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Kubernetes, also known as K8s, is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It was originally designed by Google and is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Top 23 Go K8 Projects

  • minio

    High Performance Object Storage for AI

    Project mention: Simulate multi-nodes configuration | /r/minio | 2023-12-06

    We have this example of docker compose you can adapt to be larger https://github.com/minio/minio/blob/master/docs/orchestration/docker-compose/docker-compose.yaml

  • k3s

    Lightweight Kubernetes

    Project mention: Building a no-code Helm UI with Windmill - Part 1 | dev.to | 2023-12-06

    I’ve created a local cluster with K3S and installing Windmill could not be simpler with just one chart to configure, which already has sane defaults to get started. For this demo we will also configure workers to passthrough environment variables to our scripts so that they have access to the Kubernetes API server for later.

  • Onboard AI

    Learn any GitHub repo in 59 seconds. Onboard AI learns any GitHub repo in minutes and lets you chat with it to locate functionality, understand different parts, and generate new code. Use it for free at www.getonboard.dev.

  • OpenFaaS

    OpenFaaS - Serverless Functions Made Simple

    Project mention: ⚡⚡ Level Up Your Cloud Experience with These 7 Open Source Projects 🌩️ | /r/Cloud | 2023-12-07


  • k9s

    🐶 Kubernetes CLI To Manage Your Clusters In Style!

    Project mention: Architecting for Resilience: Crafting Opinionated EKS Clusters with Karpenter & Cilium Cluster Mesh — Part 1 | dev.to | 2023-10-31

    (K9s is one of my favorite tools for navigating Kubernetes clusters through the CLI).

  • cilium

    eBPF-based Networking, Security, and Observability

    Project mention: An opinionated template for deploying a single k3s cluster with Ansible backed by Flux, SOPS, GitHub Actions, Renovate, Cilium, Cloudflare and more! | /r/kubernetes | 2023-12-04

    Next-gen networking thanks to Cilium

  • colima

    Container runtimes on macOS (and Linux) with minimal setup

    Project mention: RamRamRamEveryoneSleepingOnDocker | /r/ProgrammerHumor | 2023-12-07

    Colima runs much faster on Macos: https://github.com/abiosoft/colima

  • argo

    Workflow Engine for Kubernetes

    Project mention: StackStorm – IFTTT for Ops | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-11-05

    Like Argo Workflows?


  • InfluxDB

    Collect and Analyze Billions of Data Points in Real Time. Manage all types of time series data in a single, purpose-built database. Run at any scale in any environment in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge.

  • kubesphere

    The container platform tailored for Kubernetes multi-cloud, datacenter, and edge management ⎈ 🖥 ☁️

  • VictoriaMetrics

    VictoriaMetrics: fast, cost-effective monitoring solution and time series database

    Project mention: Top 11 Grafana Alternatives in 2023 | dev.to | 2023-10-23

    VictoriaMetrics is primarily a time-series database designed for efficiently storing and querying time-series data. It is often used as a back-end data store for time-series data generated by monitoring systems like Prometheus. VictoriaMetrics excels at handling large volumes of time-series data, offering efficient storage and query capabilities.

  • Tyk

    Tyk Open Source API Gateway written in Go, supporting REST, GraphQL, TCP and gRPC protocols

    Project mention: 5 Ways to Improve Your API Reliability | dev.to | 2023-07-25

    Tyk: An open-source API Gateway that is fast and scalable, running on either its own standalone server or alongside your existing nginx installation.

  • Netmaker

    Netmaker makes networks with WireGuard. Netmaker automates fast, secure, and distributed virtual networks.

    Project mention: Connecting several hundreds IoT (raspberry pi's) devices with a VPN | /r/VPN | 2023-12-07

    My plan is to set up an EC2 instance and host a VPN, considering options like Netmaker, OpenVPN, or Tailscale. The goal is to connect these devices to the VPN, enabling SSH access from any connected node. This method seems cost-effective(Considering I want to use 100s of devices and potentially 1000s) and straightforward, requiring a simple setup with a sudo apt command on the Raspberry Pi.

  • ddosify

    "Canva" of Kubernetes Observability. Available on CLI, Self-Hosted, and Cloud - https://ddosify.com 🚀

    Project mention: 5 Awesome Go Projects To Know Before You Die | /r/golang | 2023-05-05

    DDosify: https://github.com/ddosify/ddosify

  • Reloader

    A Kubernetes controller to watch changes in ConfigMap and Secrets and do rolling upgrades on Pods with their associated Deployment, StatefulSet, DaemonSet and DeploymentConfig – [✩Star] if you're using it!

