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  • javascript

    JavaScript Style Guide

    Project mention: Unleash the Power of Java: A JavaScript Developer's Guide to Best Practices in Java Development | | 2023-02-05

    In comparison, JavaScript doesn't have a strict coding standard, although it does have widely accepted code style guides like the Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide and the JavaScript Standard Style. These guides provide recommendations for code formatting and naming conventions, but they are not as strictly enforced as the Java coding standard.

  • nodebestpractices

    :white_check_mark: The Node.js best practices list (November 2022)

    Project mention: Awesome Github Repos to Master JAVASCRIPT | | 2023-02-03

    😎 A great list that will increase your Node.js knowledge with practice -> nodebestpractices

  • Appwrite

    Appwrite - The Open Source Firebase alternative introduces iOS support . Appwrite is an open source backend server that helps you build native iOS applications much faster with realtime APIs for authentication, databases, files storage, cloud functions and much more!

  • webpack

    A bundler for javascript and friends. Packs many modules into a few bundled assets. Code Splitting allows for loading parts of the application on demand. Through "loaders", modules can be CommonJs, AMD, ES6 modules, CSS, Images, JSON, Coffeescript, LESS, ... and your custom stuff.

    Project mention: React setup without create-react-app | | 2023-02-05

    if you want to learn more about webpack just go to this website explore it and see more settings in webpack.

  • 33-js-concepts

    📜 33 JavaScript concepts every developer should know.

    Project mention: Awesome Github Repos to Master JAVASCRIPT | | 2023-02-03

    😎 A list of concepts that JS developers must know -> 33-js-concepts

  • parcel

    The zero configuration build tool for the web. 📦🚀

    Project mention: Django and Tailwind | | 2023-02-05

    FWIW, I'm using and to handle collecting and building the static assets for .js (Alpine and HTMX) and .css (Tailwind). I found it cleaner separation of concerns to let the JavaScript tooling manage the JavaScript dependencies, and have been happy with the performance and flexibility of this approach.

  • Standard

    🌟 JavaScript Style Guide, with linter & automatic code fixer

    Project mention: Dumb question | | 2023-02-07

    For example, if you use - it will error on your second code snippet and if you ask it for an autofix - it will transfer the minus sign to the first line.

