volta VS Docker Compose

Compare volta vs Docker Compose and see what are their differences.


Volta: JS Toolchains as Code. ⚡ (by volta-cli)

Docker Compose

Define and run multi-container applications with Docker (by docker)
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volta Docker Compose
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7,064 27,806
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Posts with mentions or reviews of volta. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2022-11-24.

Docker Compose

Posts with mentions or reviews of Docker Compose. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2022-11-24.
  • Running Virtual Hosts in Apache Docker Container and LetsEncrypt for SSL
    3 projects | reddit.com/r/docker | 24 Nov 2022
    You can read more information about Docker Compose here: https://docs.docker.com/compose/
  • Basic setup for development
    2 projects | dev.to | 17 Nov 2022
    sudo curl -L "https://github.com/docker/compose/releases/download/1.25.5/docker-compose-$(uname -s)-$(uname -m)" -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/docker-compose /usr/bin/docker-compose docker-compose --version
  • Approaches in Cloud Development Ergonomics
    7 projects | dev.to | 15 Nov 2022
    This approach works great when it’s feasible, which is usually at a very early stage in the life of the application where it’s still small and tenable. There’s some tooling that lets you extend this honeymoon phase by letting you do it more easily, like docker-compose, Skaffold, or Tilt. However, at a certain point, even if you’ve written whatever scriptage is needed to actually configure and run the latest stable version of all of your components together, you’re going to hit some sort of ceiling: if you’ve got a large database, or some CPU-heavy computations, or you’re relying on some managed service that can’t be containerized, this approach soon becomes untenable.
  • Podman Desktop: A Free OSS Alternative to Docker Desktop
    13 projects | news.ycombinator.com | 9 Nov 2022
  • Dockerize an Django Based app along Postgres + Redis + ElasticSearch 🚀
    3 projects | dev.to | 9 Nov 2022
    Docker Compose
  • Local development "environments" per Git branches with Docker Compose
    2 projects | dev.to | 8 Nov 2022
    With the help of the Docker Compose we are able to create so called YAML files, to create and manage containers "quickly". We can commit these files to our repositories and other developers are able to set up their dependencies easily when they join a project. When I talk about dependencies I mean databases, messaging services, other services (like Spring based apps that are being containerized).
  • Dockerizing a Mongodb Replica Set With TLS/SSL
    2 projects | dev.to | 7 Nov 2022
    The goal of this guide is to create a local SSL-enabled MongoDB Replica Set using docker-compose.
  • What is HAProxy ?
    2 projects | dev.to | 6 Nov 2022
    Compose is a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications. With Compose, you use a YAML file to configure your application's services. src
  • can't install docker-compose
    3 projects | reddit.com/r/selfhosted | 5 Nov 2022
    # create the docker plugins directory if it doesn't exist yet mkdir -p ~/.docker/cli-plugins # download the CLI into the plugins directory curl -sSL https://github.com/docker/compose/releases/download/v2.12.2/docker-compose-linux-x86_64 -o ~/.docker/cli-plugins/docker-compose # make the CLI executable chmod +x ~/.docker/cli-plugins/docker-compose
  • Create Harbor Server on Ubuntu VM
    2 projects | dev.to | 1 Nov 2022
    # This script will install Harbor server # # User Inputs > #================================================== > export my_hostname= export my_fqdn= export my_ip= #================================================== echo "Make sure your VM is configured with proper hostname, static IP address and its entry is mentioned in your DNS server" read -n 1 -r -s -p $'Press enter to continue... else Control + c to stop \n' die() { local message=$1 echo "$message" >&2 exit 1 } # precheck echo "Doing precheck " ping $my_hostname -c 2 || die 'command failed' ping $my_ip -c 2 || die 'command failed' nslookup $my_fqdn || die 'command failed' nslookup $my_fqdn | grep $my_ip || die 'command failed' echo "==== Doing precheck ====" || die 'command failed' ping $my_hostname -c 2 || die 'command failed' nslookup $my_fqdn || die 'command failed' nslookup $my_fqdn | grep $my_ip || die 'command failed' echo "1. Enable ssh on the vm" || die 'command failed' apt-get update || die 'command failed' apt install openssh-server || die 'command failed' echo "2. Verify ssh service is up and running" || die 'command failed' systemctl status ssh || die 'command failed' echo "3. Update the apt package index" || die 'command failed' apt-get update || die 'command failed' echo "4. Install packages to allow apt to use a repository over HTTPS" || die 'command failed' apt-get install apt-transport-https ca-certificates curl gnupg-agent software-properties-common -y || die 'command failed' echo "5. Add Docker's official GPG key" || die 'command failed' curl -fsSL https://download.docker.com/linux/ubuntu/gpg | sudo apt-key add - || die 'command failed' sudo apt-key fingerprint 0EBFCD88 || die 'command failed' echo "6. Setup a stable repository" || die 'command failed' echo -ne '\n' | add-apt-repository "deb [arch=amd64] https://download.docker.com/linux/ubuntu bionic stable" || die 'command failed' echo "7. Install docker-ce" || die 