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  • youtube-dl-gui

    A cross platform front-end GUI of the popular youtube-dl written in wxPython.

    Project mention: [Software] Existe-t-il des convertisseurs Youtube en mp3 en ligne sûrs? | | 2023-01-31
  • pipx

    Install and Run Python Applications in Isolated Environments

    Project mention: Apple Unveils MacBook Pro Featuring M2 Pro and M2 Max | | 2023-01-17

    What benefit would joining your cult bestow upon me that brew does not already?

    My brew list is intentionally very short and my faffing about desire is limited.

    Generally I use brew to pull in asdf ( to install programming languages/tooling, it works flawlessly.

    I use Pipx ( to install python thingies (such as yt-dlp) as a cli. Go and Rust handle binaries in their languages beautifully and without issues.

  • InfluxDB

    Build time-series-based applications quickly and at scale.. InfluxDB is the Time Series Platform where developers build real-time applications for analytics, IoT and cloud-native services. Easy to start, it is available in the cloud or on-premises.

  • sqlfluff

    A modular SQL linter and auto-formatter with support for multiple dialects and templated code.

    Project mention: Ask HN: How do you test SQL? | | 2023-01-31

    This linter can really enforce some best practices

    A list of best practices:

  • MechanicalSoup

    A Python library for automating interaction with websites.

    Project mention: Alternatives to Selenium? | | 2022-07-21

    Try with Mechanicalsoup

  • holehe

    holehe allows you to check if the mail is used on different sites like twitter, instagram and will retrieve information on sites with the forgotten password function.

    Project mention: I am the creator of Digital Footprint Report. An OSINT research tool that uses over 2700 sources to generate anyone's Digital Footprint! Would love your feedback. | | 2023-01-14

    For example one of many apis we use has more then 120 sources

  • best-of-python

    🏆 A ranked list of awesome Python open-source libraries and tools. Updated weekly.

    Project mention: Which not so well known Python packages do you like to use on a regular basis and why? | | 2022-08-26

    You may be interested in this best-of-python list on github.

  • pyLoad

    The free and open-source Download Manager written in pure Python

    Project mention: Is there any app that supports .dlc downloads? | | 2023-02-01
  • Sonar

    Write Clean Python Code. Always.. Sonar helps you commit clean code every time. With over 225 unique rules to find Python bugs, code smells & vulnerabilities, Sonar finds the issues while you focus on the work.

  • notifiers

    The easy way to send notifications

    Project mention: Useful Python Modules for us | | 2022-12-04

    pdbpp: Improved pdb boltons: assorted python addtions twisted: event driven networking framework sorcery: Dark magic in python, things know where+how they are being called, helps reducing boilerplate sh: Better alternative for subprocess module, much more pythonic taskipy: npm run scipt_name like functionality snoop: pdb lite, record+replay function steps birdseye: graphical debugger remote-pdb: easy pdb from inside containers typer: wrapper around click for simpler code for CLIs arrow: Always TZ aware datetimes, plus more features more-itertools: more functions for iterators pydantic: data validation + dataclasses loguru: better logging notifiers: sending notifications from python

  • Box

    Python dictionaries with advanced dot notation access

    Project mention: I've built a PathDict, a library that makes it easy to work with dicts! | | 2022-10-15
  • guiscrcpy

    A full fledged GUI integration for the award winning open-source android screen mirroring system -- scrcpy located on by @rom1v

    Project mention: Mirroring android phone display in Windows | | 2023-01-18
  • CommandlineConfig

    A library for users to write (experiment in research) configurations in Python Dict or JSON format, read and write parameter value via dot . in code, while can read parameters from the command line to modify values. 一个供用户以Python Dict或JSON格式编写(科研中实验)配置的库,在代码中用点.读写属性,同时可以从命令行中读取参数配置并修改参数值。

    Project mention: Commandline-config: A library for users to write (experiment in research) configurations in Python Dict format, while can read parameters from the command line. 一个供用户以Python Dict或JSON格式编写(科研中实验)配置的库,同时可以从命令行中读取参数。 | | 2022-09-20
  • exabgp

    The BGP swiss army knife of networking

    Project mention: Java Library for BGP Peering? | | 2022-08-12

    I don’t know of a specific Java implementation but might fit in ok. Use exa to talk bgp but write java applets to “do things” with what exa hands you.

