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  • GitHub repo frog

    Frog is a static blog generator implemented in Racket, targeting Bootstrap and able to use Pygments.

    Project mention: Frog: A static web site generator written in Racket | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-02-14
  • GitHub repo typed-racket

    Typed Racket

    Project mention: Creating Languages in Racket (2011) | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-02-03

    > I like how TS is unsound (has no runtime performance penalty for mixing untyped code), and is easily disabled via any if it's in the way.

    This is already done. See https://github.com/racket/typed-racket/pull/952 for RFC and https://github.com/racket/typed-racket/pull/948 for the implementation.

  • GitHub repo mediKanren

    Proof-of-concept for reasoning over the SemMedDB knowledge base, using miniKanren + heuristics + indexing.

    Project mention: William Byrd on Logic and Relational Programming, MiniKanren (2014) | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-06-01

    Hi Kamaal!

    I know Cisco is using core.logic, which is David Nolen's Clojure variant of miniKanren, in their ThreatGrid product. I think the Enterprisey uses of mediKanren are a bit different than the purely relational programming that I find most interesting, though.

    Having said that, we are now on our second generation of mediKanren, which is software that performs reasoning over large biomedical knowledge graphs:


    mediKanren is being developed by the Hugh Kaul Precision Medicine Institute at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (HKPMI). HKPMI is run by Matt Might, who you may know from his work on abstract interpretation and parsing with derivatives, or from his more recent work on precision medicine. mediKanren is part of the NIH NCATS Biomedical Data Translator Project, and is funded by NCATS:


    Greg Rosenblatt, who sped up Barliman's relational interpreter many order of magnitude, has been hacking on dbKanren, which augments miniKanren with automatic goal reordering, stratified queries/aggregation, a graph database engine, and many other goodies. dbKanren is the heart of mediKanren 2.

    I can imagine co-writing a book on mediKanren 2, and its uses for precision medicine...



  • GitHub repo ActivityLog2

    Analyze data from swim, bike and run activities

    Project mention: alternatives to strava | reddit.com/r/Strava | 2021-05-28
  • GitHub repo scribble

    Project mention: How to Design Programs | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-03-18

    And here is the relevant issue if you want some CSS that IIRC works a little better for me at least:


    It's pretty clear that scribble will never support mobile. I can't remember if I pulled the CSS from this change or if I came up with something myself, but making it work slightly better on my phone at least was a pretty small change, not sure if I have it around still or not.

  • GitHub repo racket-langserver

    Project mention: Racket support in IDE's and text editors | reddit.com/r/Racket | 2021-06-10

    IDE not included? racket-langserver is a Language Server Protocol implementation for Racket

  • GitHub repo koyo

    A web development toolkit for Racket.

    Project mention: Ask HN: What novel tools are you using to write web sites/apps? | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-04
  • GitHub repo iracket

    Jupyter kernel for Racket

    Project mention: Racket equivalent of Jupyter notebooks | reddit.com/r/Racket | 2021-07-16
  • GitHub repo htdp

    Project mention: Images don't render in test results | reddit.com/r/Racket | 2021-03-02

    See https://github.com/racket/htdp/issues/135, but the short answer is that this is a bug and any older version (such as you have on your other machine) will show the correct answer.

  • GitHub repo xiden

    A cross-platform functional dependency manager written in Racket. Includes edition-centric versioning and a zero-trust default configuration.

    Project mention: Need feedback for revamped Xiden documentation | reddit.com/r/Racket | 2021-07-03

    Thank you! The front page is a standalone Scribble document using centered and an image-element.

  • GitHub repo sweet-racket

    A port of sweet expressions to Racket

    Project mention: takikawa/sweet-racket ... #lang sweet-exp racket | reddit.com/r/whitespaceLisp | 2021-05-04
  • GitHub repo gui

    Project mention: No callback when re-selecting in choice% | reddit.com/r/Racket | 2021-03-07

    Please file a bug report at https://github.com/racket/gui/issues

  • GitHub repo web-tutorial

    How to write web applications with Racket

    Project mention: I'm searching for a simple example or package like Rubys Sinatra | reddit.com/r/Racket | 2021-05-18


  • GitHub repo renegade-way

    Option Trading Application

  • GitHub repo SinScheme

    Sinister's Scheme Compiler!

    Project mention: Closures in LLVM? | reddit.com/r/ProgrammingLanguages | 2021-04-07

    In my Scheme->LLVM compiler, I have a pass closure-convert which makes all closures explicit, and strays from a strict lisp syntax to a more c-like style. Then in my llvm-convert pass, I convert the proc language into LLVM.

  • GitHub repo racket-fluent

    Unix style pipes and a lambda shorthand syntax to make your Racket code more readable.

    Project mention: rogerkeays/racket-fluent ... Unix style pipes and a lambda shorthand syntax to make your Racket code more readable | reddit.com/r/whitespaceLisp | 2021-05-15
  • GitHub repo oic-options-chains

    ETL for OIC Options Chains

    Project mention: Option Trading Application GUI written in Racket | reddit.com/r/algotrading | 2021-03-07

    Option chains are extracted from https://www.optionseducation.org/toolsoptionquotes/options-quotes via https://github.com/evdubs/oic-options-chains

  • GitHub repo rackt

    An ultrasmall (~70 loc) React wrapper written in RacketScript

    Project mention: Full featured wrapper for React.js written in RacketScript | reddit.com/r/Racket | 2021-07-07
  • GitHub repo spdr-etf-holdings

    ETL for the SPDR ETF holdings XLS documents

    Project mention: APIs to find holdings within ETFs? | reddit.com/r/algotrading | 2021-01-07

    You can easily automate downloading these holdings documents for use in local analysis. Here's an example ETL program that retrieves SPDR holdings documents: https://github.com/evdubs/spdr-etf-holdings

  • GitHub repo aoc2020

    Solutions to Advent of Code 2020, written in Racket (by goderich)

    Project mention: Advent of Code 2020 solutions in Racket, fully commented | reddit.com/r/Racket | 2020-12-24
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What are some of the best open-source Racket projects in Racket? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 frog 847
2 typed-racket 389
3 mediKanren 217
4 ActivityLog2 201
5 scribble 123
6 racket-langserver 113
7 koyo 78
8 iracket 76
9 htdp 70
10 xiden 49
11 sweet-racket 46
12 gui 46
13 web-tutorial 45
14 renegade-way 45
15 SinScheme 19
16 racket-fluent 19
17 oic-options-chains 19
18 rackt 17
19 spdr-etf-holdings 12
20 aoc2020 12