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  • uvw

    Header-only, event based, tiny and easy to use libuv wrapper in modern C++ - now available as also shared/static library!

  • clif

    Binding generator to wrap C++ for Python using LLVM. (by google)

  • JetBrains Dev Survey

    What’s up with the C++ ecosystem in 2023? JetBrains Developer Ecosystem Survey 2023 has given us many interesting insights. The Embedded (37%) and Games (39%) industries are already working with C++20, developers are incorporating static analysis in their CI, and ChatGPT usage among coders is flourishing. Read on for more!

  • TinyEngine

    Tiny OpenGL Wrapper / 3D Engine in C++

  • cuda-api-wrappers

    Thin C++-flavored header-only wrappers for core CUDA APIs: Runtime, Driver, NVRTC, NVTX.

    Project mention: VUDA: A Vulkan Implementation of CUDA | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-07-01

    1. This implements the clunky C-ish API; there's also the Modern-C++ API wrappers, with automatic error checking, RAII resource control etc.; see: https://github.com/eyalroz/cuda-api-wrappers (due disclosure: I'm the author)

    2. Implementing the _runtime_ API is not the right choice; it's important to implement the _driver_ API, otherwise you can't isolate contexts, dynamically add newly-compiled JIT kernels via modules etc.

    3. This is less than 3000 lines of code. Wrapping all of the core CUDA APIs (driver, runtime, NVTX, JIT compilation of CUDA-C++ and of PTX) took me > 14,000 LoC.

  • krabsetw

    KrabsETW provides a modern C++ wrapper and a .NET wrapper around the low-level ETW trace consumption functions.

    Project mention: The Worst API Ever Made | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-07-31

    OMG, Just use https://github.com/microsoft/krabsetw and be done with it...

  • globjects

    C++ library strictly wrapping OpenGL objects.

  • MIPP

    MIPP is a portable wrapper for SIMD instructions written in C++11. It supports NEON, SSE, AVX, AVX-512 and SVE (length specific).

    Project mention: The Case of the Missing SIMD Code | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-06-08

    I've also run into this thinking, and have been looking to solve it in codebases I'm working on.

    I've run across: https://github.com/aff3ct/MIPP but have not worked with it extensively yet. It looks to be a solution to the rewriting X parallel pipeline into Y SIMD extensions.

    Perhaps something like this, or languages introducing something similar into their standard libraries/modules would be a solution.

    None of this of course solves the run-time detection of capability/growing binary size to support such.

  • LearnThisRepo.com

    Learn 300+ open source libraries for free using AI. LearnThisRepo lets you learn 300+ open source repos including Postgres, Langchain, VS Code, and more by chatting with them using AI!

  • centurion

    A modern C++ wrapper library for SDL2 in order to improve type-safety, memory safety and overall ease-of-use. (by albin-johansson)

  • jluna

    Julia Wrapper for C++ with Focus on Safety, Elegance, and Ease of Use

    Project mention: Jluna: A modern Julia Wrapper for C++ | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-08-01
  • d2gl

    Diablo 2 LoD Glide/DDraw to OpenGL Wrapper

    Project mention: How is Diablo II : Resurrected | /r/diablo2 | 2023-07-08

    Sure - wrapper link https://github.com/bayaraa/d2gl/releases/download/v1.1.2/D2GL.v1.1.2.zip

  • glfwpp

    GLFW C++ Wrapper - thin, modern, C++17, header-only GLFW wrapper

    Project mention: Best practices for managing global state? | /r/cpp_questions | 2023-04-30

    You might also want to consider using glfwpp, which is a C++ wrapper around glfw. It wraps the glfw callbacks with std::fuction, so you can pass function objects or lambdas with captures without thinking about managing the single global user pointer.

  • dinputto8

    A dll module that is designed to improve compatibility in games using DirectInput 1-7 (dinput.dll) by converting all API calls to their equivalent DirectInput 8 (dinput8.dll) ones. This allows older games to be able to use newer tools and wrappers written for DirectInput 8.

    Project mention: Weird dinput/RawInput bug | /r/wine_gaming | 2023-08-20

    Whenever I pick these in games I get this bug where the mouse is basically contained within a certain region of the screen and can't get past it. Happens in both virtual and regular fullscreen modes. One curious thing though is that by overriding the dinput dll with dinputto8 (https://github.com/elishacloud/dinputto8) completely fixes the issue on the dinput side of things which makes me wonder if it's a Wine issue. Anyone got any ideas what's going on? Here's a video showcasing the issue:

  • genepi

    Automatic generation of N-API wrapper from a C++ library

  • mars_ros

    A ROS wrapper for the MaRS Library

  • wibo

    Quick-and-dirty wrapper that tries to run 32-bit Windows command-line executables on Linux

  • cppSRTWrapper

    Simple C++ wrapper of the SRT protocol for building Server/Client transport solutions

  • node-interception

    A windows library for intercepting and controlling keyboards and mouses with multiple devices support.

  • SQLitePlus

    A modern C++ header only SQLite3 wrapper

  • g3logPython

    Python bindings for g3log

  • pal-ddraw

    DirectDraw (ddraw.dll) 8-bit (256 Colors) Palette Emulator

    Project mention: Helge-pelin ongelma... | /r/Suomi | 2023-12-10
  • OpenCL_Wrapper_By_PunalManalan

    Lightweight, Easy to use OpenCL Wrapper By Punal Manalan. 'OCLW_P::OpenCLWrapper' This Single line of code does Everything In a Compact And Easy to Manage Manner!. Use this code wherever and whenever you want to!

  • WorkOS

    The modern API for authentication & user identity. The APIs are flexible and easy-to-use, supporting authentication, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.

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What are some of the best open-source Wrapper projects in C++? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 uvw 1,731
2 clif 957
3 TinyEngine 931
4 cuda-api-wrappers 704
5 krabsetw 555
6 globjects 537
7 MIPP 451
8 centurion 271
9 jluna 224
10 d2gl 133
11 glfwpp 86
12 dinputto8 86
13 genepi 75
14 mars_ros 51
15 wibo 46
16 cppSRTWrapper 17
17 node-interception 11
18 SQLitePlus 7
19 g3logPython 4
20 pal-ddraw 4
21 OpenCL_Wrapper_By_PunalManalan 3
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