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Stars Project Description
3 147 Path of Exile UI and QoL extension/addon. Emphasizes ease of use, minimalist design, and seamless integration.
3 67 Windows frontend for CHDMAN - written in Autohotkey
2 1,230 Automation Utility - Recorder & Script Generator
2 109 Ableton Live, supercharged (on Windows)
2 61
2 30 A Script/Program to simulate hardware F key lock on F1-F12 keys with custom controls and visible lock notifications.
2 0 Auto Hotkeys for the steam game Idle Skilling
2 0 AutoHotkey script made to allows you to quickly access your own lists of unicode characters and insert them without losing focus on the original window.
1 212 Automatic crack steam games
1 66 An attempt to make (automatic) updating LibreWolf for Windows much easier. Can be used for installed and portable instances (see
1 55
1 37 AutoHotkey JSON library using embedded C for high performance
1 25
1 8 A repository for the source code and Core Keeper Auto Fish application which automatically fishes for you in the game Core Keeper.
1 6 Use your the TI-84 Plus CE as an external keyboard!
1 3 A Launch Autohotkey script for pinball FX that adds per table launching support. Plus a collection of media images like docklet wheel, Table and backglass images that work with the script
1 2 Support files I need to run my peripherals under windows
1 1 PS1 injector/forwarder for the 3DS
1 1 Wallpaper overlay for Windows
1 0 AHK Script To Scroll Using Only Right Click+Drag

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