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  • GitHub repo awesome-dotnet-core

    :honeybee: A collection of awesome .NET core libraries, tools, frameworks and software

    Project mention: Free Code Camp / Odin Project, but for .Net Core. Does it exist? | reddit.com/r/learnprogramming | 2021-06-09

    Another huge resource for .Net Core is https://github.com/thangchung/awesome-dotnet-core

  • GitHub repo Entity Framework

    EF Core is a modern object-database mapper for .NET. It supports LINQ queries, change tracking, updates, and schema migrations.

    Project mention: How is EF different from embedding sql? | reddit.com/r/dotnetcore | 2021-06-10

    https://github.com/dotnet/efcore/issues/795 the number of duplicate issues assigned to it suggests it is quite a popular request.

  • GitHub repo ASP.NET Boilerplate

    ASP.NET Boilerplate - Web Application Framework

    Project mention: Nobody I know knows Angular and I'm stuck with component combination/reusing services | reddit.com/r/Angular2 | 2021-04-27

    Alright, so I'm using an https://aspnetboilerplate.com/ template with Angular and it's awesome. Basic Angular app that is responsive, lots of out of the box functionality to play with. Here's a screenshot of the structure: https://imgur.com/a/WOPOKj1

  • GitHub repo Ryujinx

    Experimental Nintendo Switch Emulator written in C#

    Project mention: Audio wont work | reddit.com/r/Ryujinx | 2021-06-01

    My best advice is to enable logging in the options (not for OpenGl though), open a new issue on github and post your problem with the log file. Usually you'll get a response very quickly.

  • GitHub repo Bitwarden

    The core infrastructure backend (API, database, Docker, etc). (by bitwarden)

    Project mention: Easiest Cloud based PWD Manager? | reddit.com/r/privacy | 2021-06-11
  • GitHub repo Hangfire

    An easy way to perform background job processing in your .NET and .NET Core applications. No Windows Service or separate process required

    Project mention: ASP.NET Core API Checklist | dev.to | 2021-06-13


  • GitHub repo Ocelot

    .NET core API Gateway

    Project mention: Authentication with multiple .net core apis | reddit.com/r/vuejs | 2021-01-27

    Discovered Ocelot and it looks like a good place to start, so you have any thoughts on that?

  • GitHub repo nopCommerce

    The most popular open-source eCommerce shopping cart solution based on ASP.NET Core

    Project mention: Any public facing production sites using ASP.NET Core and PostgreSQL? | reddit.com/r/dotnet | 2021-04-10
  • GitHub repo ABP

    Open Source Web Application Framework for ASP.NET Core

    Project mention: Modular web application frameworks? | reddit.com/r/dotnet | 2021-03-02


  • GitHub repo Electron.NET

    :electron: Build cross platform desktop apps with ASP.NET Core (Razor Pages, MVC, Blazor).

    Project mention: Need help for this obscure situation. (.Net Core + HTML/Javascript) | reddit.com/r/csharp | 2021-06-10

    If you want to make an desktop app and use html, CSS etc I think Electron is the way to go. There is a wrapper for Net Core: https://github.com/ElectronNET/Electron.Net but I have not used it myself so can't help with any of the setup etc

  • GitHub repo practical-aspnetcore

    Practical samples of ASP.NET Core 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 5.0 and 6.0 Preview 5 projects you can use. Readme contains explanations on all projects.

    Project mention: Learning resources for dotnet as a developer | reddit.com/r/dotnet | 2021-06-13
  • GitHub repo Orchard Core

    Orchard Core is an open-source modular and multi-tenant application framework built with ASP.NET Core, and a content management system (CMS) built on top of that framework.

    Project mention: Puck, an Open Source .Net Core CMS | reddit.com/r/dotnet | 2021-06-04

    As the older roadmap says, it was to be released in 2019. https://github.com/OrchardCMS/OrchardCore/wiki/Roadmap/a4277c874b4f7480c55f02d5a148e4bbb2ff0bcf

  • GitHub repo Refit

    The automatic type-safe REST library for .NET Core, Xamarin and .NET. Heavily inspired by Square's Retrofit library, Refit turns your REST API into a live interface.

