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Mentions Stars Project Description
2 16 DIY load cell modification for the logitech G29 pedal set
2 10 The Keycap Playground is a parametric OpenSCAD keycap generator made for generating keycaps of all shapes and sizes (and profiles)
1 591 KeyV2: A Parametric Mechanical Keycap Library
1 226 Case design files for Iris
1 132 A split keyboard with trackball support
1 119 A Portable Ergonomic Split Keyboard inspired from the ErgoDox, Let's Split and Minidox
1 112 A set of OpenSCAD utilities for adding radii and fillets, that embodies a robust approach to developing OpenSCAD parts.
1 108 Design Log and OpenSCAD code repo for Custom Split Keyboard
1 80 An OpenSCAD LEGO-compatible brick generator.
1 65 Parametric Key Caps
1 29 Parameterized ergonomic keyboard
1 27 DIY 60% split keyboard, 3D-printed and hand-wired
1 19 A dactyl inspired ergonomic keyboard attached to the front of my desk for a lower profile and more desk space.
1 18
1 8 Parameterized ergonomic accessibility keyboard/computer
1 3 3D printed bit for tightening knurled nuts
1 3 Dynamic serial plate creator for Voron printers
1 1 3D printable LiftPod base compatible with VESA monitor mounts
1 1 3D Printing Elna Sewing Machine Cam Discs
1 1 3D models for Elna Supermatic pattern programming discs

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