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Top 23 Python Vim Projects

  • YouCompleteMe

    A code-completion engine for Vim

    Project mention: Elitists | | 2022-05-11


  • powerline

    Powerline is a statusline plugin for vim, and provides statuslines and prompts for several other applications, including zsh, bash, tmux, IPython, Awesome and Qtile.

    Project mention: After years on Linux, I just discovered Vim & TMUX. They're fucking amazing. | | 2022-05-03

    Wait until you discover that you can apply powerline to both of them

  • Scout APM

    Less time debugging, more time building. Scout APM allows you to find and fix performance issues with no hassle. Now with error monitoring and external services monitoring, Scout is a developer's best friend when it comes to application development.

  • ranger

    A VIM-inspired filemanager for the console

    Project mention: where can i get a ranger/hunter appimage?! | | 2022-05-21

    Read the repo. Ranger is written in Python. Download the code and run it.

  • qutebrowser

    A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5.

    Project mention: How do I specify proxy address and port?? | | 2022-05-18

    Whoops, that's a bug with the new qute://settings page. Fixed here: settings: Don't show buttons for content.proxy · qutebrowser/[email protected]

  • ultisnips

    UltiSnips - The ultimate snippet solution for Vim. Send pull requests to SirVer/ultisnips!

    Project mention: What is the best way to tab out? | | 2022-05-02
  • deoplete.nvim

    :stars: Dark powered asynchronous completion framework for neovim/Vim8

    Project mention: Plugins with completions and snippets for Bash/Zsh/Python | | 2022-04-20
  • dev-setup

    macOS development environment setup: Easy-to-understand instructions with automated setup scripts for developer tools like Vim, Sublime Text, Bash, iTerm, Python data analysis, Spark, Hadoop MapReduce, AWS, Heroku, JavaScript web development, Android development, common data stores, and dev-based OS X defaults.

    Project mention: Automate Mac setup? | | 2022-04-10

    Something like this at least is the most direct answer to your question, as opposed to "you're doing it wrong" which unfortunately seems to be more upvoted. An example of something like this might be

  • SonarQube

    Static code analysis for 29 languages.. Your projects are multi-language. So is SonarQube analysis. Find Bugs, Vulnerabilities, Security Hotspots, and Code Smells so you can release quality code every time. Get started analyzing your projects today for free.

  • Jedi-vim

    Using the jedi autocompletion library for VIM.

    Project mention: can't get jedi-vim autocomplete to work - "option omnifunc is not set jedi vim" | | 2022-04-09

    I added to my plugins in ~/.config/nvim/init.vim and ran PlugInstall and it worked, but whenever I try to open a python file and the autocomplete part should come up I get

  • denite.nvim

    :dragon: Dark powered asynchronous unite all interfaces for Neovim/Vim8

    Project mention: Ask HN: Is switching from VSCode to Vim worth it? | | 2022-03-29

    - The buffer, tab, window, model (probably the biggest one I miss when I start using VSCode)

    For LSP support, I've tried to migrate to neovim's native LSP tools, but I still find COC to be a lot more intuitive. You should feel right at home with it since a lot of the plugins are similar to their VSCode counterpart.

    If you'd like a really general and guided tour of VIM, I'd recommend picking up Practial Vim[2] It really helped me understand the workflow a bit more. Approaching VIM with the mindset of another editor wont give you all the benefits of using VIM. Though, if the workflow doesn't click, then that's not a big deal. You can always go back to VSCode.

    [1] (many people use Telescope:

  • LeaderF

    An efficient fuzzy finder that helps to locate files, buffers, mrus, gtags, etc. on the fly for both vim and neovim.

    Project mention: What are the popular fuzzy finders besides Telescope? | | 2021-10-30
  • ncm2

    :heart: Slim, Fast and Hackable Completion Framework for Neovim

    Project mention: Why LSP? | | 2022-04-25

    Assuming you're talking about this ncm[0], are you aware that ncm is a " completion framework for neovim", which is different from an LSP? ncm is either an LSP client itself, or, it is talking to neovim's internal LSP client, to get completions from LSPs.

