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Stars Project Description
1 3,374 R's data.table package extends data.frame:
1 529 Equipment Loss Tracking
1 142 Source code and data for The Economist's Ukraine war-fire model
1 88 Mirror of the R svn with CI for testing patches
1 68 AnotherWorld ported to R
1 23 An R Package for Monte Carlo Option Pricing Algorithm for Jump Diffusion Models with Correlational Companies
1 5 MicrobiomeStat: Your Ultimate Choice for Longitudinal & All-Inclusive Microbiome Analysis!
1 4 BirdMApp is a tool to empower bird enthusiasts with high-level knowledge of their surroundings, best times and places to find certain species, and a convenient way to track their hobby.
1 3 DAGs to orchestrate tasks deployed to Posit Connect.
1 0

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