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Mentions Stars Project Description
17 8 A method to estimate Effective Reproductive Number (Rt) using the province of BC's case report data.
14 7 Image marine sea litter prediction Shiny
8 6 A FiveThirtyEight/The Marshall Project effort to collect comprehensive data on police misconduct settlements from 2010-19.
6 364 Write reusable, composable and modular R code
5 1
4 820 Read-only mirror of R source code from https://svn.r-project.org/R/, updated hourly. See the build instructions on the wiki page.
4 6 My COVID-19 playground
3 4,819 An implementation of the Grammar of Graphics in R
3 2,069 Dynamic Documents for R
3 264 Epidemiological Data from the COVID-19 Outbreak in Canada
3 16 Metadata and code to covid-19 wastewater surveillance.
3 14 🦆 SQL for R dataframes, with ducks
2 1,796 The Composer of ggplots
2 819 brms R package for Bayesian generalized multivariate non-linear multilevel models using Stan
2 266 :hash: A package to send webhook API messages to Slack.com channels/users from R
2 204 Tidy interface to 'data.table'
2 8 COVID-19 models used by the SSI modelling group
2 8 UXR work for Flutter
2 0 Trying to see which players are underpaid vs overpaid based on their hitting statistics.
1 256 R wrapper for Spotify's Web API

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