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  • bootstrap-datepicker

    A datepicker for twitter bootstrap (@twbs)

  • react-dates

    An easily internationalizable, mobile-friendly datepicker library for the web

  • Appwrite

    Appwrite - The open-source backend cloud platform. The open-source backend cloud platform for developing Web, Mobile, and Flutter applications. You can set up your backend faster with real-time APIs for authentication, databases, file storage, cloud functions, and much more!

  • daterangepicker

    JavaScript Date Range, Date and Time Picker Component

    Project mention: Ask HN: Have you built programming projects that now is your main income source? | | 2023-02-04

    Yes, that's how I've supported myself my entire life. I'm 38, and started programming when I was 12. I have created dozens of products/services/businesses over the past two decades, but only a few were successful enough to live off of:

    (1) launched in 2012, peaked at $45K MRR, and still makes about $25K MRR.

    (2) A collection of Shopify apps, which are tools or services people can add to a Shopify-hosted ecommerce store via Shopify's app store. Improvely has an app there, where I also offer apps for several other common ecommerce store needs: contact forms, newsletter opt-in forms, sale banners, social media icons, etc. Shopify handles the billing and passes through 100% of the revenue you earn up to $1 million per year, after which they take a percentage stake. I make a few thousand per month from their app store.

    (3) Google AdSense ads, primarily on the documentation sites for various open source libraries I wrote over the years. has been generating pretty consistent ad revenue for 10 years now for example, and I occasionally run into that library in the wild on all kinds of websites, from local businesses to the US government.

    After I got married and settled down a bit, I have honestly had less passion for programming than I had in my 20s and early 30s. I find myself using others' libraries, products and services more readily where I would have built my own solution to a problem in the past.

    But I've rekindled the maker/entrepreneur spirit by genre switching so to speak, from code to physical goods. I bought a bunch of production equipment, specialized printers, a laser cutter and engraver, 3D printer, heat press, etc. I now make what could be another full time income ($60K per year or so) selling custom signage to small businesses. For example, I spent yesterday designing then manufacturing a couple dozen custom coasters for someone that owns two small hotel type properties in a ski resort area. The coasters have their wifi SSID/password and a QR code on them that connects a guest to their wifi when scanned.

  • Pikaday

    A refreshing JavaScript Datepicker — lightweight, no dependencies, modular CSS

    Project mention: Is there any simple datepicker package that allows to select year/month with a dropdown? (like jQuery UI) | /r/webdev | 2023-01-26

    There are bootstrap date pickers, for example, but it requires JQuery. There's also a very lightweight library, Pickaday ( Theres no shortage of controls out there, you just need to balance weight and dependencies vs. the features you are looking for.

  • pickadate.js

    The mobile-friendly, responsive, and lightweight jQuery date & time input picker.

  • apps-script-samples

    Apps Script samples for Google Workspace products.

    Project mention: Ask HN: Should I move away from JavaScript based skillset because of saturation? | | 2023-08-10

    I am not a JS developer, but in some tech areas there are niches with relatively fewer developers competing for the same position.

    I don't know if this is actually a niche, but since I don't see it mentioned frequently on HN, perhaps you could have a look at Google Apps Script [0], which is basically JS for automating and extending Google Docs (Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides), and integrating them into GCP. Tons of companies have whole departments living inside Google Docs, so I imagine they would pay for software making their lives easier. I would but I currently don't have the budget for it, so I am writing short scripts myself. Curiously, Bard and ChatGPT produce really bad Apps Scripts code, which would be to your advantage.

    When I occasionally hire people, I do look at their repos to see how good they are in a specific language. Specifically, how easy to follow and idiomatic their code is, what the quality of their comments and documentation is, are there any tests, even if very rudimentary. I particularly enjoy original projects like home automation, custom keyboard firmware, an alternative Netflix UI, a ggplot extension, a basic Python wrapper for some overly-complicated API vs. your typical to-do app or yet another analysis of the Bike Sharing dataset. I don't expect all people to have public repos or FLOSS contributions because not everyone has the time for that. However, if you wanted to demonstrate skills in a technology you haven't used professionally, I think it is a good idea.


  • react-infinite-calendar

    ✨ Infinite scrolling date-picker built with React, with localization, range selection, themes, keyboard support, and more.