    It's also important to note that LSPs almost always provide you more than auto completion (for example, go to definition, go to implementation, find references).

    Do let me know if you have more questions, neovim and LSPs are my "daily driver" as a dev, so to speak.


  • completor.vim

    Async completion framework made ease.

    Project mention: Omnicompletion sucks with the cursor on the end | | 2021-07-17


  • defx.nvim

    :file_folder: The dark powered file explorer implementation for neovim/Vim8

    Project mention: Permanent fixed File Explorer in Neovim | | 2022-04-05
  • semshi

    🌈 Semantic Highlighting for Python in Neovim

    Project mention: Treesitter python issue? | | 2022-04-13

    Yes, I think treesitter highlight is yet limited and still a mess. I am still sitting at semshi, but look forward to switching to treesitter completely in the future.

  • taskwiki

    Proper project management with Taskwarrior in vim.

    Project mention: Your favourite note taking+todo plugin and reason | | 2021-12-24

    with the plugin to bring taskwarrior into vimwiki

  • vint

    Fast and Highly Extensible Vim script Language Lint implemented in Python.

    Project mention: Changing color of lightline under certain circumstances | | 2022-04-08

    It doesn't look like there anything wrong with your snippet, but here's a linter for Vim just in case.

  • NeoVintageous

    Vim emulation layer for Sublime Text.

    Project mention: Sublime Text 4 released | | 2021-05-21
  • rnvimr

    Make Ranger running in a floating window to communicate with Neovim via RPC

    Project mention: [vent] I really hate that most neovim plugins don't provide docs... | | 2021-11-01

    I have a terrible experience with vim doc in my first plugin rnvimr. The vim doc is so hard to maintain and makes me unhappy to write something in it, such as align new variables. In fact, I must maintain two documents, one is Markdown, one is vim doc.

  • inkscape-figures

    Inkscape figure manager

    Project mention: Emacs' org-mode gets citation support | | 2021-08-05
  • textbeat

    🎹 plaintext music sequencer and midi shell, with vim playback 🥁

    Project mention: Alda – Text-Based Programming Language for Music Composition | | 2021-08-16

    I love these text-based languages for music composition. Its something that is approaching a gap in music composition in real-life vs via computer. In real-life you can tell your bandmates to "just play a I V IV in C" and they get it. But we are still not quite at a place where we can tell a computer that exact phrase and get something useful. I love how close these text-based languages are getting though!

    I've actually made my own musical language too - called miti [1], which is just one of many others including textbeat [2], foxdot [3], sonic-pi [4], chuck [5], and melrose [6]. Each has their own goals and capabilities.

    - [1]

    - [2]

    - [3]

    - [4]

    - [5]

    - [6]

  • alacritty-colorscheme

    Change colorscheme of alacritty with ease.

  • inkscape-shortcut-manager

    Inkscape shorcut manager

  • pathfinder.vim

    Vim plugin to suggest better movements

    Project mention: Achieving a specific task using different paths / methods in Vim | | 2021-09-25

    Do you mean this thread? They also mention this plugin in the comments:

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2022-05-21.

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What are some of the best open-source Vim projects in Python? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 YouCompleteMe 23,964
2 powerline 13,287
3 ranger 11,515
4 qutebrowser 7,850
5 ultisnips 6,677
6 deoplete.nvim 5,788
7 dev-setup 5,733
8 Jedi-vim 5,008
9 denite.nvim 2,032
10 LeaderF 1,818
11 ncm2 1,294
12 completor.vim 1,196
13 defx.nvim 1,118
14 semshi 895
15 taskwiki 661
16 vint 634
17 NeoVintageous 499
18 rnvimr 478
19 inkscape-figures 398
20 textbeat 330
21 alacritty-colorscheme 301
22 inkscape-shortcut-manager 274
23 pathfinder.vim 237
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