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  • fastapi

    FastAPI framework, high performance, easy to learn, fast to code, ready for production

    Project mention: Litestar – powerful, flexible, and highly performant Python ASGI framework | | 2024-02-26

    It’s been my experience that async Python frameworks tend to turn IO bound problems into CPU bound problems with a high enough request rate, because due to their nature they act as unbounded queues.

    This ends up made worse if you’re using sync routes.

    If you’re constrained on a resource such as a database connection pool, your framework will continue to pull http requests off the wire that a sane client will cancel and retry due to timeouts because it takes too long to get a connection out of the pool. Since there isn’t a straightforward way to cancel the execution of a route handler in every Python http framework I’ve seen exhibit this problem, the problem quickly snowballs.

    This is an issue with fastapi, too-


    Asynchronous HTTP client/server framework for asyncio and Python

    Project mention: Show HN: The HTTP Garden – A Parser Vulnerability Research Tool | | 2024-02-05

    > AIOHTTP: The Python int constructor is used to parse Content-Lengths and chunk-sizes, so _, +, and - are misinterpreted.

    Fun. I believe the fix is incomplete here[1]. Python's int() constructor accepts integers comprised of any unicode numeral, for example, int("٦٦٦") == 666, and "٦٦٦".isdecimal() == True.


  • WorkOS

    The modern identity platform for B2B SaaS. The APIs are flexible and easy-to-use, supporting authentication, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.

  • rq

    Simple job queues for Python

    Project mention: The Many Problems with Celery | /r/Python | 2023-05-22 is to the rescue.

  • starlette

    The little ASGI framework that shines. 🌟

    Project mention: Ask HN: What is your go-to stack for the web? | | 2024-02-09
  • pyinstrument

    🚴 Call stack profiler for Python. Shows you why your code is slow!

    Project mention: How to profile an asynchronous FastAPI server | /r/Python | 2023-08-09

    I was wondering if you have any synchronous routes in your app? We have an open issue regarding those and would love some ideas for solutions :)

  • trio

    Trio – a friendly Python library for async concurrency and I/O

    Project mention: trio VS awaits - a user suggested alternative | | 2023-12-09
  • Douyin_TikTok_Download_API


    Project mention: TikTok video scraper | /r/webscraping | 2023-05-23

    At the moment I am working on a web scraper for TikTok. At the moment, I am able to retrieve data about the first 16 videos from a channel. The way I achieved this was to make requests to an unofficial API My problem is that the requirements for this project do not allow me to use any package that would extract data from TikTok. I would like to ask you all, how should I go about this task. Already tried getting data from the HTML, but is not sufficient since most of it is not displayed when I use requests.get(URL). Could you please recommend some repositories that could help or some way of extracting the data? Thank you!

  • InfluxDB

    Power Real-Time Data Analytics at Scale. Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.

  • Twisted

    Event-driven networking engine written in Python.

  • tortoise-orm

    Familiar asyncio ORM for python, built with relations in mind

    Project mention: How to Connect a FastAPI Server to PostgreSQL and Deploy on GCP Cloud Run | | 2023-05-26

    To do this, we can use the Tortoise-ORM. Begin by installing the package:

  • pyrogram

    Elegant, modern and asynchronous Telegram MTProto API framework in Python for users and bots

  • fastapi-users

    Ready-to-use and customizable users management for FastAPI

    Project mention: Thoughts on FastAPI Users | /r/FastAPI | 2023-05-31

    I'm working with it now as a backend to svelte! It's very ergonomic especially since I'm using sqlalchemy + postgres (asyncpg) so I could just copy paste the example code. Heads up though that it doesn't implement any form of token refresh pattern so you'll have to do that yourself.

  • Robyn

    Robyn is a High-Performance, Community-Driven, and Innovator Friendly Web Framework with a Rust runtime.

    Project mention: Robyn – Innovator Friendly, and Community Driven Python Web Framework | | 2024-01-04
  • github-stats

    Better GitHub statistics images for your profile, with stats from private repos too

    Project mention: Ask HN: How to Do a GitHub Wrapped? | | 2023-12-19

    I have done similar work using the GitHub APIs before. I recommend using their GraphQL explorer to develop your queries interactively. You may need to fall back on the REST API instead of the GraphQL one for certain stats.

    You can also refer to my code here, which may already collect some of the statistics you're interested in.

    I predict the most annoying part of this project will be dealing with authentication. There are a handful of ways to do it, and the permissions can be finicky depending on what data you are fetching.

    Best of luck!

  • uvicorn-gunicorn-fastapi-docker

    Docker image with Uvicorn managed by Gunicorn for high-performance FastAPI web applications in Python with performance auto-tuning. Optionally with Alpine Linux.

  • motor

    Motor - the async Python driver for MongoDB and Tornado or asyncio

  • arq

    Fast job queuing and RPC in python with asyncio and redis.

    Project mention: The Many Problems with Celery | /r/Python | 2023-05-22
  • beanie

    Asynchronous Python ODM for MongoDB

    Project mention: Ask HN: Where do I find good code to read? | | 2023-08-24

    I recently came across Beanie. A Python ORM for MongoDb. A pleasure to work with and integrates well with FastAPI, the tests document the code well, and at this point it’s only as complicated as it needs to be.

  • aiomysql

    aiomysql is a library for accessing a MySQL database from the asyncio

  • aiomultiprocess

    Take a modern Python codebase to the next level of performance.

  • notion-sdk-py

    The official Notion API client library, but rewritten in Python! (sync + async)

    Project mention: Adding connections automatically | /r/Notion | 2023-08-23

    ramnes/notion-sdk-py: The official Notion API client library, but rewritten in Python! (sync + async) (

  • asyncer

    Asyncer, async and await, focused on developer experience.

    Project mention: asyncer VS awaits - a user suggested alternative | | 2023-12-09
  • fastapi-crudrouter

    A dynamic FastAPI router that automatically creates CRUD routes for your models

  • twitter-api-client

    Implementation of X/Twitter v1, v2, and GraphQL APIs (by trevorhobenshield)

    Project mention: Reverse Engineering Twitter Spaces - Capture 500 Audio Streams/Live Transcripts per IP | /r/programming | 2023-06-11
  • SaaSHub

    SaaSHub - Software Alternatives and Reviews. SaaSHub helps you find the best software and product alternatives

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What are some of the best open-source Async projects in Python? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 fastapi 68,574
2 AIOHTTP 14,390
3 rq 9,401
4 starlette 9,225
5 pyinstrument 5,993
6 trio 5,790
7 Douyin_TikTok_Download_API 5,457
8 Twisted 5,370
9 tortoise-orm 4,131
10 pyrogram 4,000
11 fastapi-users 3,900
12 Robyn 3,279
13 github-stats 2,640
14 uvicorn-gunicorn-fastapi-docker 2,483
15 motor 2,293
16 arq 1,804
17 beanie 1,712
18 aiomysql 1,683
19 aiomultiprocess 1,650
20 notion-sdk-py 1,508
21 asyncer 1,387
22 fastapi-crudrouter 1,281
23 twitter-api-client 1,238
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