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Stars Project Description
33 479 Reference designs and documentation to create Expansion Cards for the Framework Laptop
4 994 Documentation for the Mainboard in the Framework Laptop
2 36 Methodology for custom tuning a concave ortholinear split keyboard with thumb cluster (AKA Dactyl). Centered on OpenSCAD library for designing all sorts of ortholinear keyboards supporting a variety of keycaps including Cherry profile. Additionally supports trackpoints, and 5-way navigation switches.
2 2 A ground-up rebuild of the stock gridfinity bins in OpenSCAD
2 1 OpenSCAD library for moving a tool in lines and arcs so as to model how a part would be cut using G-Code.
1 394 The Belfry OpenScad Library, v2.0. An OpenSCAD library of shapes, masks, and manipulators to make working with OpenSCAD easier. BETA
1 384 3D printable magnetic separation contactless key switch and stabilizers (OpenSCAD files)
1 302 Case design files for Iris
1 200 A 3D printed, Solderless Hot Swap Socket to build keyswitch matrixes
1 144 This OpenSCAD library was created to make it easy to create board game inserts with lids for either horizontal or vertical storage, without any programming required.
1 141 Design Log and OpenSCAD code repo for Custom Split Keyboard
1 53 A ground-up rebuild of the stock gridfinity bins in OpenSCAD
1 52
1 51 Keyboard PCBs + 3D Models
1 51 Shared libraries, modules, or scripts related to OpenSCAD
1 49 OpenSCAD Hinged Box generator and toolkit
1 18 Open Source 3D printable aerial combat that fits in an old tobacco tin
1 18 Dactyl Manuform with a Trackball in the right thumb cluster
1 1 fucking around with OpenSCAD; these are probably not very good models
1 0 Components and notes on modifications to fit a BIG TREE TECH SKR control board to a Geeetech A10 3D printer.

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