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  • ScreenToGif

    🎬 ScreenToGif allows you to record a selected area of your screen, edit and save it as a gif or video.

    Project mention: Adding Smooth Animations to Diagrams in Draw.io | dev.to | 2023-12-01

    By following these steps, your diagram will be exported as an SVG, keeping the animation intact. If you find yourself on a platform that doesn't support SVG, you can use external programs like ScreenToGif. This program lets you record your screen and export the recording as a GIF. Handy for platforms that prefer GIFs over SVGs.

  • SteamTools

    🛠「Watt Toolkit」是一个开源跨平台的多功能 Steam 工具箱。

    Project mention: Is steamX :card farmer safe? I have used idle daddy before and it was completely safe. | /r/Steam | 2023-03-20

    English explanation https://github.com/BeyondDimension/SteamTools/blob/v3.x/README.en.md

  • WorkOS

    The modern API for authentication & user identity. The APIs are flexible and easy-to-use, supporting authentication, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.

  • MaterialDesignInXamlToolkit

    Google's Material Design in XAML & WPF, for C# & VB.Net.

  • CefSharp

    .NET (WPF and Windows Forms) bindings for the Chromium Embedded Framework

    Project mention: Head-up-Display Stream Deck Plugin | /r/u_pariswhitney | 2023-06-23

    The Fullscreen Chromium (cefsharp) based Web-Browser ignores optionally user input like Mouse clicks, and is optionally always in the foreground (Force-Top-Most), so it can be used for any situation.

  • MahApps.Metro

    A framework that allows developers to cobble together a better UI for their own WPF applications with minimal effort.

    Project mention: Windows 8 style app (metro style app) | /r/windows | 2023-05-08

    You can make a WPF application with VS2022 CE and then install this NuGet package: MahApps

  • EarTrumpet

    EarTrumpet - Volume Control for Windows

    Project mention: Eartrumpet: Hide other unused sources? | /r/software | 2023-03-09

    Others have asked this - https://github.com/File-New-Project/EarTrumpet/discussions/895

  • ReactiveUI

    An advanced, composable, functional reactive model-view-viewmodel framework for all .NET platforms that is inspired by functional reactive programming. ReactiveUI allows you to abstract mutable state away from your user interfaces, express the idea around a feature in one readable place and improve the testability of your application.

    Project mention: Humble Chronicles: Managing State with Signals | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-05-19

    ReactiveUI is based on Rx and very popular in the .Net world: https://www.reactiveui.net/.

  • LearnThisRepo.com

    Learn 300+ open source libraries for free using AI. LearnThisRepo lets you learn 300+ open source repos including Postgres, Langchain, VS Code, and more by chatting with them using AI!

  • Dependencies

    A rewrite of the old legacy software "depends.exe" in C# for Windows devs to troubleshoot dll load dependencies issues.

    Project mention: I can't get Fluidsynth working | /r/cpp_questions | 2023-10-05

    I did some digging with Dependencies and found that issue is with libstdc++-6.dll

  • Playnite

    Video game library manager with support for wide range of 3rd party libraries and game emulation support, providing one unified interface for your games.

    Project mention: I wrote an app for myself to filter my library by HLTB | /r/SteamDeck | 2023-12-11

    I've done something similar before with Playnite (an open-source PC game library manager), which has an HLTB plugin.

  • EverythingToolbar

    Everything integration for the Windows taskbar.

    Project mention: Fluent Search | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-11-22

    Everything + EverythingToolbar


  • WPF

    WPF is a .NET Core UI framework for building Windows desktop applications.

    Project mention: .NET 8 is on the Way! 7 Features that will blow your mind 🤯 | dev.to | 2023-10-18

    Gear up, folks, and test drive this fresh-off-the-lab feature. And should you stumble upon any glitches along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out. Got a bug to report or feedback to give? Send them directly to our dotnet/wpf repository. We’re eager to hear from you, because together, we’re only going to make the experience even better!