    Project mention: How to make Dapr client works well with Refit and RestEase | dev.to | 2021-03-08

    We can use Refit or RestEase to make it better to read and use just like above.

  • GitHub repo GraphQL for .NET

    GraphQL for .NET

    Project mention: Improving the GraphQL.NET Data Loader Execution Strategy | dev.to | 2021-05-28

    Customising the default ParallelExecutionStrategy is harder though. The best way to achieve this is to take the existing source code and modify it. The key section we need to modify is the last part of the try/catch in ExecuteNodeTreeAsync:

  • GitHub repo imewlconverter


    Project mention: 输入法词库转换工具,支持超过20种输入法词库的转换 | reddit.com/r/u_fenku2018 | 2021-04-24
  • GitHub repo SimplCommerce

    A simple, cross platform, modularized ecommerce system built on .NET Core (by simplcommerce)

  • GitHub repo spectre.console

    A .NET library that makes it easier to create beautiful console applications.

    Project mention: C# Alternative to the Go library "Glamour" | reddit.com/r/csharp | 2021-02-10

    Looks like I don't have to do that (yet!)

  • GitHub repo Command Line Parser

    The best C# command line parser that brings standardized *nix getopt style, for .NET. Includes F# support

    Project mention: C# equivalent to Pythons cmd module? | reddit.com/r/csharp | 2021-05-09
  • GitHub repo ASP.NET MVC Boilerplate

    .NET project templates with batteries included, providing the minimum amount of code required to get you going faster.

    Project mention: Adding Polly Policies To Your IDistributedCache | dev.to | 2021-04-02

    I never published Nuget packages myself, but with the help of Dotnet-Boxed it was super easy.

  • GitHub repo perfview

    PerfView is a CPU and memory performance-analysis tool

    Project mention: what is syncengine.etl? | reddit.com/r/Office365 | 2021-04-18
  • GitHub repo Covenant

    Covenant is a collaborative .NET C2 framework for red teamers.

    Project mention: DomainBorrowing: Not be confused with DomainFronting - This talk presents a new method to hide C2 traffic via a CDN to circumvent censorship. It details some tricks discovered in some CDN implementations, and how to chain them together to “borrow” a domain and its valid HTTPS certificate | reddit.com/r/blueteamsec | 2021-05-09

    an implementation is here - Covenant Implant Template, which uses Domain Borrowing for C2 communication. https://github.com/Dliv3/DomainBorrowing

  • GitHub repo Hot Chocolate

    Welcome to the home of the Hot Chocolate GraphQL server for .NET, the Strawberry Shake GraphQL client for .NET and Banana Cake Pop the awesome Monaco based GraphQL IDE.

    Project mention: 10 Blazor Features You Probably Didn't Know | dev.to | 2021-06-01

    Popular GraphQL libraries for .NET include GraphQL.NET and Hot Chocolate. To see GraphQL in action with a Blazor WebAssembly app, follow the Get started with Strawberry Shake guide. A companion to HotChocolate (GraphQL on the server), Strawberry Shake creates .NET GraphQL client proxies to consume endpoints with strongly-typed payloads.

  • GitHub repo LibGit2Sharp

    Git + .NET/Mono = ❤

    Project mention: In code , code merge library | reddit.com/r/csharp | 2021-04-22

    Is it something you could possibly achieve with git? - https://github.com/libgit2/libgit2sharp/

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What are some of the best open-source dotnet-core projects in C#? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 awesome-dotnet-core 14,672
2 Entity Framework 10,284
3 ASP.NET Boilerplate 9,618
4 Ryujinx 9,070
5 Bitwarden 7,864
6 Hangfire 6,752
7 Ocelot 6,285
8 nopCommerce 6,270
9 ABP 6,255
10 Electron.NET 5,753
11 practical-aspnetcore 5,640
12 Orchard Core 5,115
13 Refit 5,055
14 GraphQL for .NET 4,808
15 imewlconverter 4,034
16 SimplCommerce 3,291
17 spectre.console 3,182
18 Command Line Parser 2,866
19 ASP.NET MVC Boilerplate 2,691
20 perfview 2,628
21 Covenant 2,423
22 Hot Chocolate 2,395
23 LibGit2Sharp 2,351