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The Dart SDK, including the VM, dart2js, core libraries, and more. (by dart-lang)


Design of the Dart language (by dart-lang)
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Posts with mentions or reviews of sdk. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2023-03-31.
  • How to use ConvertFrom-String to consume multilines?
    2 projects | | 31 Mar 2023
    $versionData = @' ### [3.7.8]( (Mar 22, 2023) This hotfix release addresses the following issues: * [flutter/119441]( - Fixes an issue where the \Toolbar` widget is incorrectly positioned when inside of a textfield in the Appbar.` ### [3.7.7]( (Mar 08, 2023) This hotfix release addresses the following issues: * [flutter/121256]( - Fixes an issue where Android users can not use add2app because it can not locate build/host/apk/app-debug.apk. * [engine/120455]( Cached DisplayList opacity inheritance fix. \* [dart/121270]( \- Fixes mobile devices vm crashes caused by particular use of RegExp on mobile devices. ### [3.7.6]( (Mar 01, 2023) This hotfix release addresses the following issues: * [dart/50981]( - Improves the performance of the Dart Analysis Server by limiting the analysis context to 1. * [dart/51481]( - Updates DDC test and builder configuration. * [flutter/114031]( - Fixes a crash when using \flutter doctor --android-licenses` on macOS.` * [flutter/106674]( - Fixes an issue where Flutter is unable to find the current JDK in specific versions of Android Studio. '@ $vObjs = $versionData -split '\n\r' | ForEach-Object { if ($_ -match '#+\s\[(?[0-9.]+)\]\((?.*?)\)\s\((?(?>\w|[, ])+)\)\r\n(?(?>.|\n)+)') { $ch = $Matches.Changes.Split("`n") [PSCustomObject]@{ Version = $Matches.Version Date = $Matches.Date GitHubUrl = $Matches.Url Changes = $ch[1..$ch.Length] } } } $vObjs | Format-Table
  • What programming language or graphics library is best for a lightweight desktop app?
    4 projects | | 31 Mar 2023
    If you want something multi-platform Flutter and the Dart programming language are the way to go.
  • [Rant] Dart's lack of encapsulation besides "public" and "kind-of-private" is my least favorite part of the language
    3 projects | | 2 Mar 2023
    Some issues that don't make the @protected annotation as useful as it could be are that @protected elements are not hidden the in tab completion outside their scope and protected is not being inherited (and can thus be called from outside the library on those subclasses).
    3 projects | | 2 Mar 2023
  • What language should I teach my little sister
    7 projects | | 23 Feb 2023
    If you're willing to pick up another language, I actually think Dart is the best overall programming language for young beginners. It's very streamlined and well thought-out. It doesn't have all of the complexities of languages like C# and Java, but it still has everything you'd want for application development.
  • What is the best/recommended language/framework for desktop development as of 2023?
    2 projects | | 23 Feb 2023
    Google's Flutter UI framework and Dart programming language are the best way to do desktop development right now. It supports desktop app development for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. You can also compile the same app for mobile on Android and iOS.
  • Flutter-WebRTC: A Complete Guide
    6 projects | | 21 Feb 2023
    Flutter is a mobile app development framework based on the Dart programming language, developed by Google. One can develop Android apps, iOS apps, web apps, and desktop apps using the same code with the Flutter Framework. Flutter has a large community, which is why it is the fastest-growing app development framework ever.
  • [OC] Most Popular Programming Languages 2012 - 2023
    2 projects | | 19 Feb 2023
    Dart isn't showing up yet? I thought C# would be bigger.
  • Flutter vs. React Native: Which Multi-Platform Mobile Development Tool Is Best?
    6 projects | | 7 Feb 2023
    Flutter arrived in 2017 as a Google project promising scalable cross-platform mobile development. It offers a batteries-included approach and comes with a comprehensive set of Material UI-themed components for building your interface. It uses declarative rendering, like React Native, but relies on the Dart programming language instead of JavaScript.
  • Flutter Resources: Beginner to Advance
    10 projects | | 5 Feb 2023
    Dart is a client-optimized language for fast apps on any platform.


Posts with mentions or reviews of language. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2023-03-21.
  • Java 20 Is Out
    4 projects | | 21 Mar 2023
    We could say that the if condition in a guard doesn't need parentheses but if conditions elsewhere do. But that's likely just an annoying footgun where users will write them unnecessarily (but harmelessly at least) in guards and forget them in if statements and get compile errors.

    If Dart didn't require parentheses around if conditions, we probably would have used "if" for guard clauses to (like Scala and Rust do).

    So we tried "when" and most users and team members seem to like it. Syntax design is a human-centered process so often the right answer is just what feels right to the most people.


  • [Rant] Dart's lack of encapsulation besides "public" and "kind-of-private" is my least favorite part of the language
    3 projects | | 2 Mar 2023
    This is not exactly what you want but it's a specification to add `base`, `interface`, `final` and `mixin class` as class modifiers to allow for better inheritance /extension definitions. It's something I've not liked for a while as well.
  • Is the “Dart 3 ready” badge misleading?
    4 projects | | 28 Feb 2023
    As I was about to release a new version of flutter_acrylic I noticed that some of the code used colon syntax for default values, which will not be supported in Dart 3.0.
  • Why doesn't Control Flow Collections support `switch` expression?
    2 projects | | 21 Feb 2023
    Because of that, it's probably more valuable to support switch elements in collections. We won't be able to get them in to Dart 3.0, but I hope we can in a future release.
    2 projects | | 21 Feb 2023
    Control Flow Collections only supports if expression and for expression inside collection literals (e.g. list literal).
  • Flutter Desktop Isn't There Yet
    5 projects | | 3 Feb 2023
    > my number one change would be to add configuration options to the formatting tool you wrote. i can see why consistency is a virtue for large projects, but for me, it is strictly a hindrance.

    Yeah, I get that. In personal projects, there's something to be said for just Having It Your Way. But the formatter is focused on ecosystem level improvements where configurability is an anti-feature.

    > my second big change would be to allow me to implement a big dart class in two or more implementation files.

    You can sometimes accomplish that by moving chunks of methods out into seperate mixins and mixing them into your class. I think mixins are generally underused in Dart. But if that doesn't work, the proposal for augmentation libraries would probably help:

    I'm glad you're enjoying Dart!

  • Custom string types
    2 projects | | 1 Feb 2023
    Take a look to this work in progress dart feature: master/accepted/future-releases/inline-classes You can also use assert to make sure Id is a valid Guid
    2 projects | | 1 Feb 2023
    The forthcoming inline class feature will let you create a wrapperless that is treated like a separate type by the static type system.
  • Dart 3 will be on pair with Kotlin and other top languages (you can see more features in the proposal)
    5 projects | | 26 Jan 2023
    keep in mind, they do plan on removing implicit tearoff of call methods
    5 projects | | 26 Jan 2023
    This has been proposed before and is visible in the language funnel under Icebox. From what I can gather, adding support for optional semicolons at this stage in the language would require a lot of restructuring and reworking of existing features in the language.

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