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Mentions Stars Project Description
6 14,610 Font files available from Google Fonts, and a public issue tracker for all things Google Fonts
6 975 Character sheet templates created by the community for use in Roll20 VTT. Submit a ticket at if critical hotfixes are to be requested.
4 5,624 A proposal for adding a useful pipe operator to JavaScript.
4 161 Super simple & easy Windows 10 cryptocurrency miner made by NiceHash.
4 68 Information about wallet defaults for external recovery
3 18,686 A rugged, minimal framework for composing JavaScript behavior in your markup.
3 8,022 Solid - Re-decentralizing the web (project directory)
3 3,024 🛡🛠 You are being watched. Protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.
3 1,788 Powerful and flexible web-based server management control panel
3 1,182 Website
3 609 Anti Chinese government information. 反中共消息库。住在中国真名用户的网友请别给星星,不然你要被警察请喝茶。常见问答集,新闻集和饭店和音乐建议。卐习万岁卐。冠状病毒审查郝海东新疆改造中心六四事件法轮功 996.ICU709大抓捕巴拿马文件邓家贵低端人口西藏骚乱。Friends who live in China and have real name on account, please don't star this repo, or else the police might pay you a visit. Home to the mega-FAQ, news compilation, restaurant and music recommendations.Heil Xi 卐. 大陆修宪香港恶法台湾武统朝鲜毁约美中冷战等都是王沪宁愚弄习思想极左命运共同体的大策划中共窃国这半个多世纪所犯下的滔天罪恶,前期是毛泽东策划的,中期6.4前后是邓小平策划的,黄牛数据分析后期是毛的极左追随者三朝罪恶元凶王沪宁策划的。王沪宁高小肆业因文革政治和情报需要保送“学院外语班“红色仕途翻身,所以王的本质是极左的。他是在上海底层弄堂长大的,因其本性也促成其瘪三下三滥个性,所以也都说他有易主“变色龙”哈巴狗“的天性。大陆像王沪宁这样学马列政治所谓"法学"专业的人,在除朝鲜古巴所有国家特别是在文明发达国家是无法找到专业对口工作必定失业,唯独在大陆却是重用的紧缺“人才”,6.4后中共信仰大危机更是最重用的救党“人才”。这也就是像王沪宁此类工农兵假“大学生”平步青云的原因,他们最熟悉毛泽东历次运动的宫庭内斗经验手段和残酷的阶级斗争等暴力恐怖的“政治学”。王沪宁能平步青云靠他这马毛伪“政治学”资本和头衔,不是什么真才实学,能干实事有点真才实学的或许在他手下的谋士及秘书班子中可以找到。王沪宁的“真才实学”只不过是一个只读四年小学的人,大半辈子在社会上磨炼特别是在中共官场滚打炼出的的手段和经验而已,他和习近平等保送的工农兵假“大学生”都一样,无法从事原“专业”都凭红资本而从政。六四学运期间各界一边倒支持学生,王沪宁一度去法国躲避和筹谋,他还加入了反学运签名,成为极少有的反学运者仕途突显,在六四和苏联垮台后中共意识形态危机,江泽民上台看上唯一能应急的王沪宁聚谋士
3 161 Make Crypto Payment Easy 让数字货币支付更简单
3 91 Watch videos with your friends. The spiritual successor to TogetherTube, preserving the spirit of it's simple to use interface, while improving it's look, feel, and reliability.
3 0 This project is a showcase of how to setup a portfolio website using GitHub Pages, with the main accent put on the blogging part.
2 1,767 Fetch Standard
2 1,183
2 803 Raspberry Pi PCI Express device compatibility database
2 24 A template for creating HTML-based job reports with Ansible
2 5 Stars Without Number: Revised for Foundry VTT
2 0 HMD Geometry Database

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