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Stars Project Description
2 416 This repository includes a CI platform for and collection of mature and curated Bicep modules. The platform supports both ARM and Bicep and can be leveraged using GitHub actions as well as Azure DevOps pipelines.
1 2,603 Bicep is a declarative language for describing and deploying Azure resources
1 406 This repository contains the Azure Landing Zones (ALZ) Bicep modules that help deliver and deploy the Azure Landing Zone conceptual architecture in a modular approach.
1 169
1 163 This repository provides holistic architecture design and reference implementation for industry cloud based on proven success of large scale deployments and at-scale adoption with customers and partners.
1 120 Bicep registry modules
1 27 A collection of Azure Container Apps samples
1 10 Sample ARM Bicep file to deploy vNet/Subnet without dropping Subnet during re-deployment
1 4 A sample Django app using PostgreSQL for the Azure App Service Web App + Database tutorial. Designed for use with the Azure Developer CLI (azd).
1 2 Making an Azure Functions project (from Azure Functions University) compatible to azd
1 0

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