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Walker Leite

PureScript and Haskell Developer

As a T-shaped software engineer with a strong focus on building robust client-side solutions, bring extensive experience and a methodical approach to functional programming. The goal is to solve challenging scalability issues and improve code to maximize product performance and usability. With 12 years of software development and leadership experience, confident in the ability to deliver successful projects.

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  • 🇧🇷 Brazil
  • Remote OK
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  • Senior
  • Staff/Principal
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  • Full-time Employment
  • Full-time Contract
  • Freelance

  • PlutusExperience

    Our free course Plutus Experience is on our Youtube channel and GitHub. There will be 12 modules. Learn from ZERO to a vending machine.

  • ssb-bot-feed

    It works pretty well and is battle tested

  • ctl-nix

    Turns cardano-transaction-lib purs-nix compatible. With nix-templates you have some ready to be used templates with and without tests.

  • nix-templates

    It is updated on weekly basis with good test coverage. You'll need a robust machine and a good internet provider.

  • pacman-nix-hooks

    I've used in my laptop it works well with nix-env, but recently I've moved to nix profiles, it does not support nix profiles yet.

  • purs-eval

    It works well, I've been using mostly with Patat (a CLI slide presentation tool).