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  • You-Dont-Need-Lodash-Underscore

    List of JavaScript methods which you can use natively + ESLint Plugin

    Project mention: I once tried not to use date-fns | | 2022-07-18

    In one of my team's Pull Requests I noticed date-fns being added as dependency for our components library for one usage: transform a timestamp to "MM/yy" string, as it represented a debit card's expiration date. Inspired by You don't (may not) need lodash/underscore, I thought to myself - can't we just implement a 2-digit month and 2-digit year formatting? It looks simple, right?

  • XO

    ❤️ JavaScript/TypeScript linter (ESLint wrapper) with great defaults

    Project mention: Code Review chronicles: destructuring, linting and one valid reason for Typescript | | 2022-01-18

    The developer told me we could not do that because the linter we are using. (XO)[] started complaining.

  • Appwrite

    Appwrite - The Open Source Firebase alternative introduces iOS support . Appwrite is an open source backend server that helps you build native iOS applications much faster with realtime APIs for authentication, databases, files storage, cloud functions and much more!

  • eslint-plugin-import

    ESLint plugin with rules that help validate proper imports.

    Project mention: Group & sort imports with EsLint | | 2022-07-26
  • eslint-plugin-vue

    Official ESLint plugin for Vue.js

    Project mention: Do you use v-else? | | 2022-06-16
  • eslint-plugin-unicorn

    More than 100 powerful ESLint rules

    Project mention: es-lint rule to force arrow functions as callbacks | | 2022-07-09
  • eslint-plugin-prettier

    ESLint plugin for Prettier formatting

    Project mention: Why use prettier if ESLint can format? | | 2022-07-27

    Another approach that you can also take is a sort of "prettier as an ESLint plugin" option, such with eslint-plugin-prettier. The idea is that the developer only needs to run one tool (ESLint), but you add a plugin to ESLint that just calls prettier and converts the prettier error messages to ESLint error messages. I've worked at companies that have used this approach, and it makes setting up your editor/IDE very simple, because you've only got one tool to configure. That said, I personally don't like it because it forces you to use ESLint's "auto fix" functionality, which I find works well for formatting, but IME less well for some of the other lints.

  • eslint-plugin-simple-import-sort

    Easy autofixable import sorting.

    Project mention: Group & sort imports with EsLint | | 2022-07-26

    There's also this if you want more control:

  • Scout APM

    Less time debugging, more time building. Scout APM allows you to find and fix performance issues with no hassle. Now with error monitoring and external services monitoring, Scout is a developer's best friend when it comes to application development.

  • eslint-plugin-node

    Additional ESLint's rules for Node.js

    Project mention: 14 Linting Rules To Help You Write Asynchronous Code in JavaScript | | 2022-03-25

    The following rules are additional ESLint rules for Node.js provided by the eslint-plugin-node plugin. To use them, you need to install and add the plugin to the plugins array in your .eslintrc configuration file.

  • eslint-plugin-react-native

    React Native plugin for ESLint

    Project mention: How do you track unused styles in a component? | | 2022-05-29
  • eslint-plugin-tailwindcss

    ESLint plugin for Tailwind CSS usage

    Project mention: Streamlining your Tailwind CSS workflow with ESLint + Prettier | | 2022-07-13

    eslint-plugin-tailwindcss for ESLint

  • eslint-config-auto

    Automatically configure ESLint based on project dependencies

  • putout

    🐊 Pluggable and configurable code transformer with built-in ESLint, Babel plugins support for js, jsx typescript, flow, markdown, yaml and json

    Project mention: Modern, faster alternatives to ESLint | | 2022-05-03

    Due to its plugin-first architecture, the initial API is kept as lean as possible, preventing unnecessary bloat and allowing the developer the choice of extension. Some plugin rules are also smaller than those available in ESLint, e.g., the debugger rule. We can also use Putout with ESLint by allowing Putout to handle code transformations while ESLint handles any formatting broken after the code transformation. We can use the plugin eslint-plugin-putout to help with this integration.

  • eslint-plugin-svelte3

    An ESLint plugin for Svelte v3 components.

  • eslint-plugin-boundaries

    Eslint plugin checking architecture boundaries between elements

  • eslint-plugin-ember

    An ESLint plugin that provides set of rules for Ember applications based on commonly known good practices.

    Project mention: [AskJS] How heavy do you lean into TypeScript? | | 2021-12-12

    Here's the ticket I created. It's not adding types, it's doing something else. I was more talking about the general idea of automated changes to my code.

  • eslint-plugin-no-unsanitized

    Custom ESLint rule to disallows unsafe innerHTML, outerHTML, insertAdjacentHTML and alike

  • eslint-plugin-i18n-json

    Fully extendable eslint plugin for JSON i18n translation files.

    Project mention: How do you manage translation files ? | | 2021-12-06

    If you don't want to write it yourself and you use eslint, you can check out eslint-plugin-i18n-json, it seems to do what you're looking for with i18n-json/identical-keys.

  • eslint-plugin-proper-ternary

    ESLint rules to ensure proper usage of ternary/conditional expressions

  • eslint-plugin-no-secrets

    An eslint plugin to find strings that might be secrets/credentials

    Project mention: Show HN: No Secrets Quickly find sensitive files in your GitHub repo | | 2022-05-28

    For people in the JS ecosystem theres this eslint rule:

  • eslint-plugin-lwc

    Official ESLint rules for LWC

    Project mention: Static Analysis with ESLint and LWC | | 2022-02-03

    Run npm install to download the project’s dependencies. ESLint is among them, but you’re also getting LWC specific ESLint plugins. We’ll go into more details on these below!

  • eslint-plugin-snakecasejs

    :pencil2: ESLint Plugin: enforce snake_case syntax on variables and function names

  • eslint-plugin-react-hooks-addons

    ESLint rule to check unused and potentially unnecessary dependencies in useEffect hook.

    Project mention: ESLint rule to check unused dependencies in React Hooks | | 2021-12-13

    Here is the GitHub repo:

  • eslint-plugin-big-number-rules

    Enforce (or automatically fix) finance-safe calculations using BigNumber or similar libraries.

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