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  • OpenRCT2

    An open source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 🎢

    Project mention: OpenRCT2 Update 0.4.6 Released | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-09-03
  • Bullet

    Bullet Physics SDK: real-time collision detection and multi-physics simulation for VR, games, visual effects, robotics, machine learning etc.

    Project mention: Does anyone know any good open source project to optimize? | /r/cpp | 2023-06-07

    I suspect most C++ physics libraries like Box2D (https://github.com/erincatto/box2d) or Bullet3 (https://github.com/bulletphysics/bullet3) could really benefit a lot from SIMD.

  • InfluxDB

    Collect and Analyze Billions of Data Points in Real Time. Manage all types of time series data in a single, purpose-built database. Run at any scale in any environment in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge.

  • engine-sim

    Combustion engine simulator that generates realistic audio.

    Project mention: How to Ride like a Cop [video] | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-09-30

    Well, it's a good video but... Hacker News?

    On the related topic, you know how in Ford Mustang the engine noise is simulated so the engine would sound like a pre-emission-standards V8 even if it runs on just four? How about a similar thing for a motorcycle? You put on your noise-canceling head phones, and the phones emit a "noise-canceled" rev of an engine you choose. You can enjoy the sound of a Harley on a moped. And! Since it's your headphones only, you wouldn't even bother the public.

    I think there is a startup potential on it somewhere. And the technology is here too: https://github.com/ange-yaghi/engine-sim

  • OpenTTD

    OpenTTD is an open source simulation game based upon Transport Tycoon Deluxe

    Project mention: 6 free games updated in the last 60 days | /r/lowendgaming | 2023-07-08

    #6 - OpenTTD - Transport Tycoon Deluxe... with multiplayer.... it has the most Win98 Interface, but once you get past that... this is the best and most amazing free sim tycoon game you will ever find.

  • JoltPhysics

    A multi core friendly rigid body physics and collision detection library, written in C++, suitable for games and VR applications.

    Project mention: Simulation Islands | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-10-10
  • The-Powder-Toy

    Written in C++ and using SDL, The Powder Toy is a desktop version of the classic 'falling sand' physics sandbox, it simulates air pressure and velocity as well as heat.

    Project mention: Orb Farm | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-05-19

    I love these kinds of sandbox games, Orb Farm was super nice to have it running directly in the browser for a little procrastination break. Although my favorite is probably The Powder Toy [0], I've been following this project for years.

    [0] https://powdertoy.co.uk/

  • FluidX3D

    The fastest and most memory efficient lattice Boltzmann CFD software, running on all GPUs via OpenCL.

    Project mention: Fast and Memory efficient lattice Boltzmann CFD software, running on all GPUs | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-07-27
  • Onboard AI

    Learn any GitHub repo in 59 seconds. Onboard AI learns any GitHub repo in minutes and lets you chat with it to locate functionality, understand different parts, and generate new code. Use it for free at www.getonboard.dev.

  • webots

    Webots Robot Simulator

    Project mention: Robotics Simulation - Bridging the Gap Between Virtual and Real Worlds | dev.to | 2023-09-28

    Open Robotics Resources - Provides guides and documentation for robotics simulation.

  • OpenCat

    An open source quadruped robot pet framework for developing Boston Dynamics-style four-legged robots that are perfect for STEM, coding & robotics education, IoT robotics applications, AI-enhanced robotics application services, research, and DIY robotics kit development.

    Project mention: Gepette: The smart AI powered assistant for Mac | /r/macapps | 2023-03-23

    lol first result was a robo cat and now I want one.

  • AntSimulator

    Simple Ants simulator

  • sumo

    Eclipse SUMO is an open source, highly portable, microscopic and continuous traffic simulation package designed to handle large networks. It allows for intermodal simulation including pedestrians and comes with a large set of tools for scenario creation.


    High-performance C++ library for multiphysics and multibody dynamics simulations (by projectchrono)

    Project mention: Any Good Alternatives for Matlab? | /r/AskEngineers | 2023-06-16

    Hopsan https://liu.se/en/research/hopsan and Project Chrono https://projectchrono.org/ may be good Simulink alternatives.

