A Gecko-oriented implementation of the Encoding Standard in Rust

    Project mention: Show HN: High-speed UTF-8 validation in Rust | | 2021-04-21

    That's not the only use of SIMD in the crate (e.g. see, but I haven't looked into exactly where/how it's used further.

  • GitHub repo maple

    A reactive DOM library for Rust in WASM (by lukechu10)

    Project mention: Announcing Silkenweb: A reactive VDOM-less web framework using plain rust syntax | | 2021-04-30

    I take a look at and it seems that it has no persistent storage yet (is this correct, u/simon583?). While other implementations include that, such as

  • GitHub repo localghost

    Ergonomic Rust bindings to the Web platform

    Project mention: Gloo (an official rustwasm project) needs a maintainer | | 2021-03-06

    One potential candidate to take the role of gloo is, the once, on to convert web_sys::Event into rust async future/stream is super handy. There are other modules handling io/net too.

  • GitHub repo ybc

    A Yew component library based on the Bulma CSS framework.

    Project mention: Portfolio - Tech stack and motivation | | 2021-01-10

    YBC yew component library based on bulma

  • GitHub repo itconfig-rs

    Easy build a configs from environment variables and use it in globally.

    Project mention: itconfig v1.1.0 realesed | | 2021-04-22

    Release notes

  • GitHub repo rustack

    A fullstack web template for rust

    Project mention: Rustack - An opinionated fullstack web template that glues with other components. | | 2021-04-05
  • GitHub repo bevy_retro

    Pixel-Perfect, 2D Renderer for Bevy that Seamlessly Targets Desktop and Web

    Project mention: 5 stages of cargo | | 2021-04-30

    speaking of, check the lisence on this bad boy:

  • GitHub repo rocket_auth

    An implementation for an authentication API for Rocket applications.

    Project mention: Hey Rustaceans! Got an easy question? Ask here (14/2021)! | | 2021-04-06

    There is, which salts by default IIRC

  • GitHub repo DasherControl

    Another Interactive Configurable Dashboard with Customisable GridItem with IFrame and Bookmark

    Project mention: Automatically Spinning Up Containers on POST Request from Web server | | 2021-04-23

    I made something similar because I wanted to make something similar. I did it in rust I connected docker with a lib shiplift in rust like in this file then call the function in a simple rust API.

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What are some of the best open-source Web projects in Rust? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 yew 15,643
2 Rocket 13,305
3 actix-web 11,188
4 juniper 3,693
5 stdweb 3,110
6 kosmonaut 1,515
7 feroxbuster 1,453
8 sauron 1,238
9 cargo-web 1,028
10 Rouille, Rust web server middleware 636
11 dirble 477
12 mogwai 270
13 actix-extras 221
14 ructe 212
15 encoding_rs 200
16 maple 155
17 localghost 80
18 ybc 64
19 itconfig-rs 42
20 rustack 29
21 bevy_retro 23
22 rocket_auth 10
23 DasherControl 1