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Mentions Stars Project Description
2 39 This project contains various GNAT Ada Run Time Systems (RTSs) targeted at Cortex boards: so far, the Arduino Due, the STM32F4-series evaluation boards from STMicroelectronics, and the BBC micro:bit
1 173 Ada source code and complete sample GNAT projects for selected bare-board platforms supported by GNAT.
1 115 Command-line tool from the Alire project and supporting library
1 75 Ada 2012 bindings to SDL 2
1 71 Thick Ada binding for OpenGL and GLFW
1 65 Formal message specification and generation of verifiable binary parsers and message generators
1 44 An Ada binding generator from SVD descriptions for bare board ARM devices.
1 11 Libadalang-based tools
1 11 GLOBE_3D: a real-time 3D Engine written in Ada
1 10 Context-based code search tool
1 7 An Ada 2012 library for monitoring filesystem events using Linux' inotify API
1 7 ARE - Advanced Resource Embedder include files, scripts, images in Ada, C, Go binaries
1 3 Ada binding to the SFML library
1 2 An Ada 2012 library to read input events and use force-feedback using Linux' evdev API
1 1 Ada bindings for the notcurses text user interface library
1 0 Extensions to the Tiny Lisp language for embedded applications
1 0 Ada programming on the Arduino Due

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