  • core-js

    Standard Library

    Project mention: React App to Cloudflare pages | | 2022-12-06

    2022-12-06T18:41:00.959849Z Cloning repository...2022-12-06T18:41:02.815284Z From\[usernameredacted\]/new-aoo2022-12-06T18:41:02.815923Z * branch 5f6b68455e706e576987bc391ce07105f7b2c7fb -> FETCH_HEAD2022-12-06T18:41:02.81609Z 2022-12-06T18:41:02.877603Z HEAD is now at 5f6b684 tfshit upload2022-12-06T18:41:02.878271Z 2022-12-06T18:41:03.019258Z 2022-12-06T18:41:03.046233Z Success: Finished cloning repository files2022-12-06T18:41:03.801497Z Installing dependencies2022-12-06T18:41:03.812099Z Python version set to 2.72022-12-06T18:41:07.31667Z v12.18.0 is already installed.2022-12-06T18:41:08.513786Z Now using node v12.18.0 (npm v6.14.4)2022-12-06T18:41:08.753991Z Started restoring cached build plugins2022-12-06T18:41:08.768379Z Finished restoring cached build plugins2022-12-06T18:41:09.28935Z Attempting ruby version 2.7.1, read from environment2022-12-06T18:41:12.86321Z Using ruby version 2.7.12022-12-06T18:41:13.215241Z Using PHP version 5.62022-12-06T18:41:13.37655Z 5.2 is already installed.2022-12-06T18:41:13.402496Z Using Swift version 5.22022-12-06T18:41:13.40292Z Started restoring cached node modules2022-12-06T18:41:13.417198Z Finished restoring cached node modules2022-12-06T18:41:13.652891Z Installing NPM modules using NPM version 6.14.42022-12-06T18:41:14.613296Z npm WARN read-shrinkwrap This version of npm is compatible with [email protected], but package-lock.json was generated for [email protected] I'll try to do my best with it!2022-12-06T18:41:37.330343Z 2022-12-06T18:41:37.330684Z > [email protected] postinstall /opt/buildhome/repo/node_modules/core-js2022-12-06T18:41:37.330831Z > node -e "try{require('./postinstall')}catch(e){}"2022-12-06T18:41:37.330955Z 2022-12-06T18:41:37.444265Z [96mThank you for using core-js ([94m [96m) for polyfilling JavaScript standard library![0m2022-12-06T18:41:37.444582Z 2022-12-06T18:41:37.4455Z [96mThe project needs your help! Please consider supporting of core-js:[0m2022-12-06T18:41:37.445659Z [96m>[94m [0m2022-12-06T18:41:37.445795Z [96m>[94m [0m2022-12-06T18:41:37.445921Z [96m>[94m bitcoin: bc1qlea7544qtsmj2rayg0lthvza9fau63ux0fstcz [0m2022-12-06T18:41:37.446039Z 2022-12-06T18:41:37.44616Z [96mAlso, the author of core-js ([94m [96m) is looking for a good job -)[0m2022-12-06T18:41:37.446274Z 2022-12-06T18:41:37.457266Z 2022-12-06T18:41:37.457505Z > [email protected] postinstall /opt/buildhome/repo/node_modules/core-js-pure2022-12-06T18:41:37.457644Z > node -e "try{require('./postinstall')}catch(e){}"2022-12-06T18:41:37.457771Z 2022-12-06T18:41:38.733458Z npm WARN optional SKIPPING OPTIONAL DEPENDENCY: [email protected] (node_modules/fsevents):2022-12-06T18:41:38.733794Z npm WARN notsup SKIPPING OPTIONAL DEPENDENCY: Unsupported platform for [email protected]: wanted {"os":"darwin","arch":"any"} (current: {"os":"linux","arch":"x64"})2022-12-06T18:41:38.734127Z 2022-12-06T18:41:38.741387Z added 1464 packages from 688 contributors and audited 1465 packages in 24.173s2022-12-06T18:41:39.516005Z 2022-12-06T18:41:39.516337Z 211 packages are looking for funding2022-12-06T18:41:39.516484Z run `npm fund` for details2022-12-06T18:41:39.516649Z 2022-12-06T18:41:39.516784Z found 10 vulnerabilities (8 high, 2 critical)2022-12-06T18:41:39.516907Z run `npm audit fix` to fix them, or `npm audit` for details2022-12-06T18:41:39.553927Z NPM modules installed2022-12-06T18:41:39.955015Z Installing Hugo 0.54.02022-12-06T18:41:40.744418Z Hugo Static Site Generator v0.54.0-B1A82C61A/extended linux/amd64 BuildDate: 2019-02-01T10:04:38Z2022-12-06T18:41:40.748608Z Started restoring cached go cache2022-12-06T18:41:40.768199Z Finished restoring cached go cache2022-12-06T18:41:40.920764Z go version go1.14.4 linux/amd642022-12-06T18:41:40.936001Z go version go1.14.4 linux/amd642022-12-06T18:41:40.938689Z Installing missing commands2022-12-06T18:41:40.938945Z Verify run directory2022-12-06T18:41:40.939271Z Executing user command: npm run build2022-12-06T18:41:41.289989Z 2022-12-06T18:41:41.290307Z > [email protected] build /opt/buildhome/repo2022-12-06T18:41:41.290476Z > react-scripts build2022-12-06T18:41:41.290611Z 2022-12-06T18:41:43.635216Z Creating an optimized production build...2022-12-06T18:41:57.570612Z Failed to compile.2022-12-06T18:41:57.571843Z 2022-12-06T18:41:57.572572Z [eslint] 2022-12-06T18:41:57.573071Z src/contents/RSS/RSS.jsx2022-12-06T18:41:57.573268Z Syntax error: Unexpected token, expected "," (43:4) (43:4)2022-12-06T18:41:57.573408Z 2022-12-06T18:41:57.573987Z 2022-12-06T18:41:57.604682Z npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE2022-12-06T18:41:57.604992Z npm ERR! errno 12022-12-06T18:41:57.60559Z npm ERR! [email protected] build: `react-scripts build`2022-12-06T18:41:57.605792Z npm ERR! Exit status 12022-12-06T18:41:57.605945Z npm ERR! 2022-12-06T18:41:57.606094Z npm ERR! Failed at the [email protected] build script.2022-12-06T18:41:57.606242Z npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above.2022-12-06T18:41:57.629791Z 2022-12-06T18:41:57.63006Z npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:2022-12-06T18:41:57.63021Z npm ERR! /opt/buildhome/.npm/_logs/2022-12-06T18_41_57_606Z-debug.log2022-12-06T18:41:57.638032Z Failed: build command exited with code: 12022-12-06T18:41:58.614054Z Failed: an internal error occurred

  • Sonar

    Write Clean JavaScript Code. Always.. Sonar helps you commit clean code every time. With over 300 unique rules to find JavaScript bugs, code smells & vulnerabilities, Sonar finds the issues while you focus on the work.

  • draggable

    The JavaScript Drag & Drop library your grandparents warned you about.

    Project mention: How to create a Drag and Drop quiz like this? | | 2022-11-14

    For vanilla js maybe something like or

  • electron-vue

    An Electron & Vue.js quick start boilerplate with vue-cli scaffolding, common Vue plugins, electron-packager/electron-builder, unit/e2e testing, vue-devtools, and webpack.

