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  • colima

    Container runtimes on macOS (and Linux) with minimal setup

    Project mention: Trying Finch and introduce containerd | dev.to | 2022-12-01

    The author uses a Mac and uses Docker Desktop or colima x Docker CLI to realize a Docker development environment. Dcoker Desktop uses an internal HyperKit (macOS hypervisor) to launch a Linux VM and run dockerd in it. Docker Desktop is based on Lima, and it generates Lima configuration files, and it is used to run Linux.

  • homelab

    Modern self-hosting infrastructure, fully automated from empty disk to operating services with a single command.

    Project mention: Kubernetes dev homelab & NAS | reddit.com/r/homelab | 2022-12-03

    So I 've got inspired by https://github.com/khuedoan/homelab and initially after lurking this sub for a while I came up with a plan to consider some of these solutions: - openmediavault as a VM to use 2x4TB /w ext4 & mergerFS or TrueNAS in RAID1 - I think mergerFS gives more options to increase storage with extra drives later, but I don't plan to hoard lots of data. Also rather opted for tiered cache via SSD to save some power but if such lot of VMs would write this would work? - nextcloud VM to easiely manage files via browser and have mobile app sync for photos with some kind of gallery plugins etc - I think this may be optional if there's other solution as nextcloud seems to not be light. Or something like Seafile would be enough? - kubernetes - k3s/microk8s single VM node or 2 VM nodes - would I need more? and so - can then openmediavault be used as a storage for it like TrueNAS? - Rancher - if used k3s - I quite liked the UI of rancher desktop, more than portainer when I tried with microk8s, but I don't pass on using something else, eg. Lens - Gitea - for hosting code - tekton / teamcity - for running tests and commit build hooks - fluxCD / argoCD - for deploying builds to kubernetes

  • InfluxDB

    Build time-series-based applications quickly and at scale.. InfluxDB is the Time Series Data Platform where developers build real-time applications for analytics, IoT and cloud-native services in less time with less code.

  • k3sup

    bootstrap K3s over SSH in < 60s 🚀

    Project mention: Best way to install and use kubernetes for learning | reddit.com/r/kubernetes | 2022-11-12

    Best way to install it is ketchup: https://github.com/alexellis/k3sup

  • k3d

    Little helper to run CNCF's k3s in Docker

    Project mention: Kubernetes: Multi-cluster communication with Flomesh Service Mesh (Part 2) | dev.to | 2022-12-02

    In this demo, we will be using k3d a lightweight wrapper to run k3s (Rancher Lab’s minimal Kubernetes distribution) in docker, to create 4 separate clusters named control-plane, cluster-1, cluster-2, and cluster-3 respectively.

  • arkade

    Open Source Marketplace For Kubernetes

    Project mention: is their any tools that simplifies the process of adding tools inside kuberneetes | reddit.com/r/kubernetes | 2022-10-06

    I strongly discourage actually using such a tool in a professional setting for a host of reasons but that is exactly what https://github.com/alexellis/arkade appears to be going for.

  • vcluster

    vcluster - Create fully functional virtual Kubernetes clusters - Each vcluster runs inside a namespace of the underlying k8s cluster. It's cheaper than creating separate full-blown clusters and it offers better multi-tenancy and isolation than regular namespaces.

    Project mention: Open source KaaS | reddit.com/r/selfhosted | 2022-11-26

    What would these clusters be used for? If it's just for dev and CI then check out vcluster. But it's probably not the best choice for some mission-critical workloads.

  • openelb

    Load Balancer Implementation for Kubernetes in Bare-Metal, Edge, and Virtualization

    Project mention: My LFX Mentorship experience with OpenELB | dev.to | 2022-10-06

    My project was "CNCF - OpenELB: Provide the OpenELB Web UI for managing EIP and IP pool". I had to develop a web console for creating and managing the OpenELB resources. Now you might be wondering what is OpenELB. Well, OpenELB is an open-source load balancer implementation designed for exposing the LoadBalancer type of Kubernetes services in bare metal, edge, and virtualization environments. You can learn more about it here https://openelb.io/. Here's the project URL https://github.com/openelb/openelb. It is a sandbox project in CNCF.

  • Zigi

    Delete the most useless function ever: context switching.. Zigi monitors Jira and GitHub updates, pings you when PRs need approval and lets you take fast actions - all directly from Slack! Plus it reduces cycle time by up to 75%.

