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Top 23 JavaScript GraphQL Projects

  • GitHub repo Gatsby

    Build blazing fast, modern apps and websites with React

    Project mention: TIL: How to set security headers for Gatsby Develop | | 2021-09-25

    There might come a time that you want to run your Gatsby app with security headers in development. To do this, you can utilize advanced proxying. Gatsby has a way to expose the Express.js development server it uses to run the app whenever you use gatsby develop. This way you can add Express middleware.

  • GitHub repo prettier

    Prettier is an opinionated code formatter.

    Project mention: Setup ESLINT and PRETTIER in React app | | 2021-09-25

    Prettier is an opinionated code formatter which is compatible with most of the languages. It saves a lot of time. It quickly indents our code on save (depends on VSCode/editor settings).

  • Syncfusion

    Build stunning web applications quickly using Syncfusion JavaScript UI controls.. The Syncfusion JavaScript suite offers more than 65 cross-platform, responsive, and lightweight JS/HTML5 UI controls for building modern web applications.

  • GitHub repo Strapi

    🚀 Open source Node.js Headless CMS to easily build customisable APIs

    Project mention: Building an Invoice Generator App with Next.js, Strapi & Tailwind CSS | | 2021-09-21

    This section will focus on scaffolding our Strapi project, creating our invoices collections, and then making them accessible to our frontend application.

  • GitHub repo parse-server

    API server module for Node/Express

    Project mention: Firebase Alternative for iOS | | 2021-09-04

    You could self-host a Parse instance:

  • GitHub repo insomnia

    The open-source, cross-platform API client for GraphQL, REST, and gRPC.

    Project mention: Testing gRPC services - request collections and modern load testing | | 2021-09-25

    Of course Postman isn't the only tool in the space, and one of the wonderful alternatives is Insomnia. While Postman has become somewhat bloated over time, Insomnia pitches, among the other things, simplicity and elegance and in fact delivers on those. I've personally used for quite some time with REST APIs but only recently discovered that they've added gRPC support. Let's explore how it works.

  • GitHub repo Reaction Commerce

    Reaction is an API-first, headless commerce platform built using Node.js, React, GraphQL. Deployed via Docker and Kubernetes.

    Project mention: Best Node Js E Commerce Frameworks | | 2021-03-08 always looked promising to me.

  • GitHub repo dataloader

    DataLoader is a generic utility to be used as part of your application's data fetching layer to provide a consistent API over various backends and reduce requests to those backends via batching and caching.

    Project mention: Clojure-server to Clojure-server communication library | | 2021-09-17
  • Scout APM

    Scout APM: A developer's best friend. Try free for 14-days. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo spectrum

    Simple, powerful online communities.

    Project mention: Does anyone know any good open source projects that can be used as a reference for best practices? | | 2021-09-10
  • GitHub repo redwood

    Bringing full-stack to the Jamstack.

    Project mention: Frameworks War | | 2021-09-13


  • GitHub repo Telescope

    🌋 A toolkit to quickly build apps with React, GraphQL & Meteor

    Project mention: How the State of JS/CSS Surveys Are Run | | 2021-03-24

    This app is itself based on a full-stack JavaScript framework I created, Vulcan.js. It works well enough for now, but in the future the app might need to be refactored in order to handle more surveys in parallel.

  • GitHub repo Gridsome

    ⚡️ The Jamstack framework for Vue.js

    Project mention: Conheça o que são as siglas CSR, SSR e SSG | | 2021-08-27
  • GitHub repo vue-apollo

    🚀 Apollo/GraphQL integration for VueJS

    Project mention: Defining many controllers for a model for different API endpoints each requiring its own subset of fields of the model thus ensuring that DB querying is optimized and that no bandwidth is wasted serving up unnecessary data that is not to be rendered | | 2021-09-12

    Cool, if you do go with graphql, I'd recommend vue-apollo on the client end. Combine with @vue/apollo-composable and graphql-codegen and it feels like sorcery.

