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Stars Project Description
14 634 Source code and data for The Economist's covid-19 excess deaths tracker
11 434 The Economist's model to estimate excess deaths to the covid-19 pandemic
7 2 Advent of Code puzzles
5 385 Clock using time quotes from the literature, based on the work of Jaap Meijers
5 0 solutions to the advent of code in R
4 5,690 An implementation of the Grammar of Graphics in R
4 250 reproducible benchmark of database-like ops
2 4,280 dplyr: A grammar of data manipulation
2 1,089 A functional programming toolkit for R
2 580 Improved text rendering support for ggplot2
2 540 Load US Census boundary and attribute data as 'tidyverse' and 'sf'-ready data frames in R
2 286 String distance functions for R
2 101 A version of eval for R that returns more information about what happened
2 10
2 8 A R package for visualizing process execution data on BPMN diagrams
2 1 A series of various visualizations and analyses of data about North Macedonia
2 1 My solutions for each of the days of advent of code 2021
2 0
2 0 Naming for kin during World War 1 using a large, crowdsourced, genealogy database
1 154 Make sankey, alluvial and sankey bump plots in ggplot

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