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  • GitHub repo Redash

    Make Your Company Data Driven. Connect to any data source, easily visualize, dashboard and share your data.

    Project mention: Open source Business intelligence platform made with Python | | 2021-11-28

    I remember doing the research a few years ago. Redash was the final choice because it supports mongodb.

  • GitHub repo bokeh

    Interactive Data Visualization in the browser, from Python

    Project mention: Anyone know of a great live viz tool for high-volume data? | | 2021-11-25

    Try bokeh

  • Scout APM

    Scout APM: A developer's best friend. Try free for 14-days. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo Zulip

    Zulip server and web app—powerful open source team chat

    Project mention: Zulip case study: Rust programming language community | | 2021-12-01

    The issue for this has been open for more than four years:

  • GitHub repo awx

    AWX Project

    Project mention: Provisioning tool for Proxmox | | 2021-11-18

    As a gui for ansible you can try AWX ( or, if you want something lighter, Ansible Semaphore (

  • GitHub repo Ajenti

    Ajenti Core and stock plugins

  • GitHub repo Isso

    a Disqus alternative

    Project mention: Various ways to include comments on your static site | | 2021-11-18

    I have found isso to be good for static sites. It allows posters to remain anonymous (which encourages more open discussions) and is self-hosted and simple.

  • GitHub repo oppia

    A free, online learning platform to make quality education accessible for all.

    Project mention: Ask HN: How Do You Learn? | | 2021-09-10

    In the exploration I linked, the only types of interaction offered to the learner were either ok/proceed, or 'answer this textual multiple choice question'. This may make it seem like Oppia doesn't do much more than software for interactive fiction.

    BUT Oppia has lots of other interaction types:

    For example, you can input music notes:

    Or ask the learner to enter a fraction, or to sort some objects.

  • Nanos

    Run Linux Software Faster and Safer than Linux with Unikernels.

  • GitHub repo vprof

    Visual profiler for Python

    Project mention: Scaling django: profiling your django app | | 2021-02-01

    To set it up you can refer to the official docs

  • GitHub repo frappe

    Low code web framework for real world applications, in Python and Javascript

    Project mention: ERPNext Installation Details | | 2021-08-11

    $ bench init --frappe-branch version-13 myERPNext $ /home/bpdp/software/python-dev-tools/miniconda39/envs/py39-erpnext/bin/virtualenv -q env -p python3 Getting frappe $ git clone --branch version-13 --depth 1 --origin upstream Kloning ke 'frappe'... remote: Enumerating objects: 2914, done. remote: Counting objects: 100% (2914/2914), done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (2746/2746), done. remote: Total 2914 (delta 404), reused 1006 (delta 96), pack-reused 0 Menerima objek: 100% (2914/2914), 16.04 MiB | 1.16 MiB/s, done. Menguraikan delta: 100% (404/404), done. Installing frappe $ myERPNext/env/bin/python -m pip install -q -U -e myERPNext/apps/frappe WARNING: You are using pip version 21.2.2; however, version 21.2.3 is available. You should consider upgrading via the '/home/bpdp/kerjaan/erpnext/myERPNext/env/bin/python -m pip install --upgrade pip' command. $ yarn install yarn install v1.22.11 warning ../../../../../../package.json: No license field [1/4] Resolving packages... [2/4] Fetching packages... [3/4] Linking dependencies... warning " > [email protected]" has unmet peer dependency "[email protected] - 3". warning " > [email protected]" has unmet peer dependency "[email protected]^1.16.0". warning Workspaces can only be enabled in private projects. [4/4] Building fresh packages... $ yarn run snyk-protect yarn run v1.22.11 warning ../../../../../../package.json: No license field $ snyk protect Successfully applied Snyk patches Done in 11.34s. Done in 239.98s. Updating node packages... Installing node dependencies for frappe $ yarn install yarn install v1.22.11 warning ../../../../../../package.json: No license field [1/4] Resolving packages... success Already up-to-date. $ yarn run snyk-protect yarn run v1.22.11 warning ../../../../../../package.json: No license field $ snyk protect Successfully applied Snyk patches Done in 9.18s. Done in 9.87s. $ bench build An Error occurred while downloading assets... ✔ Application Assets Linked yarn run v1.22.11 warning ../../../../../../package.json: No license field $ FRAPPE_ENV=production node rollup/build.js Production mode ✔ Built js/moment-bundle.min.js ✔ Built js/libs.min.js Building frappe assets... ✔ Built js/checkout.min.js ✔ Built js/dialog.min.js ✔ Built js/web_form.min.js ✔ Built js/user_profile_controller.min.js ✔ Built js/list.min.js ✔ Built js/chat.js ✔ Built js/bootstrap-4-web.min.js ✔ Built js/frappe-recorder.min.js ✔ Built js/barcode_scanner.min.js ✔ Built js/frappe-web.min.js ✔ Built css/report.min.css ✔ Built css-rtl/report.min.css ✔ Built css/frappe-chat-web.css ✔ Built css/web_form.css ✔ Built css-rtl/frappe-chat-web.css ✔ Built css-rtl/web_form.css ✔ Built js/data_import_tools.min.js ✔ Built js/report.min.js ✔ Built css/printview.css ✔ Built css/email.css ✔ Built css/login.css ✔ Built css/frappe-web-b4.css ✔ Built js/desk.min.js ✔ Built js/control.min.js ✔ Built css/desk.min.css ✔ Built css-rtl/frappe-web-b4.css ✔ Built css-rtl/email.css ✔ Built css-rtl/login.css ✔ Built css-rtl/printview.css ✔ Built css-rtl/desk.min.css ✔ Built js/form.min.js ✨ Done in 47.395s Done in 48.40s. SUCCESS: Bench myERPNext initialized $

  • GitHub repo twitter-scraper

    Scrape the Twitter Frontend API without authentication.

