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Compare pub-dev vs expo and see what are their differences.

pub-dev, the Dart package repository, written in Dart (by dart-lang)


An open-source platform for making universal native apps with React. Expo runs on Android, iOS, and the web. (by expo)
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pub-dev expo
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486 15,420
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9.7 10.0
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Dart Objective-C
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Posts with mentions or reviews of pub-dev. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2021-11-24.
  • Trying to find bottom indexed pagination widget.
    2 projects | | 24 Nov 2021
    Checked but didn't find anything close.
    2 projects | | 24 Nov 2021
    Have you checked If it is not there then you might have to make your own and seeing the image, it isn't that hard too.
  • How to create a custom artifactory for flutter/dart ?
    4 projects | | 19 Nov 2021
    So, the problem is that of course we cannot host our packages on and we already use JFrog as artifactory for our others artifacts, I read that the 'pub get' command can interrogate a custom host for retrieving packages but the endpoint has to conform to certain API, but where are these specification?
    4 projects | | 19 Nov 2021
    This is something I've been casually researching, the most complete description of the API I've found is: Given that it has been updated recently, I'm assuming this is the current standard that operates on. I haven't probed the API to verify any of this, but it's a start!
  • Backdooring Rust crates for fun and profit
    11 projects | | 18 Nov 2021
    Yes, they do that in Dart's pub [1].

    They also have the concept of verified publishers[2], which is pretty neat (similar to Maven Central), and keep track of a score for each package (e.g. including up-to-date dependencies and result of static analysis.

    Dart is doing a lot of things right.



  • I Really Want to Learn Flutter BUT ..
    1 project | | 18 Nov 2021
    One of the advantages of React is IMO also one issue it has. It's more mature, so it has a LOT of plugins to solve every problem conceivable. That's good, but because it's older, many of those plugins are not as well maintained anymore. To this day I couldn't create a single React project that didn't have at least one deprecated library in it. Flutter on the other hand has fewer plugins comparatively, but it's now on a point that most problems have a plugin to solve them. Some very edgy cases will still require you to implement your own plugin though (which is easy to do). In terms of dependency management, I think they're on par. Dart has it's wich is the central hub for plugins and React has the npm ecosystem.
  • A minha versão...
    1 project | | 18 Nov 2021
  • Developing a Custom Plugin using Flutter
    5 projects | | 11 Nov 2021
    After developing the custom plugin, you can publish the custom plugin at so that other developers can easily use it. However, before publishing, review the pubspec.yaml,,, and LICENSE files to ensure that the content is complete and correct.
  • How to add signature on pdf
    2 projects | | 11 Nov 2021
    Although the good score for documentation on, it doesn't cover every functions.He just put files on the git and we had to figure out how to do ourselves.
  • Newbie in flutter, have some queries.
    1 project | | 5 Nov 2021
    For the second and third question, no you don't have to pay the pkg creators (unless it's mentioned in the doc, or pkg's But i've never come across a creator who requires users to pay him for it. ) and you're not required to credit the the package creators but it's a nice thing to do if the package helped you a lot. Althought there are some packages that I've used that have some licencing stuff and terms of use, so read that.


Posts with mentions or reviews of expo. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2021-11-03.
  • Multiple images picker
    1 project | | 25 Nov 2021
    Btw, I am using Expo with Bare Workflow, so I can use just about any package. I also opened a discussion at the Expo repo about it. You can check it here:
  • We created an app for the Recommended Routine and we want to share it with the community
    2 projects | | 3 Nov 2021
    We used react-native and expo to develop and build the app. Expo eases a bit the process of creating and distributing bundle for AppStore. But you still have to enrol in Apple Developer Program which costs $99/year and go through the Apple app submission process.
  • Can't use WebBrowser in Android on SDK 30+
    1 project | | 3 Nov 2021
  • Geolocation
    1 project | | 27 Oct 2021
    there are many links like this where developers complain about expo-location ...
  • This Free Tool Lets You Create World Class Documentation for React Components
    2 projects | | 11 Oct 2021
    Is it difficult to super cool and professional docs like the following ones? If you want to do it manually by implementing all the fancy UI components, yes, of course. Have you checked out Expo’s (a toolchain built on top of React Native) documentation? They don’t just write a bunch of texts describing how to use their components, rather they’ve got editable codes for components, which means the users are able to edit the displayed code snippet (e.g. “color = black” to “color = yellow”) right on the site and the changes will be immediately visible on screen. With this, users are able to grasp the behavior of a component in an interactive way, which is the ideal way to learn for a developer. You can also check out Flutter and Material UI for inspiration on creating better documentation.
  • Using CSS Modules in React Native
    6 projects | | 8 Oct 2021
    Expo (for developing React Native apps)
  • Notifee, a feature rich notifications library for React Native is now open source!
    1 project | | 26 Sep 2021
    // Based on import { withPlugins, withProjectBuildGradle, createRunOncePlugin, } from '@expo/config-plugins'; const pkg = require('@notifee/react-native/package.json'); // Because we need the package to be added AFTER the React and Google maven packages, we create a new allprojects. // It's ok to have multiple allprojects.repositories, so we create a new one since it's cheaper than tokenizing // the existing block to find the correct place to insert our camera maven. const gradleMaven = 'allprojects { repositories { maven { url "$rootDir/../node_modules/@notifee/react-native/android/libs" } } }'; const withNotifeeGradle = (config) => { return withProjectBuildGradle(config, (config) => { if (config.modResults.language === 'groovy') { config.modResults.contents = setGradleMaven(config.modResults.contents); } else { throw new Error('Cannot add notifee maven gradle because the build.gradle is not groovy'); } return config; }); }; export function setGradleMaven(buildGradle) { // If this specific line is present, skip. // This also enables users in bare workflow to comment out the line to prevent expo-camera from adding it back. if (buildGradle.includes('@notifee/react-native/android/libs')) { return buildGradle; } return buildGradle + `\n${gradleMaven}\n`; } const withNotifee = (config, props = {}) => { return withPlugins(config, [ withNotifeeGradle, ]); }; export default createRunOncePlugin(withNotifee,, pkg.version);
  • Is there any book or course that can help me learn react native from zero (in react-native cli)
    2 projects | | 21 Sep 2021
    Expo docs (useful even if creating a "bare" or "unmanaged" app)
  • Unable to run on android Device (gradle, jdk and maven issues)
    2 projects | | 17 Sep 2021
    Whatever I set the distributionUrl to in causes issues. If I use a version < 7.2, I get the " Unsupported class file major version 61" error on yarn android. If I use 7.2, I get the 'plugin with ID maven not found' error referenced in this GitHub issue, and I have no idea how to edit the basic build.gradle file (that expo generates for me, seen below) to accommodate it.
  • Advice on screenshot protection
    2 projects | | 10 Aug 2021
    Here is link number 1 - Previous text "app"

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