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  • youtube-dl-gui

    A cross platform front-end GUI of the popular youtube-dl written in wxPython.

    Project mention: How do I download my YouTube livestreams in higher resolutions for editing? Because it’s only letting me downlod at 480p and I streamed at 720p… | /r/VirtualYoutubers | 2023-07-01
  • pipx

    Install and Run Python Applications in Isolated Environments

    Project mention: pipx | | 2023-12-15
  • InfluxDB

    Power Real-Time Data Analytics at Scale. Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.

  • sqlfluff

    A modular SQL linter and auto-formatter with support for multiple dialects and templated code.

    Project mention: 🐍🐍 23 issues to grow yourself as an exceptional open-source Python expert 🧑‍💻 🥇 | | 2023-10-19

    Repo :

  • holehe

    holehe allows you to check if the mail is used on different sites like twitter, instagram and will retrieve information on sites with the forgotten password function.

    Project mention: Launching Osint Industries: Discover Your Digital Footprint in Realtime | | 2023-08-09

    Greetings, HN community. We are excited to share OSINT Industries, a platform dedicated to real-time open-source intelligence (OSINT) pertaining to phone numbers and emails.

    About OSINT Industries:

    Realtime Analysis: We provide an up-to-the-moment enrichment tool for emails, and phone numbers.

    Real-Time Intelligence: We refrain from using databases. Every piece of data is fetched in real-time, ensuring its accuracy and timeliness. None of the queries or results are stored.

    Extensive Reach: Our tool can identify associated accounts linked to a particular email or phone number from over 200 websites.

    Detailed Insights: Beyond basic association, our system can pull additional data points, such as images, map locations, and more.

    Pedigree: Our foundation is built upon proven tools our team made in the past like Holehe (, GHunt (, and onionsearch (

    User Base: Within 3 months of our inception, we've got over 350k registered users.

    Trust & Reliability: Our tool has been integrated by various global law enforcement agencies, showcasing its reliability and utility.

    Try the tool for free to discover the digital footprint of your email and phone number. The first 5 searches are free:

    We offer API access to enterprises, if you're interested in that contact me on [email protected].

    As our tool deals with data that some may view as sensitive, I think it is also important to link our policies here which govern our ethics, and data processing.

    Trust & Safety (our ethics):

  • MechanicalSoup

    A Python library for automating interaction with websites.

    Project mention: How to scrape a website with Python (Beginner tutorial) | | 2024-02-22

    MechanicalSoup is a Python library for web scraping that combines the simplicity of Requests with the convenience of BeautifulSoup. It's particularly useful for interacting with web forms, like login pages. Here's a basic example to illustrate how you can use MechanicalSoup for web scraping:

  • opencv-python

    Automated CI toolchain to produce precompiled opencv-python, opencv-python-headless, opencv-contrib-python and opencv-contrib-python-headless packages.

    Project mention: How hard is to write scripts for image processing instead of paying pro photo editors? | /r/Python | 2023-09-25

    There are several modules that would allow you to process images in Python. Two of the perhaps most famous ones are PIL (, also known as pillow), and opencv (

  • warehouse

    The Python Package Index

    Project mention: Smooth Packaging: Flowing from Source to PyPi with GitLab Pipelines | | 2024-01-18

    python3 -m pip install \ --trusted-host --trusted-host \ --index-url \ --extra-index-url \ piper_whistle==$(python3 -m src.piper_whistle.version)

  • WorkOS

    The modern identity platform for B2B SaaS. The APIs are flexible and easy-to-use, supporting authentication, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.

  • best-of-python

    🏆 A ranked list of awesome Python open-source libraries and tools. Updated weekly.

  • pyLoad

    The free and open-source Download Manager written in pure Python

    Project mention: Weird Software Request for HomeLab | /r/homelab | 2023-03-21
  • notifiers

    The easy way to send notifications

  • Box

    Python dictionaries with advanced dot notation access

    Project mention: DotDict: A simple Python library to make chained attributes possible | | 2023-08-02

    This seems similar to the functionality exposed by Box.

