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Mentions Stars Project Description
2 17 SNEStoCDi allows to use a Nintendo SNES (Super NES) / SFC (Super Famicom) gamepad on a Philips CDi player / game console (Arduino-based project)
1 218 DIY Arduino Wi-Fi Keylogger (Proof of Concept)
1 66 Open Bitcoin ATM -- The worlds first completely open-source Bitcoin ATM for Education and Experimentation.
1 60 ROS package to control an autonomous RC vehicle based on Arduino and UDOO/Raspberry
1 31 A MIDI controller using arcade buttons with RGB lighting effects
1 27 A program for Arduino Uno that makes it possible to connect a TI-83 calculator to a computer
1 12 Twizy / SEVCON Gen4 configuration shell for Arduino
1 11 Quick and dirty demonstration of Arduino IDE to ESP8266 turning on/off an RCSwitch via web browser
1 5 Uses the Arduino Uno microcontroller to emulate a USB keyboard and insert random text into the computer at random intervals
1 3 Small & Cheap IoT button which can do anything!
1 0 Digispark ATTINY85 Change Desktop Wallpaper

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