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Mentions Stars Project Description
3 10
2 688 The self-managing, auto-upgrading, Kubernetes distribution for everyone
2 248 Cloudblock automates deployment of secure ad-blocking for all of your devices - even when mobile. Step-by-step text and video guides included! Compatible clouds include AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. Cloudblock deploys Wireguard VPN, Pi-Hole DNS Ad-blocking, and DNS over HTTPS in a cloud provider - or locally - using Terraform and Ansible.
2 29 A linux desktop in the cloud - reachable via browser using Apache Guacamole. Deployed automatically via Terraform ( + Ansible ).
2 26 Single and Multi-Region Deployment of Consul Clusters on Azure
2 7 Starter repository to play with Spacelift
1 1,764 Terraform module to create an Elastic Kubernetes (EKS) cluster and associated worker instances on AWS
1 1,381 Minimal and free Kubernetes distribution with Terraform
1 274 A repo used to show examples file/folder structures you can use with Terragrunt and Terraform
1 153 Terraform plan to deploy ssh bastion as a containerised, stateless service on AWS with IAM based authentication
1 131 Complete example of deploying complex web apps to AWS using Terraform, Ansible, and Packer
1 52 Terraform module to provision a NAT Instance using an Auto Scaling Group and Spot Instance from $1/month
1 11 Deploy Nextcloud and OnlyOffice automatically via Terraform and Ansible in one of five cloud providers! Includes object storage for all cloud providers and optional standalone deployments.
1 11 A set of Azure Templates for getting you started in Azure with Fortinet.
1 6 Deployment templates for FortiGate-VM on cloud platforms with terraform
1 4 A minimal setup for deploying @hashicorp Vault to Heroku
1 3
1 2 HashiCorp and Microsoft Teams Up For Maximum Fun! No Slacking guarantee! Positive Outlook.
1 1 a complete how-to use driftctl with terraform on AWS
1 0

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