    Project mention: Scrape twitter profiles and hashtags | | 2021-11-01

    I was going through this project that scrapes twitter however it is now not working properly as Twitter has changed its front-end code structure and even the way how tweets fetch from the backend. Now, sending an HTTP request and parsing that HTML source code to get the tweet's data does not work and I needed even more data than what twitter's API can offer. So, I created this project to run with a headless web browser and get the tweet's data.

  • GitHub repo websockify

    Websockify is a WebSocket to TCP proxy/bridge. This allows a browser to connect to any application/server/service.

    Project mention: I can't believe they charge for Connect when the sync is so unusably terrible | | 2021-11-30

    PS: if you are super restricted checked noVNC with , did wonders for me.

  • GitHub repo Lenia

    Lenia - Mathematical Life Forms

    Project mention: The LENIA Universe - Run the code yourself (Neat AI - YT) | | 2021-10-14
  • GitHub repo pywebview

    Build GUI for your Python program with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

    Project mention: 4 ways to create modern gui in python in easiest way possible | | 2021-12-03

  • GitHub repo Transcrypt

    Python 3.7 to JavaScript compiler - Lean, fast, open! -

    Project mention: What is the best way to parse python code? | | 2021-12-01

    The Python AST module exists for this purpose and works by tokenizing individual pieces of the source code. It's also how transpilers such as Transcrypt work their magic to convert Python code to other languages.

  • GitHub repo django-webpack-loader

    Transparently use webpack with django

    Project mention: Django and webpack | | 2021-08-05

    Check out

  • GitHub repo Misago

    Misago is fully featured modern forum application that is fast, scalable and responsive.

    Project mention: Django forum app | | 2021-08-18

    Misago used to be nice. I see they haven't updated it in a while, though...

  • GitHub repo modoboa

    Mail hosting made simple

    Project mention: Looking for suggestions for mailcow alternatives | | 2021-08-01 - Not dockerised last I checked and a little more in-depth

  • GitHub repo m2cgen

    Transform ML models into a native code (Java, C, Python, Go, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C#, R, PowerShell, PHP, Dart, Haskell, Ruby, F#, Rust) with zero dependencies

    Project mention: Flutter Machine Learning App | | 2021-01-19

    These repositories on GitHub are good start I think: and

  • GitHub repo kuma

    The project that powers MDN. (by mdn)

    Project mention: Domain Name System (DNS) Basics | | 2021-12-01

    Note: In occasions where the query contains a subdomain (e.g., there will be an extra nameserver that gets added to the end of the sequence which is responsible for that subdomain ("developer").

  • GitHub repo pants

    The Pants Build System

    Project mention: Automatically unlocking concurrent builds and fine-grained caching for Java with dependency inference | | 2021-11-29

    While this is a preview, though, our goal is to be a useful tool for Java developers. If there's anything really important that we're missing, we'd love to hear from you so we can make this really good. Our issue tracker is at

  • GitHub repo Review Board

    An extensible and friendly code review tool for projects and companies of all sizes.

    Project mention: 7 Qualitative Metrics to Measure Code Quality Engineer Should Know | | 2021-10-28


  • GitHub repo pretix

    Ticket shop application for conferences, festivals, concerts, tech events, shows, exhibitions, workshops, barcamps, etc.

    Project mention: Competition registration software | | 2021-08-13

    Maybe pretix is something that can work for you :)

  • GitHub repo Photonix

    A modern, web-based photo management server. Run it on your home server and it will let you find the right photo from your collection on any device. Smart filtering is made possible by object recognition, face recognition, location awareness, color analysis and other ML algorithms.

    Project mention: Photonix Photo Manager - August Update | | 2021-09-30

    Hi all. Some of you might be interested in running your own web-based photo management server - kind of like your own Google Photos. Photonix is exactly this and has features like face recognition, color detection, map view, apps for Android/iOS and more.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-12-03.

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What are some of the best open-source JavaScript projects in Python? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 Redash 20,027
2 bokeh 15,752
3 Zulip 14,663
4 awx 10,394
5 Ajenti 6,609
6 Isso 4,477
7 oppia 4,329
8 vprof 3,793
9 frappe 3,278
10 twitter-scraper 3,021
11 websockify 2,925
12 Lenia 2,775
13 pywebview 2,618
14 Transcrypt 2,481
15 django-webpack-loader 2,319
16 Misago 2,170
17 modoboa 1,988
18 m2cgen 1,946
19 kuma 1,902
20 pants 1,783
21 Review Board 1,378
22 pretix 1,150
23 Photonix 1,081
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