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  • yq

    yq is a portable command-line YAML, JSON, XML, CSV, TOML and properties processor

    Project mention: Install Keycloak with the Operator | dev.to | 2023-09-15

    # using https://mikefarah.gitbook.io/yq/ ~ oc get keycloak example-kc -oyaml | yq '.status' conditions: - lastTransitionTime: "2023-09-15T08:08:56.665783288Z" message: "" observedGeneration: 1 status: "True" #<------ This is what we are looking for I hate these condition to difficult to read a first glance type: Ready - lastTransitionTime: "2023-09-15T08:08:26.147242224Z" message: "" observedGeneration: 1 status: "False" type: HasErrors - lastTransitionTime: "2023-09-15T08:08:26.147242224Z" message: "" observedGeneration: 1 status: "False" type: RollingUpdate instances: 1 observedGeneration: 1 selector: app=keycloak,app.kubernetes.io/managed-by=keycloak-operator,app.kubernetes.io/instance=example-kc

  • miller

    Miller is like awk, sed, cut, join, and sort for name-indexed data such as CSV, TSV, and tabular JSON

    Project mention: jq 1.7 Released | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-09-06

    jq and miller[1] are essential parts of my toolbelt, right up there with awk and vim.

    [1]: https://github.com/johnkerl/miller

  • SonarQube

    Static code analysis for 29 languages.. Your projects are multi-language. So is SonarQube analysis. Find Bugs, Vulnerabilities, Security Hotspots, and Code Smells so you can release quality code every time. Get started analyzing your projects today for free.

  • gotenberg

    A developer-friendly API for converting numerous document formats into PDF files, and more!

    Project mention: (Free) Open-source PDF Generation/Export | /r/dotnet | 2023-06-06

    Think you mean https://gotenberg.dev ?

  • octosql

    OctoSQL is a query tool that allows you to join, analyse and transform data from multiple databases and file formats using SQL.

    Project mention: Wazero: Zero dependency WebAssembly runtime written in Go | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-07-01

    Never got it to anything close to a finished state, instead moving on to doing the same prototype in llvm and then cranelift.

    That said, here's some of the wazero-based code on a branch - https://github.com/cube2222/octosql/tree/wasm-experiment/was...

    It really is just a very very basic prototype.

  • dsq

    Commandline tool for running SQL queries against JSON, CSV, Excel, Parquet, and more.

    Project mention: DuckDB: Querying JSON files as if they were tables | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-03-03

    Welcome to the gang! :)


  • goawk

    A POSIX-compliant AWK interpreter written in Go, with CSV support

    Project mention: The Awk Programming Language, Second Edition | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-06-29

    TIL: GoAWK [1] - A POSIX-compliant AWK interpreter written in Go, with CSV support.

    [1]: https://github.com/benhoyt/goawk

  • trdsql

    CLI tool that can execute SQL queries on CSV, LTSV, JSON and TBLN. Can output to various formats.

    Project mention: sqly - execute SQL against CSV / JSON with shell | /r/SQL | 2022-11-10

    Apparently, there were many who thought the same thing; Tools to execute SQL against CSV were trdsql, q, csvq, TextQL. They were highly functional, hoewver, had many options and no input completion. I found it just a little difficult to use.

  • Mergify

    Tired of breaking your main and manually rebasing outdated pull requests?. Managing outdated pull requests is time-consuming. Mergify's Merge Queue automates your pull request management & merging. It's fully integrated to GitHub & coordinated with any CI. Start focusing on code. Try Mergify for free.

  • csvq

    SQL-like query language for csv

    Project mention: Fx – Terminal JSON Viewer | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-09-19

    sure can do, if you already use that shell [1], but personally I like specific tools for specific jobs such as jq [2], fx, csvq [3] etc, there's value in decoupling shells from utils (modularity, speed, innovation etc).

    [1] I don't but tempted to try, like its data-types concept

    [2] https://jqlang.github.io/jq/

    [3] https://github.com/mithrandie/csvq

  • murex

    A smarter shell and scripting environment with advanced features designed for usability, safety and productivity (eg smarter DevOps tooling)

    Project mention: Murex rocks v5 is out | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-09-07
  • rill

    Rill is a tool for effortlessly transforming data sets into powerful, opinionated dashboards using SQL. BI-as-code. (by rilldata)

    Project mention: Governments on GitHub | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-06-09
  • csvtk

    A cross-platform, efficient and practical CSV/TSV toolkit in Golang

    Project mention: Align primers to a reference sequence. | /r/bioinformatics | 2023-07-11

    No problem. You might also be interested in csvtk https://github.com/shenwei356/csvtk from the same group. Very handy set of tools.

  • csvutil

    csvutil provides fast and idiomatic mapping between CSV and Go (golang) values.

    Project mention: Unmarshalling csv to a struct | /r/golang | 2022-12-14

    I used jszwec/csvutil in a project recently, easy to use and extend.

  • json2csv

    command line tool to convert json to csv (by jehiah)

  • omniparser

    omniparser: a native Golang ETL streaming parser and transform library for CSV, JSON, XML, EDI, text, etc.

  • sq

    sq data wrangler

    Project mention: Best way to introduce a linter? | /r/golang | 2023-04-30

    For my main OSS project, sq, its .golangci.yml is a lightly customized version of this gist from maratori. I found it to be a good starting point.

  • datadash

    Visualize and graph data in the terminal

    Project mention: A command line tool that draw plots on the terminal | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-01-12

    here's a simple ui plotting tool based on termdash which is another golang term UI library https://github.com/keithknott26/datadash

  • go-csv-tag

    Read csv file from go using tags

  • querycsv

    QueryCSV enables you to load CSV files and manipulate them using SQL queries then after you finish you can export the new values to a CSV file

  • peaks-consolidation

    The Peaks Consolidation is equipped with state-of-the-art algorithms and data structures that support high-performance databending exercises. It specializes in management accounting and consolidation, with some special topics in machine learning and bioinformatics.

    Project mention: Filter a 7 billion-row dataset using 32GB Memory | /r/bigdata | 2023-06-29

    Script and Data

  • nebula-importer

    Nebula Graph Importer with Go

  • bafi

    Universal JSON, BSON, YAML, CSV, XML converter with templates

  • elastic-query-export

    🚚 Export Data from ElasticSearch to CSV/JSON using a Lucene Query (e.g. from Kibana) or a raw JSON Query string

  • csvplus

    csvplus extends the standard Go encoding/csv package with fluent interface, lazy stream operations, indices and joins.

  • InfluxDB

    Collect and Analyze Billions of Data Points in Real Time. Manage all types of time series data in a single, purpose-built database. Run at any scale in any environment in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge.

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What are some of the best open-source CSV projects in Go? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 yq 9,332
2 miller 8,091
3 gotenberg 5,505
4 octosql 4,589
5 dsq 3,392
6 goawk 1,727
7 trdsql 1,648
8 csvq 1,353
9 murex 1,283
10 rill 985
11 csvtk 886
12 csvutil 830
13 json2csv 794
14 omniparser 593
15 sq 476
16 datadash 204
17 go-csv-tag 108
18 querycsv 103
19 peaks-consolidation 92
20 nebula-importer 81
21 bafi 80
22 elastic-query-export 73
23 csvplus 67
Collect and Analyze Billions of Data Points in Real Time
Manage all types of time series data in a single, purpose-built database. Run at any scale in any environment in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge.