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Mentions Stars Project Description
36 485 Source code and data for The Economist's covid-19 excess deaths tracker
4 4,961 An implementation of the Grammar of Graphics in R
3 476 DrWhy is the collection of tools for eXplainable AI (XAI). It's based on shared principles and simple grammar for exploration, explanation and visualisation of predictive models.
3 201 The Economist's model to estimate excess deaths to the covid-19 pandemic
3 146 reproducible benchmark of database-like ops
3 4 A model to try to predict GME closing prices
3 1
2 146 Data + code examples used here: https://twitter.com/kate_ptrv/status/1332398737604431874?s=20
2 10 Manuscript and Code for the COVID ILI Surge
2 3 A simple Shiny app to display and forecast COVID-19 daily cases
2 1 Wrapper to access Notion API using R
2 1
1 3,760 dplyr: A grammar of data manipulation
1 453 Write reusable, composable and modular R code
1 186 This R package is designed to obtain USGS or EPA water quality sample data, streamflow data, and metadata directly from web services. See: http://usgs-r.github.io/dataRetrieval/
1 145 Multidimensional item response theory
1 118 R package to retrieve Census data and metadata via API
1 85 A set of functions to easily access AFL data
1 4 Code for vacccprogress Twitter bot. Tweets daily COVID-19 Vaccination progress. Data taken from Our World In Data. .
1 1 Visualizationn of all transfers of major conventional weapons from 2000 to the most recent full calendar year.

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