  • disposable-email-domains

    a list of disposable and temporary email address domains

    Project mention: API to check if an email address is from a disposable email service | /r/programming | 2023-12-09

    The block list seems to come from — I think you should cite your sources even if it’s distributed as public domain

  • gTTS

    Python library and CLI tool to interface with Google Translate's text-to-speech API

    Project mention: Need some help finding a TTS program that will read both English and Japanese when it's in the same sentence. | /r/LearnJapanese | 2023-05-26
  • rdflib

    RDFLib is a Python library for working with RDF, a simple yet powerful language for representing information.

  • CommandlineConfig

    A library for users to write (experiment in research) configurations in Python Dict or JSON format, read and write parameter value via dot . in code, while can read parameters from the command line to modify values. 一个供用户以Python Dict或JSON格式编写(科研中实验)配置的库,在代码中用点.读写属性,同时可以从命令行中读取参数配置并修改参数值。

  • exabgp

    The BGP swiss army knife of networking

    Project mention: How to analyze a package/library? | /r/learnpython | 2023-03-13

    I'm curious how ExaBGP works. In particular:

  • jetson_stats

    📊 Simple package for monitoring and control your NVIDIA Jetson [Orin, Xavier, Nano, TX] series

  • meshio

    :spider_web: input/output for many mesh formats

  • elyra

    Elyra extends JupyterLab with an AI centric approach.

  • moderngl

    Modern OpenGL binding for Python

    Project mention: Interactive Web App for Learning Shaders - Editor with Real-Time Preview | /r/pygame | 2023-07-03
  • cibuildwheel

    🎡 Build Python wheels for all the platforms with minimal configuration.

    Project mention: Balm in GILead: Fast string construction for CPython extensions | | 2023-12-17

    It doesn't work with any version of the public API, Limited, Stable, or Unstable, because this is not a part of the API. It's more of an application of [Hyrum's Law](

    That said, assuming the structures themselves exist on the versions of Python you're targeting in a format compatible with whatever hacking you're doing on them, it's very easy to compile for lots of Python versions using [cibuildwheel]( and the rest of the PyPA ecosystem.

    I don't think the Limited API is very useful, as a practical matter for the common distribution methods you need the wheel to be built with the target Python version.

  • pigar

    :coffee: A tool to generate requirements.txt for Python project, and more than that. (IT IS NOT A PACKAGE MANAGEMENT TOOL)

  • twine

    Utilities for interacting with PyPI

    Project mention: Private Python Packages With devpi | | 2023-07-01

    Twine is also an option if you'd rather stick with the traditional PyPi upload system. It does require an additional duplication of the keyring entry and a configuration file addition as well. First I'll create a $HOME\.pypirc file (make sure this is Powershell so $HOME expands properly) with the following contents:

  • SaaSHub

    SaaSHub - Software Alternatives and Reviews. SaaSHub helps you find the best software and product alternatives

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What are some of the best open-source Pypi projects in Python? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 youtube-dl-gui 9,117
2 pipx 8,230
3 sqlfluff 7,049
4 holehe 6,190
5 MechanicalSoup 4,511
6 opencv-python 4,008
7 warehouse 3,441
8 best-of-python 3,326
9 pyLoad 3,118
10 notifiers 2,583
11 Box 2,334
12 disposable-email-domains 2,122
13 gTTS 2,108
14 rdflib 2,049
15 CommandlineConfig 2,043
16 exabgp 2,014
17 jetson_stats 1,961
18 meshio 1,744
19 elyra 1,743
20 moderngl 1,739
21 cibuildwheel 1,688
22 pigar 1,545
23 twine 1,509
SaaSHub - Software Alternatives and Reviews
SaaSHub helps you find the best software and product alternatives