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  • GitHub repo julia

    The Julia Programming Language

    Project mention: The Must-Have Neovim Plugins for Julia | dev.to | 2022-01-20

    Julia is a high-level, high-performance and dynamic programming language that is designed to be fast and easy to write like a scripting language. Over the years, the language has gained some popularity, mostly data science and the academe. Many of its features is well suited for numerical analysis and computational science. If you want to try Julia, you can download the release version at https://julialang.org. For platform specific instructions, you can go here https://julialang.org/downloads/platform

  • GitHub repo Pluto.jl

    🎈 Simple reactive notebooks for Julia

    Project mention: Numbering in REPL like IPython? | reddit.com/r/Julia | 2022-01-20

    You could also look into Pluto notebooks or IJulia.

  • Scout APM

    Less time debugging, more time building. Scout APM allows you to find and fix performance issues with no hassle. Now with error monitoring and external services monitoring, Scout is a developer's best friend when it comes to application development.

  • GitHub repo DifferentialEquations.jl

    Multi-language suite for high-performance solvers of differential equations and scientific machine learning (SciML) components

    Project mention: When is julia getting proper precompilation? | reddit.com/r/Julia | 2021-12-10

    It's not faith, and it's not all from Julia itself. https://github.com/SciML/DifferentialEquations.jl/issues/785 should reduce compile times of what OP mentioned for example.

  • GitHub repo Gadfly.jl

    Crafty statistical graphics for Julia.

    Project mention: Can I say Makie and Vegalite is the best pure Julia data visulization library yet? | reddit.com/r/Julia | 2021-11-28

    I haven't heard anything about that. They had their latest release in October, 2021 according to GitHub (but I don't follow it very closely, so maybe they have mentioned somewhere that they are winding down?).

  • GitHub repo JuMP.jl

    Modeling language for Mathematical Optimization (linear, mixed-integer, conic, semidefinite, nonlinear)

    Project mention: Julia macros | reddit.com/r/Julia | 2021-12-19

    Macros are very useful if you want to create Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), see https://github.com/jump-dev/JuMP.jl or if you want to transpile a subset of Julia to another language or say GPU code.

  • GitHub repo Genie.jl

    🧞The highly productive Julia web framework

    Project mention: is julia good for web dev? | reddit.com/r/Julia | 2021-07-28

    try this framework - https://github.com/genieframework/Genie.jl

  • GitHub repo Plots.jl

    Powerful convenience for Julia visualizations and data analysis

    Project mention: I really want to plot specific level(s) for my contour lines, but the contour function of Plots.jl doesn't accept a vector (or tuple) input of integers even when the documentation says that it can. Please Help. | reddit.com/r/Julia | 2021-08-23

    Ahh, ok. It looks like it's a known issue with the PlotlyJS backend to Plots: https://github.com/JuliaPlots/Plots.jl/issues/3356. Something to do with Plotly being unable to render arbitrary contour levels it seems.

  • OPS

    OPS - Build and Run Open Source Unikernels. Quickly and easily build and deploy open source unikernels in tens of seconds. Deploy in any language to any cloud.

  • GitHub repo Makie.jl

    High level plotting on the GPU.

    Project mention: Makie.jl | news.ycombinator.com | 2022-01-05
  • GitHub repo MLJ.jl

    A Julia machine learning framework

    Project mention: Python vs Julia | reddit.com/r/Julia | 2021-08-03

    You should definitely go with Julia. It has steeper learning curve than python, but it is way more powerful. As for the ecosystem, you shouldn't worry about that much: DataFrames.jl and friends is way better than pandas, MLJ.jl (https://github.com/alan-turing-institute/MLJ.jl) and FastAI.jl(https://github.com/FluxML/FastAI.jl) are great frameworks for regular ML and deepnet. And if at any point you get a feeling that you need some python library, you can always plug it in with PyCall.jl(https://github.com/JuliaPy/PyCall.jl).

  • GitHub repo DataFrames.jl

    In-memory tabular data in Julia

    Project mention: What would it take to recreate dplyr in Python? | news.ycombinator.com | 2022-01-17
  • GitHub repo PyCall.jl

    Package to call Python functions from the Julia language

    Project mention: Why is Python so used in the machine learning? | reddit.com/r/learnpython | 2021-12-28

    That said, you can run python modules in Julia. So you can just export your code as a module and then use it in Julia via the PyCall package. short description here github here

  • GitHub repo Zygote.jl

    Intimate Affection Auditor

    Project mention: Neural networks with automatic differentiation. | reddit.com/r/Julia | 2021-04-13

    Also check out https://github.com/FluxML/Zygote.jl which is the AD engine

  • GitHub repo PackageCompiler.jl

    Compile your Julia Package

    Project mention: Which programming language or compiler is faster | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-12-18

    This is total misinformation, sorry. Julia may, depending on your setup, be slow to initially load, but the compiler is quite fast generally.

    Also, there's a solution to precompile binaries with no JIT penalty...



  • GitHub repo AlphaZero.jl

    A generic, simple and fast implementation of Deepmind's AlphaZero algorithm.

    Project mention: Show HN: ChessCoach – A neural chess engine that comments on each player's moves | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-10-05

    Could using something like AlphaZero.jl make it more efficient?