  • GitHub repo react-firebase-starter

    Boilerplate (seed) project for creating web apps with React.js, GraphQL.js and Relay

    Project mention: 12+ React Boilerplates & Starter Kits For Developers In 2021 | | 2021-05-11


  • GitHub repo graphqurl

    curl for GraphQL with autocomplete, subscriptions and GraphiQL. Also a dead-simple universal javascript GraphQL client.

    Project mention: Graphqurl - curl-like CLI for GraphQL | | 2021-06-01

    And the actual tool:

  • GitHub repo gatsby-starter-lumen

    A constantly evolving and thoughtful architecture for creating static blogs.

    Project mention: [TASK] Help needed with SSL_ERROR_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER_ALERT error on React website | | 2021-04-22

    The blog is based on this theme:

  • GitHub repo json-graphql-server

    Get a full fake GraphQL API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds.

    Project mention: What if LinkedIn was beautiful? | | 2021-03-19

    Before jumping into the interface, the first task in my To-Do list was to create an API able to serve the data in the structure that I would need them. I didn't need to create it from scratch using a real database since it wouldn't be necessary to insert/update or delete any data — I just needed an API returning all the data that I would use. To achieve that, I used the awesome package json-graphql-server which does an amazing job creating a GraphQL API with static data that can be stored in a simple JSON file on the server — I just realize that the package name does a pretty good job describing it.

  • GitHub repo graphql-hooks

    🎣 Minimal hooks-first GraphQL client

    Project mention: How we manage state using Apollo Client and React | | 2021-09-16

    Personally I'm a big fan of

  • GitHub repo graphql-relay-js

    A library to help construct a graphql-js server supporting react-relay.

    Project mention: Using relay-graphql-js with NestJS | | 2021-09-07

    While building GraphQL apis, if you need to stay compliant with relay server specifications you can use this relay-graphql library since it provides a bunch of helpers so you can avoid some boilerplate code, specially when dealing with pagination following the connection specifications.

  • GitHub repo thunder

    ⚡️ A Go framework for rapidly building powerful graphql services

    Project mention: What is the best or one of the best go library to implement a server based on Graphql? | | 2021-07-26

    I've never used it but there is also which seems quite nice. I'm personally using gqlgen however

  • GitHub repo create-eth-app

    Create Ethereum-powered apps with one command

    Project mention: How to Connect Ethers.js with Metamask - "await is only valid in async function" | | 2021-09-10

    Try taking a look at this boilerplate project and how it's done there:

  • GitHub repo graphql-upload

    Middleware and an Upload scalar to add support for GraphQL multipart requests (file uploads via queries and mutations) to various Node.js GraphQL servers.

    Project mention: Express application crashes when it is built with webpack | | 2021-08-12

    I am not sure if this actually a problem with graphql-upload or webpack or something else. I also noticed that my issue looks similar to this issue, but I didn't really understand if there were any fixes to that issue and if indeed it is the same issue I am facing.

  • GitHub repo mercurius

    Implement GraphQL servers and gateways with Fastify

    Project mention: a first look at graphQL helix | | 2021-09-20

    Daniel Rearden listed the following reasons pushing him to create Helix, believing that these factors were absent from popular solutions like Apollo Server, express-graphql and Mercurius:

  • GitHub repo create-social-network

    An educational project, demonstrating how to build a large scalable project with Javascript.

    Project mention: I need some ideas | | 2021-05-21
NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-09-25.


What are some of the best open-source GraphQL projects in JavaScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 Gatsby 51,388
2 prettier 40,646
3 Strapi 39,628
4 parse-server 18,926
5 insomnia 17,810
6 Reaction Commerce 11,484
7 dataloader 10,850
8 spectrum 10,112
9 redwood 9,163
10 Telescope 8,025
11 Gridsome 7,905
12 vue-apollo 5,458
13 react-firebase-starter 4,344
14 graphqurl 2,955
15 gatsby-starter-lumen 1,770
16 json-graphql-server 1,571
17 graphql-hooks 1,560
18 graphql-relay-js 1,388
19 thunder 1,379
20 create-eth-app 1,306
21 graphql-upload 1,189
22 mercurius 1,080
23 create-social-network 959
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