Trending Mathematica Projects

This page lists the top trending Mathematica projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
It is updated once every day. The last update was on 27 May 2024.
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Top 13 Trending Mathematica Projects

  • hopsan

    Hopsan is a free multi-domain system simulation tool developed at the division of Fluid and mechatronic systems at Linköping university.

  • WolframLanguageForJupyter

    Wolfram Language kernel for Jupyter notebooks

  • Arrival-Movie-Live-Coding

    Documents from a live coding session by Christopher Wolfram related to content from the 2016 film Arrival

  • feyncalc

    Mathematica package for algebraic calculations in elementary particle physics.

  • Research

    Blockchain Commons Research papers (by BlockchainCommons)

  • ShaderGraph-Custom-Lighting

    A sample project showcasing a simple method to calculate custom lighting inside of Shader Graph for the Lightweight Render Pipeline. Includes a sample toon shaded scene and example assets. Built for Unity 2019.2 .

  • CCOInsights

    Welcome to the Continuous Cloud Optimization Power BI Dashboard GitHub Project. In this repository you will find all the guidance and files needed to deploy the Dashboard in your environment to take benefit of a single pane of glass to get insights about your Azure resources and services.

  • maya-usd

    A common USD (Universal Scene Description) plugin for Autodesk Maya

  • RealSolarSystem

    Changes KSP's solar system to make it like the real one.

  • FXyz

    A JavaFX 3D Visualization and Component Library

  • unity-actions

    Github actions for testing and building Unity projects

  • NASA-3D-Resources

    Here you'll find a growing collection of 3D models, textures, and images from inside NASA.

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source Mathematica projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 hopsan 4.2%
2 WolframLanguageForJupyter 2.7%
3 Arrival-Movie-Live-Coding 2.7%
4 VideoFlashingReduction 2.3%
5 feyncalc 2.0%
6 Research 1.8%
7 ShaderGraph-Custom-Lighting 1.5%
8 CCOInsights 1.4%
9 maya-usd 1.4%
10 RealSolarSystem 0.8%
11 FXyz 0.3%
12 unity-actions 0.0%
13 NASA-3D-Resources 0.0%