    Project mention: How to Use MQTT in The Electron Project | | 2022-06-19


  • es6-cheatsheet

    ES2015 [ES6] cheatsheet containing tips, tricks, best practices and code snippets

    Project mention: Cool Github repositories for Everyone | | 2022-12-29
  • x-spreadsheet

    A web-based JavaScript(canvas) spreadsheet

    Project mention: jsgrids - Spreadsheet and data grid libraries for JavaScript | | 2022-10-28

    Is "NPM Weekly Downloads" really useful for browser libraries? is very popular and missing from this list. Docs recommend using UNPKG. UNPKG caches npm so usage does not count towards the npm download count.

  • wp-calypso

    The JavaScript and API powered

  • Traceur compiler

    Traceur is a compiler

    Project mention: .map() a Javascript ES6 Map? | | 2022-04-02

    I am aware of wu.js, but I'm running a Babel project and don't want to include Traceur, which it seems like it currently depends on.

  • two.js

    A renderer agnostic two-dimensional drawing api for the web.

    Project mention: Trying to build a front end interactive browser or app experience where touch to screen simulates a visual heat map. | | 2022-11-25

    Javascript touch events paired with WebGL would be the route I’d go. There are some really great libraries for WebGL (twojs) or working with SVG (mojs) if you want to keep it simple

  • terser

    🗜 JavaScript parser, mangler and compressor toolkit for ES6+

    Project mention: React Native CI/CD build speed improved by 22% with one line of code | | 2023-01-20

    Every release build of React Native uses terser to reduce the size of your JavaScript. And it operation can be omitted for Staging/Beta builds.

  • madge

    Create graphs from your CommonJS, AMD or ES6 module dependencies

    Project mention: Would anyone find a visual representation of their React component tree like this be helpful? | | 2022-05-06

    It would be interesting to somehow overlay this graph on top of the typescript import graph (generated by something like madge). I suspect it might highlight some poorly organized regions of the codebase, because it would be obvious which component trees depend on multiple clusters of files.

  • Glide.js

    A dependency-free JavaScript ES6 slider and carousel. It’s lightweight, flexible and fast. Designed to slide. No less, no more (by glidejs)

    Project mention: Backend dev with a frontend question | | 2022-07-14
  • Lebab

    Turn your ES5 code into readable ES6. Lebab does the opposite of what Babel does.

  • esm

    Tomorrow's ECMAScript modules today!

  • melonJS

    a fresh & lightweight javascript game engine

    Project mention: Final FLiP Stack Weekly of 2022 | | 2022-12-23
  • node-express-boilerplate

    A boilerplate for building production-ready RESTful APIs using Node.js, Express, and Mongoose

    Project mention: Example typescript project repos? | | 2022-10-27
  • JsBarcode

    Barcode generation library written in JavaScript that works in both the browser and on Node.js

    Project mention: Make your own temple recommend! | | 2022-04-06

    As discussed previously, the barcode is the key printed part of a TR as far as access control goes. Generating a barcode by hand is tedious, but computers can do it easily. In fact, there are a lot of free software libraries that will generate barcodes for you and allow you to customize pretty much every aspect of them. For this demo, I used the JsBarcode library, which can be imported directly into a webpage without needing to download anything:

  • You-Dont-Know-JS

    📗📒 (PT-Br translation) JS Book Series. (by cezaraugusto)

    Project mention: Indicação de livros sobre js | | 2022-11-19
  • InfluxDB

    Build time-series-based applications quickly and at scale.. InfluxDB is the Time Series Platform where developers build real-time applications for analytics, IoT and cloud-native services. Easy to start, it is available in the cloud or on-premises.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2023-02-07.

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What are some of the best open-source ES6 projects in JavaScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 javascript 131,322
2 nodebestpractices 86,002
3 webpack 62,478
4 33-js-concepts 54,762
5 parcel 41,938
6 Standard 27,881
7 core-js 17,941
8 draggable 16,626
9 electron-vue 15,173
10 es6-cheatsheet 13,220
11 x-spreadsheet 13,045
12 wp-calypso 12,172
13 Traceur compiler 8,172
14 two.js 7,929
15 terser 7,635
16 madge 6,988
17 Glide.js 6,743
18 Lebab 5,546
19 esm 5,217
20 melonJS 5,160
21 node-express-boilerplate 5,095
22 JsBarcode 4,784
23 You-Dont-Know-JS 4,704
Build time-series-based applications quickly and at scale.
InfluxDB is the Time Series Platform where developers build real-time applications for analytics, IoT and cloud-native services. Easy to start, it is available in the cloud or on-premises.