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  • GitHub repo DiscordChatExporter

    Exports Discord chat logs to a file

    Project mention: Discord Scraper | reddit.com/r/webscraping | 2021-10-15
  • GitHub repo Discord.Net

    An unofficial .Net wrapper for the Discord API (http://discordapp.com)

    Project mention: discord bot | reddit.com/r/Unity3D | 2021-08-30

    I tried using Discord.NET, but it gave me this error! "Assets\bot.cs(4,7): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'Discord' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)" can you help me?

  • Syncfusion

    Syncfusion Xamarin UI controls allow for space, time, and ultimately, cost savings.. Syncfusion Xamarin components and frameworks are constantly being developed and updated to meet the growing needs of a changing digital world. This suite has controls from basic editors to powerful, advanced controls like DataGrid, Charts, ListView, and RTE. Free 30-day Trial.

  • GitHub repo FFXIVQuickLauncher

    Custom launcher for Final Fantasy XIV

    Project mention: Is there a way to hide your MP bar? | reddit.com/r/ffxiv | 2021-10-13
  • GitHub repo DSharpPlus

    A .NET Standard library for making bots using the Discord API.

    Project mention: DSharpPlus VS Disqord - a user suggested alternative | libhunt.com/r/DSharpPlus | 2021-08-19
  • GitHub repo discord-rpc-csharp

    C# custom implementation for Discord Rich Presence. Not deprecated and still available!

    Project mention: competitive_irl | reddit.com/r/furry_irl | 2021-02-16

    for people wondering how I did this, I used the Discord RPC library for C# and just created a program that changes the status to that

  • GitHub repo HunterPie

    A complete, modern and clean overlay with Discord Rich Presence integration for Monster Hunter: World.

    Project mention: I fear no man, but that thing - it scares me | reddit.com/r/MonsterHunterWorld | 2021-08-28


  • GitHub repo iTunesRichPresence

    Bring iTunes now playing information to Discord using Rich Presence

    Project mention: exe. files showing up as .csproj and can’t be run | reddit.com/r/techsupport | 2021-06-05
  • Scout APM

    Scout APM: A developer's best friend. Try free for 14-days. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo SysBot.NET

    sys-botbase client for remote control automation of Nintendo Switch consoles.

    Project mention: Miss using the GTS without crashing? Wish there was something similar to sysbot but for the Gen7 games? Today I publicly released Aphid Bot, a bot that can trade you almost anything you request over the GTS! | reddit.com/r/PokeMoonSun | 2021-08-05

    Hey everyone! I run a Gen8 Sysbot server on discord, for those of you that are unfamiliar with sysbot more information is available here: (https://github.com/kwsch/SysBot.NET). Even though I had nothing to do with the development of Sysbot, over the last year of running the discord server I have constantly been requested to make something similar for Gen7. It was never much of a priority of mine, but recently with the GTS in the Gen7 games becoming almost entirely unusable due to corrupted Pokemon deposits from scumbags, I decided to try and make something akin to sysbot’s Pokemon trading feature for the Gen7 games.

  • GitHub repo TataruHelper

    Tataru Helper - application for translation of in-game texts in Japan MMORPG - Final Fantasy XIV. The texts are understood as MSQ, cutscenes, quests, NPC replicas, etc.

    Project mention: Final Fantasy XIV steam version with XIVLauncher and Tataru Helper | reddit.com/r/linux_gaming | 2021-10-03
  • GitHub repo Anarchy

    The superior Discord API wrapper

    Project mention: What C# library allows for SelfBots? | reddit.com/r/Discord_selfbots | 2021-04-23

    All of the libraries i've found has removed support for it, except for Anarchy which you can install via nuget (github: https://github.com/not-ilinked/Anarchy)

  • GitHub repo Disqord

    An asynchronous Discord API wrapper for .NET 5 that aims to make Discord bot development simple and enjoyable.

    Project mention: Discord.Net VS Disqord - a user suggested alternative | libhunt.com/r/Discord.Net | 2021-08-19
  • GitHub repo MultiRPC

    A Discord rich presence manager app with a cool GUI and support for custom status and multiple profiles

    Project mention: Anyone know how to do this? | reddit.com/r/discordapp | 2021-07-18

    you can for instance use MultiRPC to easily create a Rich Presence with everything you can see there.. but you will also need to create an application at https://discord.com/developers/applications

  • GitHub repo CustomRP

    Custom Discord Rich Presence Manager for Windows, features run on startup and minimizing to tray.

    Project mention: How do I do this? | reddit.com/r/discordapp | 2021-02-12

    i'm using CustomRP since im not fancy on using NodeJS and all that shizz. Beside, the thing is running on C#

  • GitHub repo Remora.Discord

    A C# Discord library, focused on robustness and correctness.

