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  • GitHub repo bypass-paywalls-chrome

    Bypass Paywalls web browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

    Project mention: Can there be too many Bogleheads? | | 2021-10-17

    Yes he absolutely did. He thought it was a problem. I’m surprised nobody has posted this. Use this to read it …

  • GitHub repo headless-recorder

    Chrome extension that records your browser interactions and generates a Playwright or Puppeteer script.

    Project mention: Headless recorder is a Chrome extension that records your browser interactions and generates a Playwright or Puppeteer script. | | 2021-07-20
  • Syncfusion

    Syncfusion - See why our products are consistently getting 4.6 out of 5 stars by your peers.. Syncfusion Essential Studio for JavaScript is a modern UI control library built from the ground up to be lightweight, responsive, modular, and touch-friendly.

  • GitHub repo screenity

    The most powerful screen recorder & annotation tool for Chrome 🎥

    Project mention: Open Source Alternative to Loom [] | | 2021-08-02

    I extended the Screenity extension

  • GitHub repo medium-unlimited

    A browser extension to read articles for free without membership.

    Project mention: An alternative frontend to Medium | | 2021-10-13

    In this way you don't have as granular control. Use Medium Unlimited extension.

  • GitHub repo SingleFile

    Web Extension for Firefox/Chrome/MS Edge and CLI tool to save a faithful copy of an entire web page in a single HTML file

    Project mention: Should locally stored webpages adjust for the display size like they do on the "live web"? | | 2021-10-17

    I've saved some webpages with Singlefile -- a recommended addon, can be automated, in active development... supposedly high compatibility with websites. The pages I've saved in the past (such as a Wordpress blog recently) have displayed the (mobile and desktop) layouts accordingly, but shows the full-blown desktop site on Android, and vice versa (the mobile site on desktop).

  • GitHub repo buster

    Captcha solver extension for humans

    Project mention: Captcha | | 2021-09-26
  • GitHub repo stylus

    Stylus - Userstyles Manager (by openstyles)

    Project mention: To anyone who's ever worked on a game wiki: thank you | | 2021-09-26

    Highly recommend the Stylus Extension, which has a lot of user-created themes that improve sites. This one does pretty well to make Fandom sites usable (although it has issues with colors that make some pages/links absolutely unreadable, but that's a matter of wiki style clashing with user style).

  • Nanos

    Run Linux Software Faster and Safer than Linux with Unikernels.

  • GitHub repo Reddit-Enhancement-Suite

    Reddit Enhancement Suite

    Project mention: All Passive Masteries | | 2021-10-18

    With RES you can tag people yourself.

  • GitHub repo pangu.js

    Paranoid text spacing in JavaScript

    Project mention: 为什么你们就是不能加个空格呢? | | 2021-07-05
  • GitHub repo Retire.js

    scanner detecting the use of JavaScript libraries with known vulnerabilities

    Project mention: OWASP Top 10 for Developers: Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities | | 2021-09-14

    In order to prevent this issue, your organization needs to implement regular checks of your dependencies against the CVE database for known vulnerabilities, as well as establishing a process for keeping all dependencies up-to-date. Fortunately, much of this can be automated using vulnerability scanning tools, such as the OWASP Dependency Check, RetireJS, or Brakeman. Additional tools, such as WhiteSource's Renovate, provide a complete dependency management solution by automatically updating any found vulnerabilities. In addition to keeping dependencies updated, it's important to remove any dependencies that are no longer being used.

  • GitHub repo PT-Plugin-Plus

    PT 助手 Plus,为 Google Chrome 和 Firefox 浏览器插件(Web Extensions),主要用于辅助下载 PT 站的种子。

    Project mention: Software to combine/aggregate tracker searches? | | 2021-08-04

    Jackett for sure, but also worth mentioning

  • GitHub repo floccus

    :cloud: Sync your bookmarks across browsers via Nextcloud, WebDAV or Google Drive

    Project mention: Self hosting bookmarks? | | 2021-10-13

    I use floccus ( and just sync to a DAV share on my VPC. You can also sync to NextCloud...

  • GitHub repo privacybadger

    Privacy Badger is a browser extension that automatically learns to block invisible trackers.

    Project mention: home network security help needed. | | 2021-10-12

    Use privacy addons on your browser (PrivacyBadger, uMatrix, Decentraleyes, FB Container, Disconnect, etc), drop google for somethings else (like DDG, qwant, etc). Switch your emails from gmail to proton.

  • GitHub repo awesome-browser-extensions-for-github

    A collection of awesome browser extensions for GitHub.

