Trending PowerShell Projects

This page lists the top trending PowerShell projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
It is updated once every day. The last update was on 2 Oct 2023.
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Top 50 Trending PowerShell Projects

  • ARI

    Azure Resource Inventory - It's a Powerful tool to create EXCEL inventory from Azure Resources with low effort

  • omg-payloads

    Official payload library for the O.MG line of products from Mischief Gadgets

  • usbrubberducky-payloads

    The Official USB Rubber Ducky Payload Repository

  • ConvertOneNote2MarkDown

    Ready to make the step to Markdown and saying farewell to your OneNote, EverNote or whatever proprietary note taking tool you are using? Nothing beats clear text, right? Read on!

  • AADInternals

    AADInternals PowerShell module for administering Azure AD and Office 365

  • GOAD

    game of active directory

  • PSWriteHTML

    PSWriteHTML is PowerShell Module to generate beautiful HTML reports, pages, emails without any knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript. To get started basics PowerShell knowledge is required.

  • DetectionLabELK

    DetectionLabELK is a fork from DetectionLab with ELK stack instead of Splunk.

  • AzureADAssessment

    Tooling for assessing an Azure AD tenant state and configuration

  • winfetch

    ๐Ÿ›  A command-line system information utility written in PowerShell. Like Neofetch, but for Windows.

  • GPOZaurr

    Group Policy Eater is a PowerShell module that aims to gather information about Group Policies but also allows fixing issues that you may find in them.

  • Microsoft365DSC

    Manages, configures, extracts and monitors Microsoft 365 tenant configurations

  • Intune

    Microsoft Intune scripts

  • MicroBurst

    A collection of scripts for assessing Microsoft Azure security

  • AZ-104-MicrosoftAzureAdministrator

    AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator

  • Enterprise-Scale

    The Azure Landing Zones (Enterprise-Scale) architecture provides prescriptive guidance coupled with Azure best practices, and it follows design principles across the critical design areas for organizations to define their Azure architecture

  • ESXi-Customizer-PS

    PowerCLI script that greatly simplifies and automates the process of creating fully patched and customized VMware ESXi installation images (by VFrontDe-Org)

  • HardeningKitty

    HardeningKitty - Checks and hardens your Windows configuration

  • AzureMonitorCommunity

    An open repo for Azure Monitor queries, workbooks, alerts and more

  • openiddict-samples

    .NET samples for OpenIddict

  • windows-driver-docs

    The official Windows Driver Kit documentation sources

  • invoke-atomicredteam

    Invoke-AtomicRedTeam is a PowerShell module to execute tests as defined in the [atomics folder]( of Red Canary's Atomic Red Team project.

  • iDRAC-Redfish-Scripting

    Python and PowerShell scripting for Dell EMC PowerEdge iDRAC REST API with DMTF Redfish

  • commando-vm

    Complete Mandiant Offensive VM (Commando VM), a fully customizable Windows-based pentesting virtual machine distribution. [email protected]

  • microsoft-365-docs

    This repo is used to host the source for the Microsoft 365 documentation on

  • A1111-Web-UI-Installer

    Complete installer for Automatic1111's infamous Stable Diffusion WebUI

  • WSL

    Issues found on WSL

  • powershell-intune-samples

    This repository of PowerShell sample scripts show how to access Intune service resources. They demonstrate this by making HTTPS RESTful API requests to the Microsoft Graph API from PowerShell.

  • runner-images

    GitHub Actions runner images

  • WELA

    WELA (Windows Event Log Analyzer): The Swiss Army knife for Windows Event Logs! ใ‚‘็พ…๏ผˆใ‚ฆใ‚งใƒฉ๏ผ‰

  • PSPKIAudit

    PowerShell toolkit for AD CS auditing based on the PSPKI toolkit.

  • Main

    ๐Ÿ“ฆ The default bucket for Scoop.

  • WSL

    Source code behind the Windows Subsystem for Linux documentation. (by MicrosoftDocs)

  • PSAppDeployToolkit

    Project Homepage & Forums

  • flare-vm

    A collection of software installations scripts for Windows systems that allows you to easily setup and maintain a reverse engineering environment on a VM.

  • Virtual-Desktop-Optimization-Tool

    The script and configuration files in this repository provide an easy method to customize and apply performance related settings to virtual desktop environments.

  • Microsoft-Defender-for-Cloud

    Welcome to the Microsoft Defender for Cloud community repository

  • DeepBlueCLI

  • cpp-docs

    C++ Documentation

  • Empire

    Empire is a post-exploitation and adversary emulation framework that is used to aid Red Teams and Penetration Testers. (by BC-SECURITY)

  • PoshC2

    A proxy aware C2 framework used to aid red teamers with post-exploitation and lateral movement.

  • active-directory-aspnetcore-webapp-openidconnect-v2

    An ASP.NET Core Web App which lets sign-in users (including in your org, many orgs, orgs + personal accounts, sovereign clouds) and call Web APIs (including Microsoft Graph)

  • BloodHound

    Six Degrees of Domain Admin

  • Parsec-Cloud-Preparation-Tool

    Launch Parsec enabled cloud computers via your own cloud provider account.

  • win32

    Public mirror for win32-pr

  • Scoop

    A command-line installer for Windows.

  • Extras

    ๐Ÿ“ฆ The Extras bucket for Scoop.

  • winget-pkgs

    The Microsoft community Windows Package Manager manifest repository

  • bloatbox

    โ˜‘๏ธ๐ŸŒ  Remove Bloatwares from Windows 10

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source PowerShell projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 ARI 9.8%
2 omg-payloads 4.5%
3 usbrubberducky-payloads 3.9%
4 ConvertOneNote2MarkDown 3.8%
5 AADInternals 3.7%
6 GOAD 3.6%
7 PSWriteHTML 3.6%
8 DetectionLabELK 3.3%
9 AzureADAssessment 3.0%
10 winfetch 2.8%
11 GPOZaurr 2.7%
12 Microsoft365DSC 2.6%
13 Intune 2.5%
14 MicroBurst 2.3%
15 AZ-104-MicrosoftAzureAdministrator 2.3%
16 Enterprise-Scale 2.2%
17 ESXi-Customizer-PS 2.2%
18 HardeningKitty 2.0%
19 AzureMonitorCommunity 1.9%
20 openiddict-samples 1.9%
21 windows-driver-docs 1.9%
22 invoke-atomicredteam 1.9%
23 iDRAC-Redfish-Scripting 1.8%
24 commando-vm 1.7%
25 microsoft-365-docs 1.7%
26 A1111-Web-UI-Installer 1.6%
27 WSL 1.6%
28 powershell-intune-samples 1.6%
29 runner-images 1.6%
30 WELA 1.6%
31 PSPKIAudit 1.6%
32 Main 1.5%
33 WSL 1.5%
34 PSAppDeployToolkit 1.4%
35 flare-vm 1.3%
36 Virtual-Desktop-Optimization-Tool 1.3%
37 Microsoft-Defender-for-Cloud 1.2%
38 DeepBlueCLI 1.2%
39 cpp-docs 1.2%
40 Empire 1.2%
41 PoshC2 1.1%
42 active-directory-aspnetcore-webapp-openidconnect-v2 1.1%
43 BloodHound 1.1%
44 Parsec-Cloud-Preparation-Tool 1.0%
45 win32 1.0%
46 Scoop 1.0%
47 Extras 1.0%
48 winget-pkgs 1.0%
49 PowerCLI-Example-Scripts 1.0%
50 bloatbox 0.9%