  • rdflib

    RDFLib is a Python library for working with RDF, a simple yet powerful language for representing information.

  • gTTS

    Python library and CLI tool to interface with Google Translate's text-to-speech API

  • bbot

    OSINT automation for hackers.

    Project mention: BBot, an OSINT Swiss knife for everyone | | 2022-08-22
  • jetson_stats

    📊 Simple package for monitoring and control your NVIDIA Jetson [Orin, Xavier, Nano, TX] series

  • disposable-email-domains

    a list of disposable and temporary email address domains

    Project mention: The BS that Twitter is | | 2022-03-12
  • elyra

    Elyra extends JupyterLab with an AI centric approach.

  • meshio

    :spider_web: input/output for many mesh formats

    Project mention: Importing self made meshes to ansys - what is the format for parsable text files? | | 2022-12-08

    Use [meshio]( and write a script to directly translate your mesh connectivity and boundary data and export to Ansys .msh. Easier option if you use/are familiar with Python.

  • pigar

    :coffee: A tool to generate requirements.txt for Python project, and more than that. (IT IS NOT A PACKAGE MANAGEMENT TOOL)

    Project mention: How to improve Python packaging, or why 14 tools are at least 12 too many | | 2023-01-15

    I am the author of pigar[1], and I am using Go a lot, Go has its problems too, but I am a fan of `import "url"` style import statement, developers can write code first, and sync the dependency later with `go mod tidy`.

    To fix problems in Python's world, Python's community should simplify the tools and cultivate a habit to declare the dependency first(maybe this should be mandatory) and use it later.


  • cibuildwheel

    🎡 Build Python wheels for all the platforms on CI with minimal configuration.

    Project mention: Bundling binary tools in Python wheels | | 2022-06-17

    > size of wheels you can upload is constrained by PyPi

    I feel PyPi is pretty generous with their limits. You can even request more once you hit the ceiling, i think it’s around 60MB [1]. There are some wheels that are crazy large, tensorflow-gpu [2] are around 500MB each. I think there’s discussions out there to try and find ways of alleviating this problem on PyPi.

    > difficult to support multiple versions across multiple operating systems, unless you provide a source distribution, which is then…

    This can be a problem but I’ve found that recently the problem has improved quite a lot. You can create manylinux wheels for both x86, x64, and arm64 which cover pretty a lot of the Linux distributions using glibc. A musllinux tag was recently added to cover musl based distributions like Alpine. MacOS wheels support both x64, arm64, and can even be a universal2 wheel. Windows is still purely x86 or x64 for now but I’ve seen some people work on arm64 support support in CPython and once that’s in I’m sure PyPi won’t be too far around. There are also some great tools like cibuildwheel [3] that make building and testing these wheels pretty simple.

    > Still a nightmare on Windows

    I’m actually curious what is a nightmare about Windows. I found that Windows is probably the easiest of all the platforms to build and upload wheels for. You aren’t limited to a tiny subset of system libs, like you are on Linux, and building them is mostly the same process. Probably the hardest thing is ensuring you have tue correct vs build kit installed but that’s not insurmountable.




  • twine

    Utilities for interacting with PyPI

    Project mention: Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories | | 2022-09-10
  • lexicon

    Manipulate DNS records on various DNS providers in a standardized way.

    Project mention: Wie kommt Google Safe Browsing darauf, dass alle Seiten auf meiner Dyndns Domain phishing Seiten sind? | | 2022-11-01
  • SaaSHub

    SaaSHub - Software Alternatives and Reviews. SaaSHub helps you find the best software and product alternatives

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What are some of the best open-source Pypi projects in Python? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 youtube-dl-gui 8,711
2 pipx 5,968
3 sqlfluff 5,553
4 MechanicalSoup 4,306
5 holehe 4,042
6 best-of-python 2,795
7 pyLoad 2,780
8 notifiers 2,371
9 Box 2,137
10 guiscrcpy 2,056
11 CommandlineConfig 1,998
12 exabgp 1,887
13 rdflib 1,826
14 gTTS 1,732
15 bbot 1,714
16 jetson_stats 1,599
17 disposable-email-domains 1,572
18 elyra 1,538
19 meshio 1,457
20 pigar 1,378
21 cibuildwheel 1,365
22 twine 1,363
23 lexicon 1,297
SaaSHub - Software Alternatives and Reviews
SaaSHub helps you find the best software and product alternatives