  • Windows-Auto-Night-Mode

    Automatically switches between the dark and light theme of Windows 10 and Windows 11

    Project mention: Auto Dark Mode + Neovim: Windows (maybe Linux?) | /r/neovim | 2023-07-18

    This solution uses Auto Dark Mode, which seems like the most popular application for theme changing functionality. However, any theme changer with scripting capability could be used.

  • Prism

    Prism is a framework for building loosely coupled, maintainable, and testable XAML applications in WPF, Xamarin Forms, and Uno / Win UI Applications.. (by PrismLibrary)

  • wpfui

    WPF UI provides the Fluent experience in your known and loved WPF framework. Intuitive design, themes, navigation and new immersive controls. All natively and effortlessly.

    Project mention: WinUI Unpackaged --- What am I missing? | /r/csharp | 2023-05-27
  • UWP Community Toolkit

    The Windows Community Toolkit is a collection of helpers, extensions, and custom controls. It simplifies and demonstrates common developer tasks building .NET apps with UWP and the Windows App SDK / WinUI 3 for Windows 10 and Windows 11. The toolkit is part of the .NET Foundation.

    Project mention: Hello everyone, I made a Windows 10/11 Multitool app with Winforms. I'm just gonna share some screenshots. | /r/csharp | 2023-05-19

    GitHub/WCT/Controls/DataGrid (source code for the control)

  • HandyControl

    Contains some simple and commonly used WPF controls

  • NETworkManager

    A powerful tool for managing networks and troubleshoot network problems!

    Project mention: NETworkManager for Windows (WiFi, IP/Port Scanner, Traceroute, Ping Monitor, PuTTY/Remote Desktop/PowerShell/TigerVNC with Tabs and many more features) | /r/coolgithubprojects | 2023-09-20
  • ModernWpf

    Modern styles and controls for your WPF applications

    Project mention: Was my teacher right ? | /r/UI_Design | 2023-05-01

    I was just googling around and found this page. https://wpfui.lepo.co/ maybe it something you can use. Or this github repo https://github.com/Kinnara/ModernWpf

  • MVVMCross

    The .NET MVVM framework for cross-platform solutions, including Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Windows and Mac.

  • Extended WPF Toolkit™

    All the controls missing in WPF. Over 1 million downloads.

    Project mention: Extended WPF Toolkit™ VS NOV-Examples-for-WPF - a user suggested alternative | libhunt.com/r/wpftoolkit | 2023-07-13
  • LiveCharts2

    Simple, flexible, interactive & powerful charts, maps and gauges for .Net, LiveCharts2 can now practically run everywhere Maui, Uno Platform, Blazor-wasm, WPF, WinForms, Xamarin, Avalonia, WinUI, UWP.

    Project mention: AvaloniaUI: Create Multi-Platform Apps with .NET | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-02-03

    But I think some of this stuff is already handled in Avalonia ecosystem like https://github.com/Mapsui/Mapsui, https://github.com/beto-rodriguez/LiveCharts2 and few others...

  • qttabbar

    QTTabBar is a small tool that allows you to use tab multi label function in Windows Explorer. https://www.yuque.com/indiff/qttabbar

  • Oxyplot

    A cross-platform plotting library for .NET

  • InfluxDB

    Power Real-Time Data Analytics at Scale. Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.

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What are some of the best open-source WPF projects in C#? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 ScreenToGif 22,154
2 SteamTools 17,374
3 MaterialDesignInXamlToolkit 14,397
4 CefSharp 9,579
5 MahApps.Metro 9,056
6 EarTrumpet 8,238
7 ReactiveUI 7,833
8 Dependencies 7,806
9 Playnite 7,791
10 EverythingToolbar 7,454
11 WPF 6,722
12 Windows-Auto-Night-Mode 6,568
13 Prism 6,021
14 wpfui 6,009
15 UWP Community Toolkit 5,725
16 HandyControl 5,449
17 NETworkManager 4,361
18 ModernWpf 4,096
19 MVVMCross 3,807
20 Extended WPF Toolkit™ 3,701
21 LiveCharts2 3,680
22 qttabbar 3,393
23 Oxyplot 3,066
Power Real-Time Data Analytics at Scale
Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.