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Mentions Stars Project Description
7 681 KeyV2: A Parametric Mechanical Keycap Library
3 266 The Belfry OpenScad Library - A library of tools, shapes, and helpers to make OpenScad easier to use.
2 146 A set of OpenSCAD utilities for adding radii and fillets, that embodies a robust approach to developing OpenSCAD parts.
2 128 The Belfry OpenScad Library, v2.0. An OpenSCAD library of shapes, masks, and manipulators to make working with OpenSCAD easier. BETA
2 36
2 29
2 27 The Keycap Playground is a parametric OpenSCAD keycap generator made for generating keycaps of all shapes and sizes (and profiles)
2 0
1 555 Library of parts modelled in OpenSCAD and a framework for making projects
1 363 Reduce the burden of mathematics when playing OpenSCAD
1 245 Case design files for Iris
1 97 ESPHome version of Elektor weather station v2
1 89 Parameterized ergonomic keyboard
1 55 A 3D printed, Solderless Hot Swap Socket to build keyswitch matrixes
1 36 Reference designs and documentation to create Expansion Cards for the Framework Laptop
1 29 Code for a trackball I'm building from scratch
1 12
1 11 OpenSCAD threading library
1 0 3d printed locks
1 0 Stepper motors to drive a pan and tilt head to track a light.

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