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  • GitHub repo raspberry-pi-os

    Learning operating system development using Linux kernel and Raspberry Pi

    Project mention: Show HN: CheesecakeOS for Raspberry Pi Volume 0: Booting, Processes, and VM | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-08-08

    CheesecakeOS for Raspberry Pi Volume 0: Booting, Processes, and Virtual Memory is the first in what I hope is a series of github markdown tutorials or volumes on bare-metal from-scratch operating system development.

    I have dreamed of contributing to the Linux Kernel, but have yet to find the courage to jump in and do so. I started by attempting to read Understanding the Linux Kernel by Daniel Bovet and Marco Cesati, but found it was too advanced for me at the time. I found another text I credit with advancing my understanding, Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective by Randall Bryant and David O'Hallaron. I worked on the self-study labs from their book website, and found them to be a superb educational tool.

    Further, then becoming interested in what creating an operating system actually means, I stumbled upon Sergey Matyukevich's Rasberry-Pi-OS github repo (https://github.com/s-matyukevich/raspberry-pi-os). I wanted to expand on his tutorial, for my own education, and, in the best case, for the benefit of others.

    There are many ideas taken from Linux in the implementation, as when I didn't know how to proceed, that is the source I would consult. Though, I attempt to simplify and explain the details in the text. The implementation stops short of implementing or supporting a file system, the subject of the next volume.

  • GitHub repo rt-thread

    RT-Thread is an open source IoT operating system.

    Project mention: Rust for Embedded Development | dev.to | 2021-08-17

    Now, let's get it on the Open Source RT-Thread operating system to demonstrate how rust can be used for embedded development.

  • SonarLint

    Deliver Cleaner and Safer Code - Right in Your IDE of Choice!. SonarLint is a free and open source IDE extension that identifies and catches bugs and vulnerabilities as you code, directly in the IDE. Install from your favorite IDE marketplace today.

  • GitHub repo Unicorn Engine

    Unicorn CPU emulator framework (ARM, AArch64, M68K, Mips, Sparc, PowerPC, RiscV, X86)

    Project mention: Top Python Tools for Malware Analysis. – PythonStacks | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-10-14

    Unicorn is missing from that list.

    The python CPU emulator with full program counter (PC) and general (and other CPU-specific) register set controls.

    I use it to catch fileless malware in the second fastest dynamic manner. Also good for detecting Rowhammer/SPECTRE behaviors.

    Disclaimer: one of the contributors and a contractor that frequently deploy this.


  • GitHub repo wasm3

    🚀 The fastest WebAssembly interpreter, and the most universal runtime

    Project mention: MiniVM: A minimal cross-language runtime that beats C/luajit on some benchmarks | news.ycombinator.com | 2022-01-08

    How does this compare to the techniques used in the wasm3 (name, not description)?


    architecture of M3 the interpreter core of wasm3 https://github.com/wasm3/wasm3/blob/main/docs/Interpreter.md


  • GitHub repo box86

    Box86 - Linux Userspace x86 Emulator with a twist, targeted at ARM Linux devices

    Project mention: Create your own free dedicated server | reddit.com/r/valheim | 2022-01-11
  • GitHub repo cpufetch

    Simple yet fancy CPU architecture fetching tool

    Project mention: Converted my main system to Debian over the weekend | reddit.com/r/debian | 2021-11-19
  • OPS

    OPS - Build and Run Open Source Unikernels. Quickly and easily build and deploy open source unikernels in tens of seconds. Deploy in any language to any cloud.

  • GitHub repo simde

    Implementations of SIMD instruction sets for systems which don't natively support them.

    Project mention: Making Your Own Tools | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-05-15

    > low level code that can run on multiple hardware architectures

    I thought SIMD Everywhere was a pretty interesting project for that, lets you write x86 SSE/AVX code and run it on non-x86 architectures:


  • GitHub repo desmume

    DeSmuME is a Nintendo DS emulator

    Project mention: New Nuzlocker Needs Your Help? | reddit.com/r/nuzlocke | 2022-01-06

    I use Visual Boy Advance for GBA games and and DeSmuME for DS games. Both are free and work well in my oppinion. They also have a way to speed up gameplay for grinding.

  • GitHub repo sse2neon

    A translator from Intel SSE intrinsics to Arm/Aarch64 NEON implementation

    Project mention: An AWS Community Builder Story | dev.to | 2022-01-11

    To continue our collaboration I contributed some small changes to KasmVNC on GitHub to use sse2neon for a performance critical part of the application which uses SSE intrinsics and needed to be changed to NEON intrinsics.