  • lammps

    Public development project of the LAMMPS MD software package

    Project mention: Lammps – A flexible simulation tool for particle-based materials modeling | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-03-02
  • Blender-FLIP-Fluids

    The FLIP Fluids addon is a tool that helps you set up, run, and render high quality liquid fluid effects all within Blender, the free and open source 3D creation suite.

    Project mention: How to stop fluid simulation from exploding? | /r/blenderhelp | 2023-07-09

    If all else fails, you may want to consider a premium addon like FLIP Fluids, which in my experience feels more stable than the default fluid sim, though it may be a bit costly. Consider trying the demo.

  • pioneer

    A game of lonely space adventure

    Project mention: SpaceTraders: A multiplayer game built on a free web API | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-05-08

    Not to be confused with Pioneer Spacesim, the remake of Elite 2, a free online game


  • SPlisHSPlasH

    SPlisHSPlasH is an open-source library for the physically-based simulation of fluids.

    Project mention: SPlisHSPlasH – open-source library for the physically-based simulation of fluids | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-02-27
  • reactphysics3d

    Open source C++ physics engine library in 3D

  • moose

    Multiphysics Object Oriented Simulation Environment

  • openmm

    OpenMM is a toolkit for molecular simulation using high performance GPU code.

    Project mention: Developers of Software used in Modelling | /r/comp_chem | 2023-03-30

    Gromacs: https://gitlab.com/gromacs/gromacs OpenMM: https://github.com/openmm/openmm Dalton: https://gitlab.com/dalton/dalton/tree/release/2020

  • gem5

    The official repository for the gem5 computer-system architecture simulator.

    Project mention: Hot Chips 2023: Arm’s Neoverse V2 | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-09-12

    The idea is to write a C++ model that that produces cycle accurate outputs of the branch predictor, core pipeline, queues, memory latency, cache hierarchy, prefetch behaviour, etc. Transistor level accuracy isn't needed as long as the resulting cycle timings are identical or near identical. The improvement in workload runtime compared to a Verilog simulation is precisely because they aren't trying to model every transistor, but just the important parameters which effect performance.

    Let's take a simple example: Instead of modeling a 64-bit adder in all its gory transistor level detail, you can just have the model return the correct data after 1 "cycle" or whatever your ALU latency is. As long as that cycle latency is the same as the real hardware, you'll get an accurate performance number.

    What's particularly useful about these models is they enable much easier and faster state space exploration to see how a circuit would perform, well before going ahead with the Verilog implementation, which relatively speaking can take circuit designers ages. "How much faster would my CPU be if it had a 20% larger register file" can be answered in a day or two before getting a circuit designer to go try and implement such a thing.

    If you want an open source example, take a look at the gem5 project (https://www.gem5.org). It's not quite as sophisticated as the proprietary models used in industry, but it's a used widely in academia and open source hardware design and is a great place to start.

  • gazebo-classic

    Gazebo classic. For the latest version, see https://github.com/gazebosim/gz-sim

    Project mention: Unable to render window | /r/swaywm | 2023-06-07

    it is this one: https://github.com/gazebosim/gazebo-classic

  • OpenLoco

    An open source re-implementation of Chris Sawyer's Locomotion

    Project mention: OpenLoco | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-11-22
  • jsbsim

    An open source flight dynamics & control software library

    Project mention: Are there any good flight simulators out there that I can code my own stuff into? | /r/AerospaceEngineering | 2023-04-17
  • SaaSHub

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What are some of the best open-source Simulation projects in C++? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 OpenRCT2 12,461
2 Bullet 11,341
3 engine-sim 8,307
4 OpenTTD 5,425
5 JoltPhysics 4,651
6 The-Powder-Toy 4,073
7 FluidX3D 2,813
8 webots 2,802
9 OpenCat 2,524
10 AntSimulator 2,163
11 sumo 2,118
12 CHRONO 1,885
13 lammps 1,865
14 Blender-FLIP-Fluids 1,537
15 pioneer 1,476
16 SPlisHSPlasH 1,389
17 reactphysics3d 1,355
18 moose 1,342
19 openmm 1,276
20 gem5 1,201
21 gazebo-classic 1,087
22 OpenLoco 1,062
23 jsbsim 1,057
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