  • zarf

    DevSecOps for Air Gap & Limited-Connection Systems. https://zarf.dev/

    Project mention: GitHub - defenseunicorns/zarf: K8s Airgap Buddy | reddit.com/r/devopsish | 2022-01-02
  • autok3s

    Run K3s Everywhere

    Project mention: Quickly create K3s cluster and add K3s nodes with GUI Tool using AutoK3s (Installation guide in WSL) | dev.to | 2022-07-10

    curl https://github.com/cnrancher/autok3s/releases/download/v0.5.1/autok3s_linux_amd64 --create-dirs -o ~/bin/autok3s

  • kubefire

    KubeFire 🔥, creates and manages Kubernetes Clusters using Firecracker microVMs

    Project mention: KubeFire : Créer et gèrer des clusters Kubernetes en utilisant des microVMs avec Firecracker … | dev.to | 2022-11-11

    [email protected]:~# kubefire install INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:13Z] downloading https://raw.githubusercontent.com/innobead/kubefire/v0.3.8/scripts/install-prerequisites.sh to save /root/.kubefire/bin/v0.3.8/install-prerequisites.sh force=false version=v0.3.8 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] running script (install-prerequisites.sh) version=v0.3.8 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] running /root/.kubefire/bin/v0.3.8/install-prerequisites.sh version=v0.3.8 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + TMP_DIR=/tmp/kubefire INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] ++ go env GOARCH INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] ++ echo amd64 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + GOARCH=amd64 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + KUBEFIRE_VERSION=v0.3.8 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + CONTAINERD_VERSION=v1.6.6 + IGNITE_VERION=v0.10.0 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + CNI_VERSION=v1.1.1 + RUNC_VERSION=v1.1.3 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + '[' -z v0.3.8 ']' + '[' -z v1.6.6 ']' + '[' -z v0.10.0 ']' + '[' -z v1.1.1 ']' + '[' -z v1.1.3 ']' INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] ++ sed -E 's/(v[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+)[a-zA-Z0-9\-]*/\1/g' INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] +++ echo v0.3.8 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + STABLE_KUBEFIRE_VERSION=v0.3.8 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + rm -rf /tmp/kubefire INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + mkdir -p /tmp/kubefire INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + pushd /tmp/kubefire /tmp/kubefire /root INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + trap cleanup EXIT ERR INT TERM INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + check_virtualization + _is_arm_arch INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + uname -m INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + grep aarch64 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + return 1 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + lscpu INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + grep 'Virtuali[s|z]ation' INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] Virtualization: VT-x Virtualization type: full INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + lsmod INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + grep kvm INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] kvm_intel 372736 0 kvm 1028096 1 kvm_intel INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + install_runc + _check_version /usr/local/bin/runc -version v1.1.3 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + set +o pipefail + local exec_name=/usr/local/bin/runc + local exec_version_cmd=-version + local version=v1.1.3 + command -v /usr/local/bin/runc + return 1 + _is_arm_arch INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + uname -m INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + grep aarch64 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + return 1 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + curl -sfSL https://github.com/opencontainers/runc/releases/download/v1.1.3/runc.amd64 -o runc INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + chmod +x runc INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + sudo mv runc /usr/local/bin/ INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + install_containerd + _check_version /usr/local/bin/containerd --version v1.6.6 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + set +o pipefail + local exec_name=/usr/local/bin/containerd + local exec_version_cmd=--version + local version=v1.6.6 + command -v /usr/local/bin/containerd + return 1 + local version=1.6.6 + local dir=containerd-1.6.6 + _is_arm_arch INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + uname -m INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + grep aarch64 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + return 1 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:14Z] + curl -sfSLO https://github.com/containerd/containerd/releases/download/v1.6.6/containerd-1.6.6-linux-amd64.tar.gz INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:15Z] + mkdir -p containerd-1.6.6 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:15Z] + tar -zxvf containerd-1.6.6-linux-amd64.tar.gz -C containerd-1.6.6 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:15Z] bin/ bin/containerd-shim INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:15Z] bin/containerd INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:16Z] bin/containerd-shim-runc-v1 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:16Z] bin/containerd-stress INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:16Z] bin/containerd-shim-runc-v2 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:16Z] bin/ctr INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + chmod +x containerd-1.6.6/bin/containerd containerd-1.6.6/bin/containerd-shim containerd-1.6.6/bin/containerd-shim-runc-v1 containerd-1.6.6/bin/containerd-shim-runc-v2 containerd-1.6.6/bin/containerd-stress containerd-1.6.6/bin/ctr INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + sudo mv containerd-1.6.6/bin/containerd containerd-1.6.6/bin/containerd-shim containerd-1.6.6/bin/containerd-shim-runc-v1 containerd-1.6.6/bin/containerd-shim-runc-v2 containerd-1.6.6/bin/containerd-stress containerd-1.6.6/bin/ctr /usr/local/bin/ INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + curl -sfSLO https://raw.githubusercontent.com/containerd/containerd/v1.6.6/containerd.service INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + sudo groupadd containerd INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + sudo mv containerd.service /etc/systemd/system/containerd.service INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] ++ command -v chgrp INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] ++ tr -d '\n' INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + chgrp_path=/usr/bin/chgrp INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + sudo sed -i -E 's#(ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/containerd)#\1\nExecStartPost=/usr/bin/chgrp containerd /run/containerd/containerd.sock#g' /etc/systemd/system/containerd.service INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + sudo mkdir -p /etc/containerd INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + containerd config default INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + sudo tee /etc/containerd/config.toml INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + sudo systemctl enable --now containerd INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/containerd.service → /etc/systemd/system/containerd.service. INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + install_cni + _check_version /opt/cni/bin/bridge --version v1.1.1 + set +o pipefail INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + local exec_name=/opt/cni/bin/bridge + local exec_version_cmd=--version + local version=v1.1.1 + command -v /opt/cni/bin/bridge INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + return 1 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + mkdir -p /opt/cni/bin INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + local f=https://github.com/containernetworking/plugins/releases/download/v1.1.1/cni-plugins-linux-amd64-v1.1.1.tgz + _is_arm_arch INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + uname -m INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + grep aarch64 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + return 1 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + curl -sfSL https://github.com/containernetworking/plugins/releases/download/v1.1.1/cni-plugins-linux-amd64-v1.1.1.tgz INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:17Z] + tar -C /opt/cni/bin -xz INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:19Z] + install_cni_patches + _is_arm_arch INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:19Z] + uname -m INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:19Z] + grep aarch64 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:19Z] + return 1 + curl -o host-local-rev -sfSL https://github.com/innobead/kubefire/releases/download/v0.3.8/host-local-rev-linux-amd64 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:19Z] + chmod +x host-local-rev INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:19Z] + sudo mv host-local-rev /opt/cni/bin/ INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:19Z] + install_ignite + _check_version /usr/local/bin/ignite version v0.10.0 + set +o pipefail INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:19Z] + local exec_name=/usr/local/bin/ignite + local exec_version_cmd=version + local version=v0.10.0 + command -v /usr/local/bin/ignite + return 1 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:19Z] + for binary in ignite ignited + echo 'Installing ignite...' INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:19Z] Installing ignite... INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:19Z] + local f=https://github.com/weaveworks/ignite/releases/download/v0.10.0/ignite-amd64 + _is_arm_arch INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:19Z] + uname -m INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:19Z] + grep aarch64 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:19Z] + return 1 + curl -sfSLo ignite https://github.com/weaveworks/ignite/releases/download/v0.10.0/ignite-amd64 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:20Z] + chmod +x ignite INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:20Z] + sudo mv ignite /usr/local/bin INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:20Z] + for binary in ignite ignited + echo 'Installing ignited...' Installing ignited... + local f=https://github.com/weaveworks/ignite/releases/download/v0.10.0/ignited-amd64 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:20Z] + _is_arm_arch INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:20Z] + grep aarch64 + uname -m INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:20Z] + return 1 + curl -sfSLo ignited https://github.com/weaveworks/ignite/releases/download/v0.10.0/ignited-amd64 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:21Z] + chmod +x ignited INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:21Z] + sudo mv ignited /usr/local/bin INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:21Z] + check_ignite + ignite version INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:21Z] Ignite version: version.Info{Major:"0", Minor:"10", GitVersion:"v0.10.0", GitCommit:"4540abeb9ba6daba32a72ef2b799095c71ebacb0", GitTreeState:"clean", BuildDate:"2021-07-19T20:52:59Z", GoVersion:"go1.16.3", Compiler:"gc", Platform:"linux/amd64", SandboxImage:version.Image{Name:"weaveworks/ignite", Tag:"v0.10.0", Delimeter:":"}, KernelImage:version.Image{Name:"weaveworks/ignite-kernel", Tag:"5.10.51", Delimeter:":"}} INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:21Z] Firecracker version: v0.22.4 INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:21Z] + create_cni_default_config INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:21Z] + mkdir -p /etc/cni/net.d/ INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:21Z] + sudo cat INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:21Z] + popd /root + cleanup INFO[2022-11-11T11:46:21Z] + rm -rf /tmp/kubefire

  • kairos

    :penguin: The immutable Linux meta-distribution for edge Kubernetes.

    Project mention: Immutable, Linux Meta-Distribution | news.ycombinator.com | 2022-11-19
  • falco-the-kubernetes-response-engine-using-openfaas-functions

    Demonstrating how you can take an action to your intrusions detected by Falco using OpenFaaS functions

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What are some of the best open-source k3 projects in Go? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 colima 7,954
2 homelab 6,344
3 k3sup 4,903
4 k3d 3,970
5 arkade 3,188
6 vcluster 2,187
7 openelb 1,191
8 zarf 430
9 autok3s 404
10 kubefire 327
11 kairos 263
12 falco-the-kubernetes-response-engine-using-openfaas-functions 23
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