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Stars Project Description
34 8,960 A collection of scripts for activating Microsoft products using HWID / KMS38 / Online KMS activation methods with a focus on open-source code, less antivirus detection and user-friendliness.
21 3,064 Playground (and dump) of stuff I make or modify for the Flipper Zero
10 2,122 An open source modification of the Windows 10 operating system, designed to optimize performance, and latency.
9 5,303 Universal MCT wrapper script for all Windows 10/11 versions from 1507 to 21H2!
5 56 Replace the legacy Windows on-screen keyboard with a more modern virtual input method
4 3,739 Tron
4 494 USB Mice Overclocking Software (for Windows)
4 355 Config files for Plex Meta Manager
4 3 A native command shell Windows image deployment tool
3 28 Patches Playstation 1 games to remove flag for hardware dithering.
3 5 Script to fix teredo problems "Teredo is unable to qualify" and most teredo-related issue.
2 4,876 Smart Activation Script
2 2,591 A modern cross-platform low-level graphics library and rendering framework
2 13 This repository contains the script, packages and configs I use to automate the WindowsOnDeck installation guide.
2 7 A Tool To Make a Tiny or "Lite" Windows ISO. Allows you to Inspect and Modify Windows Images as well
2 5
2 0 CIC Programming Language
1 1,984 Vim Win32 Installer
1 949 Powerful batch script to dismantle complete windows defender protection and even bypass tamper protection ..Disable Windows-Defender Permanently....Hack windows. POC
1 96 DWIN T5UID1 touchscreen firmware for 3D printers running Klipper.

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