    Project mention: Making a discord bot in C#? | reddit.com/r/csharp | 2021-09-14

    I used Remora Discord and as a beginner to bots it made a fair amount of sense. Discord is active too.

  • GitHub repo Discord.Addons.Interactive

    add some interactivity to your commands 🙂

    Project mention: How to create your own Discord bot? | dev.to | 2021-01-14

    To use this plugin you should install this library to your project: Discord.Addons.Interactive.

  • GitHub repo Token-Browser-Password-Stealer-Creator

    This is a browser password+token STEALER! [Outdated, ItroublveTSC is new REPO]

    Project mention: Is this safe? | reddit.com/r/hacking | 2021-08-16

    I don't know how to scan .exe files, the github is https://github.com/Itroublve/Token-Browser-Password-Stealer-Creator

  • GitHub repo ItroublveTSC

    Official Source of ItroublveTSC, totally open source. No virus or anything. Feel free to have a look :)

    Project mention: I reset Windows using the "Reset this PC" utility, am I safe from the trojan that infected my computer? | reddit.com/r/AskNetsec | 2021-08-29

    Is the DBAN necessary? I found more info about the trojan on Github, and it seems like just an ordinary Windows reset would've made it harmless. https://github.com/Itroublve/ItroublveTSC

  • GitHub repo Localisation

    Repository for translation and discussion for OpenRCT2.

    Project mention: Is it possible to rename shop items? | reddit.com/r/openrct2 | 2021-09-12

    This repo may have more information about how you could go about doing that: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/Localisation I'd probably just copy the English file and copy/paste the word there and then pick my custom translation in-game.

  • GitHub repo discord-overlay

    This overlay host is to provide a desktop overlay for when you're playing games in the browser and still want to see who's talking (such as TTRPGs on FoundryVTT or Roll20).

    Project mention: Dream feature: owned token glows when Discord user speaks | reddit.com/r/FoundryVTT | 2021-09-26

    As mentioned above, I believe this program and the instructions with it are intended to make it work: https://github.com/flamewave000/discord-overlay

  • GitHub repo Dead-video

    A simple program for creating "broken video" due to which the discord and browser crashes during playback.

    Project mention: Video Crashes Discord | reddit.com/r/discordapp | 2021-01-18

    You can easily create the same video -> https://github.com/Sigma-cc/Dead-video

  • GitHub repo discord-masz

    MASZ is a highly sophisticated moderation bot for Discord. Includes a web dashboard and a discord bot.

    Project mention: A discord moderation tool - Struggling with finding audience | reddit.com/r/SideProject | 2021-02-24

    TL;DR; at the end. I have developed MASZ - a moderation tool - that helps Discord mods and admins to keep up with moderation events on there server. MASZ includes features like managed punishments, ban appeals, automoderation, notifications and fileuploads to enrich the experience and workflow of moderators as well as the transparency for the community. GitHub.

  • GitHub repo FoundryVTT-Discord-Rich-Presence

    Enables Discord Rich Presence for http://foundryvtt.com/

    Project mention: Dream feature: owned token glows when Discord user speaks | reddit.com/r/FoundryVTT | 2021-09-26

    I don't know if it's working in 0.8.X, but my very first module has an API that could enable this - https://github.com/cswendrowski/FoundryVTT-Discord-Rich-Presence/wiki/Extending-the-Module

  • GitHub repo PoisnCopy

    Discord channel copy bot

    Project mention: Advice wanted: Not sure if this is the right place to ask for advice... But, is it worth the time to update my discord bot? I already got the use out of it that I need, but it is on over 90 servers now and I see that people still have a need for it. | reddit.com/r/opensource | 2021-07-28

    Link to my discord bot just as reference: https://github.com/PoisnFang/PoisnCopy I have seen that it can be fairly time consuming to properly maintain an open source project. I was wondering if I should really try to keep it up-to-date for others. I really love open source and would love the opportunity to give back. Working on the bot was also a blast!

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-10-15.


What are some of the best open-source Discord projects in C#? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 DiscordChatExporter 2,937
2 Discord.Net 2,166
3 FFXIVQuickLauncher 864
4 DSharpPlus 813
5 discord-rpc-csharp 346
6 HunterPie 300
7 iTunesRichPresence 226
8 SysBot.NET 213
9 TataruHelper 150
10 Anarchy 136
11 Disqord 127
12 MultiRPC 121
13 CustomRP 112
14 Remora.Discord 103
15 Discord.Addons.Interactive 67
16 Token-Browser-Password-Stealer-Creator 64
17 ItroublveTSC 44
18 Localisation 43
19 discord-overlay 42
20 Dead-video 20
21 discord-masz 18
22 FoundryVTT-Discord-Rich-Presence 13
23 PoisnCopy 9
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