'command failed' apt-get update || die 'command failed' apt-get install docker-ce docker-ce-cli containerd.io -y || die 'command failed' echo "8. Install current stable release of Docker Compose" || die 'command failed' curl -L "https://github.com/docker/compose/releases/download/1.25.4/docker-compose-$(uname -s)-$(uname -m)" -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose || die 'command failed' echo "9. Apply executable permissions to the binary" || die 'command failed' chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose || die 'command failed' echo "10. Verify installation" || die 'command failed' docker-compose --version || die 'command failed' echo "11. Download the Harbor installer" || die 'command failed' curl -L https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/releases/download/v2.4.3/harbor-offline-installer-v2.4.3.tgz -o /root/harbor-offline-installer-v2.4.3.tgz || die 'command failed' echo "12. Extract the Harbor installer" || die 'command failed' tar -xvzf /root/harbor-offline-installer-v2.4.3.tgz || die 'command failed' echo "13. Generate a CA certificate private key" || die 'command failed' openssl genrsa -out ca.key 4096 || die 'command failed' echo "14. Generate the CA certificate" || die 'command failed' openssl req -x509 -new -nodes -sha512 -days 3650 -subj "/C=US/ST=CA/L=Palo Alto/O=HomeLab/OU=Solution Engineering/CN=$my_fqdn" -key ca.key -out ca.crt || die 'command failed' echo "15. Generate a private key" || die 'command failed' openssl genrsa -out $my_fqdn.key 4096 || die 'command failed' echo "16. Generate a certificate signing request" || die 'command failed' openssl req -sha512 -new -subj "/C=US/ST=CA/L=Palo Alto/O=HomeLab/OU=Solution Engineering/CN=$my_fqdn" -key $my_fqdn.key -out $my_fqdn.csr || die 'command failed' echo "17. Generate an x509 v3 extension file" || die 'command failed' cat > v3.ext <<-EOF authorityKeyIdentifier=keyid,issuer basicConstraints=CA:FALSE keyUsage = digitalSignature, nonRepudiation, keyEncipherment, dataEncipherment extendedKeyUsage = serverAuth subjectAltName = @alt_names [alt_names] DNS.1=$my_fqdn DNS.2=$my_hostname IP.1=$my_ip EOF echo "18. Use the v3.ext file to generate a certificate for the Harbor host" || die 'command failed' openssl x509 -req -sha512 -days 3650 -extfile v3.ext -CA ca.crt -CAkey ca.key -CAcreateserial -in $my_fqdn.csr -out $my_fqdn.crt || die 'command failed' echo "19. Provide the certificates to harbor and docker" || die 'command failed' sudo mkdir -p /data/cert || die 'command failed' sudo mkdir -p /etc/docker/certs.d/$my_fqdn/ || die 'command failed' sudo cp ~/$my_fqdn.crt /data/cert/$my_fqdn.crt || die 'command failed' sudo cp ~/$my_fqdn.crt /etc/docker/certs.d/$my_fqdn/$my_fqdn.crt || die 'command failed' sudo cp ~/ca.crt /etc/docker/certs.d/$my_fqdn/ca.crt || die 'command failed' sudo openssl x509 -inform PEM -in ~/$my_fqdn.crt -out /etc/docker/certs.d/$my_fqdn/$my_fqdn.cert || die 'command failed' sudo cp ~/$my_fqdn.key /data/cert/$my_fqdn.key || die 'command failed' sudo cp ~/$my_fqdn.key /etc/docker/certs.d/$my_fqdn/$my_fqdn.key || die 'command failed' sudo systemctl restart docker || die 'command failed' echo "20. Copy and update certificate on Harbor VM" || die 'command failed' cp $my_fqdn.crt /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/update-ca-certificates || die 'command failed' echo "21. Configure the Harbor YML file manually" || die 'command failed' cp /root/harbor/harbor.yml.tmpl /root/harbor/harbor.yml || die 'command failed' ##### update the yml file manually #echo "Update the yml file manually /root/harbor/harbor.yml and execute below command" || die 'command failed' #echo "/root/harbor/install.sh --with-notary --with-chartmuseum || die 'command failed'" cp /root/harbor/harbor.yml.tmpl /root/harbor/harbor.yml || die 'command failed' cat /root/harbor/harbor.yml | sed -e "s/hostname: reg.mydomain.com/hostname: $my_fqdn/" > /tmp/1 || die 'command failed' cat /tmp/1 | sed -e "s/certificate: \/your\/certificate\/path/certificate: \/root\/$my_fqdn.crt/" > /tmp/2 || die 'command failed' cat /tmp/2 | sed -e "s/private_key: \/your\/private\/key\/path/private_key : \/root\/$my_fqdn.key/" > /tmp/3 || die 'command failed' cp /tmp/3 /root/harbor/harbor.yml || die 'command failed' echo "22. Install with Notary, Clair and Chart Repository Service" || die 'command failed' /root/harbor/install.sh --with-notary --with-chartmuseum || die 'command failed'

What are some alternatives?

When comparing volta and Docker Compose you can also consider the following projects:

fnm - 🚀 Fast and simple Node.js version manager, built in Rust

nvm - Node Version Manager - POSIX-compliant bash script to manage multiple active node.js versions

asdf - Extendable version manager with support for Ruby, Node.js, Elixir, Erlang & more

supervisor - Supervisor process control system for Unix (supervisord)

LibreNMS-docker - LibreNMS Docker image

terraform - Terraform enables you to safely and predictably create, change, and improve infrastructure. It is an open source tool that codifies APIs into declarative configuration files that can be shared amongst team members, treated as code, edited, reviewed, and versioned.

Portainer - Making Docker and Kubernetes management easy.

Cloud-Init - unofficial mirror of Ubuntu's cloud-init

nvm for Windows - A node.js version management utility for Windows. Ironically written in Go.

portainer-templates - Various Portainer App Templates

k3s - Lightweight Kubernetes

docker-cloudflared - Cloudflared proxy-dns Docker image