    Project mention: Containers are crashing due to memory exhaustion caused by secret rotation every minute. | /r/kubernetes | 2023-12-06

    This is not a cron job? I'm not sure if it helps, but you can have pods do a rolling restart on secret updates: https://github.com/stakater/Reloader that would clear the resources each run, but I'm not entirely clear on what you're looking to achieve.

  • k3sup

    bootstrap K3s over SSH in < 60s 🚀

    Project mention: K3s – Lightweight Kubernetes | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-10-11
  • popeye

    👀 A Kubernetes cluster resource sanitizer

    Project mention: Kubernetes Enthusiasts: Share Your Ideas for Future Dev Tools | /r/kubernetes | 2023-05-23

    Just came across this, sounds nice: https://popeyecli.io/

  • rainbond

    No need to know Kubernetes' cloud native application management platform | 不用懂 Kubernetes 的云原生应用管理平台

    Project mention: Rainbond: No Need Understand Kubernetes Application Management Platform | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-09-20
  • kubernetes-ingress

    NGINX and NGINX Plus Ingress Controllers for Kubernetes

    Project mention: ☸️ Kubernetes NGINX Ingress Controller: 10+ Complementary Configurations for Web Applications | dev.to | 2023-10-16

    Everything in the YAML snippets below — except for ingress configuration — relates to configuring the NGINX ingress controller. This includes customizing the default configuration.

  • opencost

    Cost monitoring for Kubernetes workloads and cloud costs

    Project mention: Show HN: Cloud Costs Monitoring in Docker | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-11-21

    OpenCost is an open source implementation for Kubernetes cost monitoring and now cloud cost monitoring for AWS, Azure, and GCP. The project makes all of this data accessible via an API and user interface. While discussing the idea of running OpenCost on platforms besides Kubernetes we realized that with this new Cloud Costs feature there are users who want API access to their cloud billing data without needing to run on Kubernetes. I opened the Issue OpenCost without Kubernetes #2268 and as luck would have it, we had our internal Hackathon last week.

    If you're not familiar with OpenCost, it's the open source CNCF project for monitoring Kubernetes and cloud spending. It's a Golang implementation of the OpenCost Specification for monitoring Kubernetes cloud costs. It has an optional web UI and you can also run it as a Prometheus metrics exporter. The code is all at https://github.com/opencost/opencost and you can learn more about the project at https://opencost.io

  • kruise

    Automated management of large-scale applications on Kubernetes (incubating project under CNCF)

  • arkade

    Open Source Marketplace For Developer Tools

    Project mention: Understand your usage of GitHub Actions | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-06-18

    If you omit sudo, then you can move the binary yourself.

    And of course, there's nothing stopping you visiting the releases page - or installing my tap and getting it from Brew!


  • Gitkube

    Build and deploy docker images to Kubernetes using git push

  • go-zero-looklook

    🔥基于go-zero(go zero) 微服务全技术栈开发最佳实践项目。Develop best practice projects based on the full technology stack of go zero (go zero) microservices.

  • vcluster

    vCluster - Create fully functional virtual Kubernetes clusters - Each vcluster runs inside a namespace of the underlying k8s cluster. It's cheaper than creating separate full-blown clusters and it offers better multi-tenancy and isolation than regular namespaces.

    Project mention: Amazon EC2 Enhances Defense in Depth with Default IMDSv2 | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-11-27

    Kubernetes? You mean the container orchestration system where they forgot to add Multi-tenancy? And no namespaces are not Multi-tenancy...


  • SaaSHub

    SaaSHub - Software Alternatives and Reviews. SaaSHub helps you find the best software and product alternatives

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What are some of the best open-source K8 projects in Go? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 minio 41,964
2 k3s 25,122
3 OpenFaaS 23,915
4 k9s 23,006
5 cilium 17,178
6 colima 14,769
7 argo 13,764
8 kubesphere 13,753
9 VictoriaMetrics 9,823
10 Tyk 8,959
11 Netmaker 8,377
12 ddosify 7,976
13 Reloader 6,064
14 k3sup 5,595
15 popeye 4,756
16 rainbond 4,481
17 kubernetes-ingress 4,417
18 opencost 4,335
19 kruise 4,184
20 arkade 3,829
21 Gitkube 3,756
22 go-zero-looklook 3,698
23 vcluster 3,681
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SaaSHub helps you find the best software and product alternatives