Trending Objective-C Projects

This page lists the top trending projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
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Top 50 Trending Objective-C Projects

  • GitHub repo UTM

    Virtual machines for iOS

  • GitHub repo syncthing-macos

    Frugal and native macOS Syncthing application bundle

  • GitHub repo Sequel-Ace

    MySQL/MariaDB database management for macOS

  • GitHub repo react-native-camera-kit

    A high performance, easy to use, rock solid camera library for React Native apps.

  • GitHub repo macOS-enterprise-privileges

    For Mac users in an Enterprise environment, this app gives the User control over administration of their machine by elevating their level of access to Administrator privileges on macOS. Users can set the time frame using Preferences to perform specific tasks such as install or remove an application.

  • GitHub repo MetalPetal

    A GPU accelerated image and video processing framework built on Metal.

  • GitHub repo flutter-webrtc

    WebRTC plugin for Flutter Mobile/Desktop/Web

  • GitHub repo Zebra

    🦓 A Useful Package Manager for iOS

  • GitHub repo element-ios

    A glossy Matrix collaboration client for iOS

  • GitHub repo AppAuth-iOS

    iOS and macOS SDK for communicating with OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect providers.

  • GitHub repo Firebase

    Firebase iOS SDK

  • GitHub repo MTHawkeye

    Profiling / Debugging assist tools for iOS. (Memory Leak, OOM, ANR, Hard Stalling, Network, OpenGL, Time Profile ...)

  • GitHub repo google-api-objectivec-client-for-rest

    Google APIs Client Library for Objective-C for REST

  • GitHub repo keycastr

    KeyCastr, an open-source keystroke visualizer

  • GitHub repo Strongbox

    A KeePass/Password Safe Client for iOS and OS X

  • GitHub repo expo

    An open-source platform for making universal native apps with React. Expo runs on Android, iOS, and the web.

  • GitHub repo Tunnelblick

    The official Tunnelbick website is at; the official Tunnelblick GitHub repository is at

  • GitHub repo google-maps-ios-utils

    Google Maps SDK for iOS Utility Library

  • GitHub repo SOGo

    SOGo is a very fast and scalable modern collaboration suite (groupware). It offers calendaring, address book management, and a full-featured Webmail client along with resource sharing and permission handling. It also makes use of documented standards (IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, etc.) and thereby provides native connectivity (without plugins) to many clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, the iPhone, Mozilla Lightning, and a plethora of mobile devices.

  • GitHub repo hammerspoon

    Staggeringly powerful macOS desktop automation with Lua

  • GitHub repo XVim2

    Vim key-bindings for Xcode 9

  • GitHub repo TheAmazingAudioEngine2

    The Amazing Audio Engine is a sophisticated framework for iOS audio applications, built so you don't have to.

  • GitHub repo HexFiend

    A fast and clever hex editor for macOS

  • GitHub repo libpd

    Pure Data embeddable audio synthesis library

  • GitHub repo react-native-background-geolocation

    Sophisticated, battery-conscious background-geolocation with motion-detection

  • GitHub repo FBSimulatorControl

    idb is a flexible command line interface for automating iOS simulators and devices (by facebook)

  • GitHub repo react-native-notifications

    React Native Notifications

  • GitHub repo MacGesture

    Global mouse gestures for macOS

  • GitHub repo react-native-maps

    React Native Mapview component for iOS + Android

  • GitHub repo iOS Snapshot Test Case

    Snapshot view unit tests for iOS (by uber)

  • GitHub repo santa

    A binary authorization system for macOS

  • GitHub repo cordova-plugin-camera

    Apache Cordova Plugin camera

  • GitHub repo OpenEmu

    🕹 Retro video game emulation for macOS

  • GitHub repo promises

    Promises is a modern framework that provides a synchronization construct for Swift and Objective-C.

  • GitHub repo GitUp

    The Git interface you've been missing all your life has finally arrived.

  • GitHub repo AWS

    AWS SDK for iOS. For more information, see our web site:

  • GitHub repo Sparkle

    A software update framework for macOS

  • GitHub repo selfcontrol

    :skull: Mac app to block your own access to distracting websites etc for a predetermined period of time. It can not be undone by the app or by a restart – you must wait for the timer to run out.

  • GitHub repo Flex

    An in-app debugging and exploration tool for iOS

  • GitHub repo AFNetworkActivityLogger

    AFNetworking 3.0 Extension for Network Request Logging

  • GitHub repo PINCache

    Fast, non-deadlocking parallel object cache for iOS, tvOS and OS X

  • GitHub repo SVGKit

    Display and interact with SVG Images on iOS / OS X, using native rendering (CoreAnimation)

  • GitHub repo Material Components

    Modular and customizable Material Design UI components for iOS

  • GitHub repo IGListKit

    A data-driven UICollectionView framework for building fast and flexible lists.

  • GitHub repo plcrashreporter

    Reliable, open-source crash reporting for iOS, macOS and tvOS

  • GitHub repo Bluepill

    Bluepill is a reliable iOS testing tool that runs UI tests using multiple simulators on a single machine

  • GitHub repo react-native-navigation

    A complete native navigation solution for React Native

  • GitHub repo Mixpanel

    iPhone tracking library for Mixpanel Analytics

  • GitHub repo NWPusher

    OS X and iOS application and framework to play with the Apple Push Notification service (APNs)

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source Objective-C projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 UTM 6.8%
2 syncthing-macos 5.2%
3 Sequel-Ace 5.0%
4 react-native-camera-kit 4.6%
5 macOS-enterprise-privileges 4.5%
6 MetalPetal 4.2%
7 flutter-webrtc 4.0%
8 Zebra 4.0%
9 element-ios 3.9%
10 AppAuth-iOS 3.8%
11 Firebase 2.7%
12 MTHawkeye 2.7%
13 google-api-objectivec-client-for-rest 2.4%
14 keycastr 2.4%
15 Strongbox 2.4%
16 expo 2.2%
17 Tunnelblick 2.1%
18 google-maps-ios-utils 1.9%
19 SOGo 1.9%
20 hammerspoon 1.7%
21 XVim2 1.6%
22 TheAmazingAudioEngine2 1.6%
23 HexFiend 1.6%
24 libpd 1.4%
25 react-native-background-geolocation 1.4%
26 blink 1.3%
27 FBSimulatorControl 1.3%
28 react-native-notifications 1.3%
29 MacGesture 1.3%
30 react-native-maps 1.1%
31 iOS Snapshot Test Case 1.1%
32 santa 1.0%
33 cordova-plugin-camera 1.0%
34 OpenEmu 1.0%
35 promises 1.0%
36 GitUp 1.0%
37 AWS 0.9%
38 Sparkle 0.9%
39 selfcontrol 0.9%
40 Flex 0.8%
41 AFNetworkActivityLogger 0.7%
42 PINCache 0.7%
43 SVGKit 0.7%
44 Material Components 0.7%
45 IGListKit 0.6%
46 plcrashreporter 0.6%
47 Bluepill 0.6%
48 react-native-navigation 0.6%
49 Mixpanel 0.5%
50 NWPusher 0.5%