  • GitHub repo qpc

    QP/C real-time embedded framework/RTOS for embedded systems based on active objects (actors) and hierarchical state machines

    Project mention: I made a state machine compiler that outputs C | reddit.com/r/embedded | 2021-03-19

    HSM-test code in C (on GitHub)

  • GitHub repo uefi-ntfs

    UEFI:NTFS - Boot NTFS or exFAT partitions from UEFI

    Project mention: Can't get Windows 11 image to boot. | reddit.com/r/techsupport | 2021-12-04

    Rufus uses UEFI:NTFS, and therefore WILL allow your firmware to boot from NTFS. So, no, you don't have to use FAT32, and you should let Rufus create the drive with NTFS, as, even when using NTFS, it will create a drive that can be booted from UEFI.

  • GitHub repo sleef

    SIMD Library for Evaluating Elementary Functions, vectorized libm and DFT

    Project mention: How to speed up array writes? | reddit.com/r/Common_Lisp | 2021-10-02

    If you are looking at floats, there's https://sleef.org

  • GitHub repo shecc

    A self-hosting and educational C compiler

    Project mention: Compiler Class | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-02-09

    I'm looking at this one for a CPU design I've been working on. :)


  • GitHub repo baremetal-arm

    An ebook about bare-metal programming for ARM

    Project mention: Free 500+ books and learning resources for every programmer. | dev.to | 2021-07-23

    Bare-metal programming for ARM - Daniels Umanovskis (PDF)

  • GitHub repo pico-debug

    virtual debug pod for RP2040 "Raspberry Pi Pico" with no added hardware

    Project mention: Raspberry Pico: Simple Debugging with just one Device | dev.to | 2021-04-25

    This blog pot continues the Pico setup series and will detail how to setup a fully working debugger in VS Studio Code. Keep in mind that ultimately the steps are based on explanations from pico-debug project, and wizio-pico, but the setup is complex so I wrote a summarizing blog article. Follow along and you will be debugging your Pico C programs with the press of a simple launch button.

  • GitHub repo vmrp

    mrp emulator, virtual machine, mrp模拟器

    Project mention: how install "vmrp" ? and where find rom set? (chinese cellphone emulator, with Contra and Konami games) | reddit.com/r/Roms | 2021-11-20
  • GitHub repo modern-embedded-programming-course

    Companion repository to the "Modern Embedded Systems Programming" video course.

    Project mention: path of learning the arm cortex-m embedded c programming? | reddit.com/r/embedded | 2021-06-05

    "Modern Embedded Systems Programming" leads to Dr. Miro Samek website : https://www.state-machine.com/video-course and github : https://github.com/QuantumLeaps/modern-embedded-programming-course

  • GitHub repo neatcc

    A small arm/x86(-64) C compiler

    Project mention: Clickable link in a table cell | reddit.com/r/groff | 2021-08-24
  • GitHub repo qtools

    QTools collection of open source tools for embedded systems development on Windows, Linux and MacOS

    Project mention: What software do professionals use to make GUI mockups for embedded systems? | reddit.com/r/embedded | 2021-12-13
  • GitHub repo apultra

    Free open-source compressor for apLib with 5-7% better ratios

  • GitHub repo arm-none-eabi-gcc-xpack

    A binary xPack with the Arm Embedded GCC toolchain

    Project mention: good evening I follow the tutorial Version 3 in pdf but at step 3 3. I have this 404 error message. any idea? | reddit.com/r/GameAndWatchMods | 2021-12-17

    wget https://github.com/xpack-dev-tools/arm-none-eabi-gcc-xpack/releases/download/v10.2.1- 1.1/xpack-arm-none-eabi-gcc-10.2.1-1.1-linux-arm.tar.gz

  • GitHub repo Realtek-USB-Wireless-Adapter-Drivers

    Realtek USB Wireless Adapter Drivers [0bda:f179] (Kernel 4.15.x ~ 5.9.x)

    Project mention: For an upcoming war against them, we need you to fight with us. The truth is men are tired of liberty. We become strong, I feel, when we have no friends upon whom to lean, or to look to for moral guidance. | reddit.com/r/linuxmasterrace | 2021-09-07

    Nothing wrong with driver that built into the kernel.Those driver work fine.However driver that not built into kernel,they might not work with new kernel.For example, this https://github.com/corneal64/Realtek-USB-Wireless-Adapter-Drivers driver didn't support new kernel.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2022-01-11.

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What are some of the best open-source Arm projects in C? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 raspberry-pi-os 11,081
2 rt-thread 6,549
3 Unicorn Engine 4,981
4 wasm3 4,461
5 box86 1,846
6 cpufetch 1,380
7 DAPLink 1,372
8 simde 1,343
9 desmume 1,300
10 sse2neon 514
11 qpc 490
12 uefi-ntfs 479
13 sleef 416
14 shecc 361
15 baremetal-arm 303
16 pico-debug 116
17 vmrp 111
18 modern-embedded-programming-course 97
19 neatcc 95
20 qtools 79
21 apultra 72
22 arm-none-eabi-gcc-xpack 61
23 Realtek-USB-Wireless-Adapter-Drivers 31
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