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  • GitHub repo shoulda-matchers

    Simple one-liner tests for common Rails functionality

    Project mention: Top 5 Best Testing Ruby Gems For Building Ruby on Rails Web Application | | 2020-09-09

    4. Shoulda-matchers

  • GitHub repo mutant

    Automated code reviews via mutation testing - semantic code coverage.

  • GitHub repo Spork

    A DRb server for testing frameworks (RSpec / Cucumber currently) that forks before each run to ensure a clean testing state.

  • GitHub repo rspec_api_documentation

    Automatically generate API documentation from RSpec

  • GitHub repo Ruby Tests Profiling Toolbox

    Ruby Tests Profiling Toolbox

  • GitHub repo Aruba

    Test command-line applications with Cucumber-Ruby, RSpec or Minitest. The most up to date documentation can be found on Cucumber.Pro (

  • GitHub repo Phony

    E164 international phone number normalizing, splitting, formatting.

  • GitHub repo Fuubar

    The instafailing RSpec progress bar formatter

  • GitHub repo Nyan Cat

    Nyan Cat inspired RSpec formatter!

  • GitHub repo rubocop-rspec

    Code style checking for RSpec files

  • GitHub repo Spinach

    Spinach is a BDD framework on top of Gherkin.

  • GitHub repo Knapsack

    Knapsack splits tests evenly across parallel CI nodes to run fast CI build and save you time. (by ArturT)

    Project mention: How to run fast RSpec tests on CircleCI with parallel jobs and have nice JUnit XML reports in CircleCI web UI | | 2021-03-03

    # Ruby CircleCI 2.0 configuration file # # Check for more details # version: 2 jobs: build: parallelism: 10 # resource_class: small docker: # specify the version you desire here - image: circleci/ruby:2.7.1-node-browsers environment: PGHOST: PGUSER: my_db_user RAILS_ENV: test # Split slow RSpec test files by test examples # KNAPSACK_PRO_RSPEC_SPLIT_BY_TEST_EXAMPLES: true # Specify service dependencies here if necessary # CircleCI maintains a library of pre-built images # documented at - image: circleci/postgres:10.6-alpine-ram environment: POSTGRES_DB: my_db_name POSTGRES_PASSWORD: "" POSTGRES_USER: my_db_user # Rails verifies Time Zone in DB is the same as time zone of the Rails app TZ: "Europe/Warsaw" - image: redis:6.0.7 working_directory: ~/repo environment: TZ: "Europe/Warsaw" steps: - checkout # Download and cache dependencies - restore_cache: keys: - v2-dependencies-bundler-{{ checksum "Gemfile.lock" }}-{{ checksum ".ruby-version" }} # fallback to using the latest cache if no exact match is found - v2-dependencies-bundler- - run: name: install ruby dependencies command: | bundle install --jobs=4 --retry=3 --path vendor/bundle - save_cache: paths: - ./vendor/bundle key: v2-dependencies-bundler-{{ checksum "Gemfile.lock" }}-{{ checksum ".ruby-version" }} # Database setup - run: bin/rails db:prepare - run: name: run tests command: | export CIRCLE_TEST_REPORTS=/tmp/test-results mkdir $CIRCLE_TEST_REPORTS bundle exec rake "knapsack_pro:queue:rspec[--format documentation --format RspecJunitFormatter --out tmp/rspec.xml]" # collect reports - store_test_results: path: /tmp/test-results - store_artifacts: path: /tmp/test-results destination: test-results

  • GitHub repo Bacon

    a small RSpec clone

  • GitHub repo RR

    RR is a test double framework that features a rich selection of double techniques and a terse syntax. ⛺ (by rr)

  • GitHub repo rspec_junit_formatter

    RSpec results that your CI can read

    Project mention: How to run fast RSpec tests on CircleCI with parallel jobs and have nice JUnit XML reports in CircleCI web UI | | 2021-03-03

    rspec_junit_formatter - it’s a ruby gem that generates an XML report for executed tests with information about test failures. This report can be automatically read by CircleCI to present it in CircleCI web UI. No more browsing through long RSpec output - just look at highlighted failing specs in the TESTS tab :)

  • GitHub repo PpSql

    Rails ActiveRecord SQL queries log beautifier

  • GitHub repo Test::Unit


  • GitHub repo FactoryTrace

    Simple tool to maintain factories and traits from FactoryBot

  • GitHub repo Howitzer

    Ruby-based framework for acceptance testing

  • GitHub repo Pundit Matchers

    A set of RSpec matchers for testing Pundit authorisation policies.

  • GitHub repo Emoji-RSpec

    Custom Emoji Formatters for RSpec

  • GitHub repo Cutest

    Isolated tests in Ruby.

  • GitHub repo WebsiteOne

    A website for Agile Ventures

    Project mention: what ruby or rails open source projects a beginner-to-intermediate developer can easily contribute to? | | 2021-04-05
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What are some of the best open-source RSpec projects in Ruby? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 shoulda-matchers 3,032
2 mutant 1,708
3 Spork 1,402
4 rspec_api_documentation 1,371
5 Ruby Tests Profiling Toolbox 1,220
6 Aruba 902
7 Phony 884
8 Fuubar 855
9 Nyan Cat 728
10 rubocop-rspec 604
11 Spinach 561
12 Knapsack 432
13 Bacon 421
14 RR 277
15 rspec_junit_formatter 255
16 PpSql 223
17 Test::Unit 219
18 FactoryTrace 188
19 Howitzer 179
20 Pundit Matchers 175
21 Emoji-RSpec 173
22 Cutest 149
23 WebsiteOne 132