  • Sonar

    Write Clean JavaScript Code. Always.. Sonar helps you commit clean code every time. With over 300 unique rules to find JavaScript bugs, code smells & vulnerabilities, Sonar finds the issues while you focus on the work.

  • rome

    :calendar: Customizable date (and time) picker. Opt-in UI, no jQuery!

  • air-datepicker

    Lightweight, dependency-free JavaScript datepicker.

    Project mention: What is the best library to allow Dates Range picking ? | /r/sveltejs | 2023-02-06

    Haven't tried this one, but it looks promising:

  • fullcalendar-react

    The official React Component for FullCalendar

    Project mention: How can i do this with react ? | /r/webdev | 2022-11-07

    Use full calendar which has a react component:

  • github-spray

    :octocat: Draw on your GitHub contribution graph ░▒▓█

    Project mention: iFinallyDidIt | /r/ProgrammerHumor | 2023-06-24
  • laydate

    一款被广泛使用的高级 Web 日历组件,完全开源无偿且颜值与功能兼备,足以应对日期相关的各种业务场景

  • DuckieTV

    A web application built with AngularJS to track your favorite tv-shows with semi-automagic torrent integration

    Project mention: add a torrent search engine to to the app | /r/duckietv | 2023-06-01

    The only way to add a search engine to Dtv is to use it in combination with the Jackett app. The wiki at gives details.

  • react-native-calendar-strip

    Easy to use and visually stunning calendar component for React Native.

  • calendar

    📆 Calendar app for Nextcloud (by nextcloud)

    Project mention: NC Calendar | /r/NextCloud | 2023-06-05

    I do not think this is currently possible since the Nextcloud web app doesn't suppirt sharing subscribed web calendars. See here:

  • TimeOff.Management

    Simple yet powerful absence management software for small and medium size business (community edition)

    Project mention: Vacation and day off tracker | /r/selfhosted | 2023-04-19
  • linked

    🧾 Daily journaling without distraction. An easy, distraction-free way to record your thoughts, declutter your mind and keep the things you want to remember. Join the discord at

    Project mention: Does anyone have any study tips to stay focused for exams | /r/productivity | 2023-04-19

    Track your entire study schedule. I use an app called Stoic for the mac to jounal and track my studies in that journal but u can also use something like too.

  • CalendarPicker

    CalendarPicker Component for React Native

  • AgenDAV

    A CalDAV web client similar to Google Calendar

    Project mention: Projects ideas | /r/learnprogramming | 2023-07-12

    I ended up using agendav but its quite limited and adding people to calendars is a bit janky.

  • react-timeline-gantt

    A react Timeline component with virtual rendering

  • Obsidian-Tasks-Calendar

    A custom view build with Obsidian-Dataview to display tasks from Obsidian-Tasks and from your daily notes in a highly customisable calendar with a wide variety of views

    Project mention: Trying out a new look for my vault | /r/ObsidianMD | 2023-05-23

    Tasks Calendar

  • time-to-leave

    Log work hours and get notified when it's time to leave the office and start to live.

  • datepicker

    Get a date with JavaScript! A datepicker with no dependencies. (by qodesmith)

  • Revelo Payroll

    Free Global Payroll designed for tech teams. Building a great tech team takes more than a paycheck. Zero payroll costs, get AI-driven insights to retain best talent, and delight them with amazing local benefits. 100% free and compliant.

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What are some of the best open-source Calendar projects in JavaScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 bootstrap-datepicker 12,601
2 react-dates 12,161
3 daterangepicker 10,752
4 Pikaday 7,955
5 pickadate.js 7,718
6 apps-script-samples 4,061
7 react-infinite-calendar 3,933
8 rome 2,914
9 air-datepicker 2,374
10 fullcalendar-react 1,679
11 github-spray 1,255
12 laydate 1,112
13 DuckieTV 1,079
14 react-native-calendar-strip 885
15 calendar 875
16 TimeOff.Management 857
17 linked 751
18 CalendarPicker 743
19 AgenDAV 594
20 react-timeline-gantt 502
21 Obsidian-Tasks-Calendar 398
22 time-to-leave 397
23 datepicker 327
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