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  • supercollider

    An audio server, programming language, and IDE for sound synthesis and algorithmic composition.

  • Project mention: Harnessing Screams with Tidal Looper | dev.to | 2024-05-12

    Since then, I've been working more and more with TidalCycles. TidalCycles is an open-source live coding framework for creating patterns written in Haskell. TidalCycles uses SuperCollider on the backend, another language I've been using for live coding. Recently, I started using Tidal Looper for live vocal processing. This blog post will walk you through what you need to get started with vocal looping with Tidal Looper.

  • FabGL

    ESP32 Display Controller (VGA, PAL/NTSC Color Composite, SSD1306, ST7789, ILI9341), PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard Controller, Graphics Library, Sound Engine, Game Engine and ANSI/VT Terminal

  • InfluxDB

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  • DaisySP

    A Powerful DSP Library in C++

  • Project mention: Ask HN: Manufacturing somewhat novel MIDI controller | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-11-10

    You are about to bite off a lot. Ignore all the other advice in this thread, I do this for a living.

    You have some software experience, this is good. Assuming you have embedded software experience (which is essential for what you are doing and not at all like web programming) you have a foothold to finish this project without going completely insane.

    Hardware is a completely different beast. With software everything happens in your head and when you get stuck you can usually think your way out of it. With hardware, you really do need to learn to do things meticulously and step by step. There are many things that can go wrong. You will learn a lot on this journey.

    Don't be afraid to ask for help. Finding a hardware community will be essential to do this as you learn the skills you need. You're going to make a lot of mistakes, best to go in embracing it

    A good place to start is to join an open source community for MIDI. Two off the top of my head is http://www.ucapps.de/ for MIDI specific hardware and https://www.electro-smith.com/daisy

    A large amount of the work you will find yourself doing at the beginning is just figuring out where and who to ask questions about things like the keybed and other hardware issues. None of this is terribly 'hard' but none of it is easy. Most of it comes from experience.

    It is almost always best to use someone else's product when you are designing your first. Roger Linn (https://www.rogerlinndesign.com/) gave me some fantastic advice a couple years ago when I was trying to design switch caps: "Do you want to be a company that designs switch caps or one that designs synthesizers?" and that stuck. I don't want to design switch caps, so I bought them off the shelf, contracted someone to design my own, and moved on.

    So to that end... just buy a couple keybeds from Fatar or someone else, or just grab a synth you already have or buy one off ebay and harvest the keybed from that (often times much cheaper than buying direct!)

    Don't be afraid to spend money on tools. If you find something difficult, like soldering, I have not once regretted spending money on better tools. They grow with you and save you hundreds if not thousands of hours of unnecessary frustration. When you know you need a tool, find a way to get it.

    Maybe I should make a blog post about this... hmm

    Hope that helps!

  • r8brain-free-src

    High-quality pro audio resampler / sample rate converter C++ library. Very fast, for both audio resampling and time-series interpolation.

  • master_me

    automatic mastering plugin for live streaming, podcasts and internet radio.

  • Project mention: LUFS for Spotifyupload | /r/musicproduction | 2023-06-25

    if you want a tool for your DAW, the open source MasterMe plugin is a solid resource.

  • sc3-plugins

    Community plugins for SuperCollider

  • fmod-gdextension

    FMOD Studio integration and bindings for the Godot game engine

  • SaaSHub

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  • ni-media

    NI Media is a C++ library for reading and writing audio streams.

  • DFPlayerMini_Fast

    Fast and easy to understand Arduino library to use the DFPlayer Mini MP3 module from DFRobot.com. This is a huge improvement (both in terms of execution speed and simplicity) to the standard library provided by DFRobot.com.

  • samplebrain

    (GitHub mirror) A custom sample mashing app designed by Aphex Twin. (by aeiouaeiouaeiouaeiouaeiouaeiou)

  • trackerboy

    Game Boy / Game Boy Color music tracker

  • yummyDSP

    An Arduino audio DSP library for the Espressif ESP32 and probably other 32 bit machines

  • ArduinoProtonPack

    Arduino Code for a GhostBusters Proton Pack

  • js80p

    A MIDI driven, performance oriented, versatile synthesizer.

  • sync-audio-tracks

    Audio tracks synchronization command-line tool for video editors that don't support it

  • proteaaudio

    Simple audio library for Windows, Linux, OSX. Supports Mp3, Ogg, Wav playback and multichannel mixing.

  • TrayVolumeControl

    Control volume by scrolling mouse wheel on the volume icon in tray

  • Sound-reactive-LED-strip

    How to make a sound reactive RGB LED strip with Arduino

  • lowl_audio

    Low Latency Audio - aims to provide audio playback

  • ppl-synth

    The synthesizer that's used in PewPew Live

  • Project mention: Jsfxr: 8-Bit sound maker and sfx generator | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-04-23

    Very thankful for jfxr, I'm using it to create all the sound effects for my game.

    I re-implemented his synthesizer in C++ so that the sound effects can be generated at runtime: https://github.com/pewpewlive/ppl-synth

  • pamanager

    pulse audio device manager

  • BauDetector

    A simple Arduino projects that detects dogs barks and plays a vocal message to calm them down.

  • SaaSHub

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What are some of the best open-source Sound projects in C++? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 supercollider 5,236
2 FabGL 1,380
3 DaisySP 814
4 r8brain-free-src 530
5 master_me 494
6 sc3-plugins 439
7 fmod-gdextension 334
8 ni-media 232
9 DFPlayerMini_Fast 191
10 samplebrain 105
11 trackerboy 102
12 yummyDSP 101
13 ArduinoProtonPack 89
14 js80p 84
15 sync-audio-tracks 59
16 proteaaudio 28
17 TrayVolumeControl 25
18 Sound-reactive-LED-strip 18
19 lowl_audio 9
20 ppl-synth 4
21 pamanager 2
22 BauDetector 1

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SaaSHub helps you find the best software and product alternatives