  • GitHub repo BeautifulAlgorithms.jl

    Concise and beautiful algorithms written in Julia

    Project mention: Concise and beautiful algorithms written in Julia | reddit.com/r/patient_hackernews | 2021-07-09
  • GitHub repo ModelingToolkit.jl

    A modeling framework for automatically parallelized scientific machine learning (SciML) in Julia. A computer algebra system for integrated symbolics for physics-informed machine learning and automated transformations of differential equations

    Project mention: Julia 1.7 has been released | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-11-30


    That's all showing the raw iteration count to show that it algorithmically is faster, but the time per iteration is also fast for many reasons showcased in the SciMLBenchmarks routinely outperforming C and Fortran solvers (https://github.com/SciML/SciMLBenchmarks.jl). So it's excelling pretty well, and things like the automated discovery of black hole dynamics are all done using the universal differential equation framework enabled by the SciML tools (see https://arxiv.org/abs/2102.12695 for that application).

    What we are missing however is that, right now these simulations are all writing raw differential equations so we do need a better set of modeling tools. That said, MuJoCo and DiffTaichi are not great physical modeling environments for building real systems, instead we would point to Simulink and Modelica as what are really useful for building real-world systems. So it would be cool if there was a modeling language in Julia which extends that universe and directly does optimal code generation for the Julia solvers... and that's what ModelingToolkit.jl is (https://github.com/SciML/ModelingToolkit.jl). That project is still pretty new, but there's already enough to show some large-scale models outperforming Dymola on examples that require symbolic tearing and index reduction, which is far more than what physical simulation environments used for non-scientific purposes (MuJoCo and DiffTaichi) are able to do. See the workshop for details (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEVOgSLBzWA). And that's just the top level details, there's a whole Julia Computing product called JuliaSim (https://juliacomputing.com/products/juliasim/) which is then being built on these pieces to do things like automatically generate ML-accelerated components and add model building GUIs.

    That said, MuJoCo and DiffTaichi have much better visualizations and animations than MTK. Our focus so far has been on the core routines, making them fast, scalable, stable, and extensive. You'll need to wait for the near future (or build something with Makie) if you want the pretty pictures of the robot to happen automatically. That said, Julia's Makie visualization system has already been shown to be sufficiently powerful for this kind of application (https://nextjournal.com/sdanisch/taking-your-robot-for-a-wal...), so we're excited to see where that will go in the future.

  • GitHub repo StatsWithJuliaBook

    Project mention: Best resources for an R programmer to learn Julia? | reddit.com/r/Julia | 2021-11-06
  • GitHub repo TensorFlow.jl

    A Julia wrapper for TensorFlow

    Project mention: Flux vs. TensorFlow | reddit.com/r/Julia | 2021-06-16

    My understanding is that Tensorflow.jl does not wrap the Python library, but the underlying C implementation. So it was an alternative to the Python version, not just a wrapper of it, and this gave it some advantages: https://github.com/malmaud/TensorFlow.jl/blob/master/docs/src/why_julia.md

  • GitHub repo UnicodePlots.jl

    Unicode-based scientific plotting for working in the terminal

    Project mention: tplot: a library to create text-based plots in the terminal | reddit.com/r/Python | 2022-01-07
  • GitHub repo Distributions.jl

    A Julia package for probability distributions and associated functions.

    Project mention: Does a Julia package have to live in a separate file? | reddit.com/r/Julia | 2021-03-16

    See the Distributions.jl package for an example .jl file structure: https://github.com/JuliaStats/Distributions.jl/tree/master/src

  • GitHub repo model-zoo

    Please do not feed the models

    Project mention: Are there anyway to translate IPA to English? atleast, IPA text to pronounce sound | reddit.com/r/linguistics | 2021-09-02

    If your task is limited to isolated words or words that are separated by spaces, you can reverse the [CMU Pronouncing Dictionary](www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/cgi-bin/cmudict). In a programmatic environment with a dictionary/hash map, you will need to have the values be an extensible list of some sort to account for homophones. You could also train an ML model to convert phonemes to graphemes, like reversing this neural network model.

  • GitHub repo Cxx.jl

    The Julia C++ Interface

    Project mention: Does Julia support sending UDP multicasting? | reddit.com/r/Julia | 2021-05-20

    I'm still on using 1.3 because Cxx only compiles with 1.3 https://github.com/JuliaInterop/Cxx.jl

  • GitHub repo Weave.jl

    Scientific reports/literate programming for Julia

    Project mention: Crash Course Category Theory – C3T | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-12-21
NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2022-01-20.

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What are some of the best open-source Julium projects in Julia? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 julia 37,897
2 Pluto.jl 3,541
3 DifferentialEquations.jl 2,060
4 Gadfly.jl 1,727
5 JuMP.jl 1,621
6 Genie.jl 1,515
7 Plots.jl 1,449
8 Makie.jl 1,311
9 MLJ.jl 1,291
10 DataFrames.jl 1,254
11 PyCall.jl 1,126
12 Zygote.jl 1,124
13 PackageCompiler.jl 1,004
14 AlphaZero.jl 951
15 BeautifulAlgorithms.jl 947
16 ModelingToolkit.jl 926
17 StatsWithJuliaBook 912
18 TensorFlow.jl 855
19 UnicodePlots.jl 848
20 Distributions.jl 818
21 model-zoo 708
22 Cxx.jl 676
23 Weave.jl 659
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