    Project mention: Codeless Contributions with GitHub Issue Forms | | 2021-10-15

    I maintain a list of awesome browser extensions for GitHub. Every now and then I get a pull request to add a new extension to the list. Dealing with the pull request is sometimes a bit of a pain for both the contributor and me. Especially when the contribution guidelines are not met. Applying what we have learned with Issue Forms, we can simplify this process to one simple step.

  • GitHub repo githunt

    Hunt the most starred projects on any date on GitHub

    Project mention: Chrome extensions I use to enhance my GITHUB experience | | 2021-04-28

    ⭐ Github Repo | Chrome Extension

  • GitHub repo chromium-vim

    Vim bindings for Google Chrome.

    Project mention: 10 magical Chrome extensions for developers | | 2021-09-23

    link 👇

  • GitHub repo web-scrobbler

    Scrobble music all around the web!

    Project mention: Regex Pattern for Lastfm scrobbling / Converting .json | | 2021-10-14

    Since I switched to Soundcloud platform, i used to listen to music with shitty title and it just make it unreadable on last fm stats etc. On soundcloud many are like a youtube channel : some of them or just uploaders and they post a music named like - (like this : and some of them use their uploader name as the artist and just post a music with (like this :

    So my big problem (yeah i'm a kid and that's just music, but i like lastfm too) is to have a scrobbler that can detect when is it the case - (when there's a - find a way to seperate and say what is artist and title) and if not : the other case.

    I have web scrobbler on pc that exactly do this (+ editing tracks) : but all scrobbler on android are not good on this side.

    It may be an inordinate request and i'll understand if making an app is just too big to be done for free, but i hope someone will find me a solution :)

    Bye !

  • GitHub repo Universal-Bypass

    Don't waste your time with compliance. Universal Bypass circumvents annoying link shorteners.

    Project mention: PSA encodes reupload? | | 2021-09-26

    Make sure your adblocker is awesome (adblock plus and/or ublock origin) and that you use

  • GitHub repo github-hovercard

    Neat hovercards for GitHub.

    Project mention: Powering your GitHub | | 2021-10-01

    Repository - GitHub Hovercard

  • GitHub repo YouTube-Extension

    YouTube Extension 🎧80+Features🧰Please⭐document, code or donate📌Tidy📌Longest-standing©️2012. Users👨‍👩‍👧‍👧380,000+ ⚙️⋮⏯️🎞️☕🎛️🔴🎬🔊🎨🧩🧪📈Player: Repeat Screenshot Rotate; Hide related video distraction. Always expand video Description. Playback speed. Video Quality bandwidth H.264 electricity. Player Size Full Window. Themes Customization. Statistics. Playlist Reverse YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube

    Project mention: attack on titan anime-onlies, will you be waiting till jan 2022 or will you read the manga considering that the final panel will drop in 10 days and there is no way to dodge spoilers | | 2021-03-30

    I've got a chrome extension that just doesn't show youtube comments. (

  • GitHub repo ipfs-companion

    Browser extension that simplifies access to IPFS resources on the web

    Project mention: How to support IPFS ? | | 2021-09-24
  • GitHub repo enhanced-github

    :rocket: Browser extension to display size of each file, download link and copy file contents directly to the clipboard

    Project mention: Powering your GitHub | | 2021-10-01

    Respository - Enhanced GitHub

  • GitHub repo webext-redux

    A set of utilities for building Redux applications in Web Extensions.

    Project mention: How to communicate between Content Script, Popup, and Background in Browser Extension development | | 2021-01-07

    There are other ways people are trying to solve this like webext-redux which is a clever way for message passing along with managing state between different parts of the extension the redux way. But I feel it adds additional verbose API in an attempt to solve existing complexity and only works with React. Feel free to check that repository if that suits your requirements.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-10-18.


What are some of the best open-source chrome-extension projects in JavaScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 bypass-paywalls-chrome 19,250
2 headless-recorder 13,601
3 screenity 6,059
4 medium-unlimited 4,290
5 SingleFile 4,166
6 buster 4,038
7 stylus 3,531
8 Reddit-Enhancement-Suite 3,271
9 pangu.js 3,207
10 Retire.js 2,853
11 PT-Plugin-Plus 2,643
12 floccus 2,475
13 privacybadger 2,285
14 awesome-browser-extensions-for-github 2,212
15 githunt 2,150
16 chromium-vim 2,147
17 web-scrobbler 1,746
18 Universal-Bypass 1,714
19 github-hovercard 1,636
20 YouTube-Extension 1,517
21 ipfs-companion 1,495
22 enhanced-github 1,376
23 webext-redux 1,149
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