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Stars Project Description
- 332 Tiny board that allows you to connect the Baofeng UV5R radio to a smartphone or other device that uses a TRRS connector for audio.
- 177 An Arduino based LINBUS stack and signal interceptor/injector.
- 166 Custom hardware designs for a super tiny $5 WiFi (RGB enabled) LED dimmer module based on the ESP8266
- 151 Schemetics and Code for a DIY weller soldering station
- 135 HDMI Light v2 - FPGA based Ambilight clone with direct HDMI input
- 109 A custom 4x4 keyboard plus two rotary encoders
- 101 USB Rubber Ducky for ATTiny85
- 91 Avago ADNS-9800 Test
- 86 Open RNG based on Modular Entropy Multiplication
- 82 3D Printer electronics
- 66 An almost GHz differential probe
- 58 Read ROM, Read RAM or Write RAM from/to a Gameboy Cartridge. (License CC-BY)
- 55 Elektrosluch 3+ • electromagnetic listening device
- 49
- 43 Teensy (Arduino clone) 88 key velocity sensitive midi keyboard
- 33 Work-in-progress circuit designs for DIY guitar effect pedals.
- 31 The schematic and STL files for the Almond PCB
- 30 design files for cost-conscious DCO module for eurorack format modular synthesizers
- 13 Modular Version of the ARP ODYSSEY VCO
- 12 The tabulaRasa is a digital wavetable oscillator with voltage control of frequency, waveform selection, and the amount of interpolation between waveforms. The tabulaRasa consists of two components: a hardware synthesis module which can integrate into a modular synth system, and a software application which allows the user to create their own custom waveforms. These waveforms are then transferred from the computer to the tabulaRasa module through a standard SD card slot.

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