nvim-lspconfig VS nvim-jdtls

Compare nvim-lspconfig vs nvim-jdtls and see what are their differences.


Extensions for the built-in LSP support in Neovim for eclipse.jdt.ls (by mfussenegger)
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Posts with mentions or reviews of nvim-lspconfig. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2024-06-24.
  • Ultimate Neovim Setup Guide: lazy.nvim Plugin Manager
    25 projects | dev.to | 24 Jun 2024
    neovim/nvim-lspconfig: Quickstart configs for Nvim LSP
  • JetBrains' unremovable AI assistant meets irresistible outcry
    5 projects | news.ycombinator.com | 3 Feb 2024
    I suggest looking for blog posts about this, you're gunnuh wanna pick out a plugin manager and stuff. It's kind of like a package manager for neovim. You can install everything manually but usually you manually install a plugin manager and it gives you commands to manage the rest of your plugins.

    These two plugins are the bare minimum in my view.


    Treesitter gives you much better syntax highlighting based on a parser for a given language.


    This plugin helps you connect to a given language LSP quickly with sensible defaults. You more or less pick your language from here and copy paste a snippet, and then install the relevant LSP:


    For Python you'll want pylsp. For JavaScript it will depend on what frontend framework you're using, I probably can't help you there.

    pylsp itself takes some plugins and you'll probably want them. https://github.com/python-lsp/python-lsp-server

    Best of luck! Happy hacking.

  • Neovide – a simple, no-nonsense, cross-platform GUI for Neovim
    17 projects | news.ycombinator.com | 31 Jan 2024
    Adding language support it neovim isn't very difficult once you're setup. I use nvim-lspconfig[1] and just about any language you could need is documented[2]. But like others have mentioned there are batteries included distributions of neovim if that's your cup of tea.

    [1]: https://github.com/neovim/nvim-lspconfig/

    [2]: https://github.com/neovim/nvim-lspconfig/blob/master/doc/ser...

  • A guide on Neovim's LSP client
    7 projects | dev.to | 13 Jan 2024
    If we can't find the basic usage in the documentation we can go to nvim-lspconfig's github repository. In there we look for a folder called server_configurations, this contains configuration files for a bunch of language servers.
  • Do I need NeoVIM?
    11 projects | /r/neovim | 7 Dec 2023
    https://github.com/hrsh7th/nvim-cmp This is an autocompletion engine https://github.com/nvim-treesitter/nvim-treesitter This allows NeoVim to install parsing scripts so NeoVim can do things like code highlighting. https://github.com/williamboman/mason.nvim Not strictly necessary, but allows you to access a repo of LSP, install them, and configure them for without you actively messing about in config files. https://github.com/neovim/nvim-lspconfig Also not strictly necessary, but vastly simplifies LSP setup. https://github.com/williamboman/mason-lspconfig.nvim This lets the above two plugins talk to each other more easily.
  • cpp setting problem
    4 projects | /r/neovim | 6 Dec 2023
    This specific issue talks about fixing clangd for that error: https://github.com/neovim/nvim-lspconfig/issues/2184. The issue is ongoing for ccls AFAIK but for clangd, this has been discussed and fixed in the past already.
  • Need help to set up the pbkit language server
    2 projects | /r/neovim | 21 Sep 2023
    I am trying to set up the pbkit language server for protobuf files. Since it is not part of the nvim-lspconfig repo's server configurations, I have to figure the way out myself. It doesn't seem to be too difficult, as I can start from the bufls configuration there. The following is what I have at the moment:
  • Option omnifunc is not set
    1 project | /r/neovim | 31 Aug 2023
    I have configured neovim with lspconfig and mason. Added the suggested configuration of the lsp config(https://github.com/neovim/nvim-lspconfig) to ~/.config/nvim/after/plugin/lsp.lua Then I installed via mason the following language servers:
  • Using nvim-lint as a null-ls alternative for linters
    4 projects | /r/neovim | 14 Aug 2023
    Personally, i think nvim-lint is the best alternative currently, specially so because it has no dependencies on external binaries. This guide assumes you already have your LSP set up with nvim-lspconfig (or an alternative like lsp-zero). You should also have an way to install the linters you are gonna need, i highly recommend Mason with mason-lspconfig.
  • The Future of the Vim Project
    6 projects | news.ycombinator.com | 10 Aug 2023
    Basically neovim can act as a client to a variety of different language servers (https://github.com/neovim/nvim-lspconfig/blob/master/doc/ser...) which give neovim IDE capabilities. This can be done in original Vim also but requires external plugins which can be a pain to compile and install. Neovim has it built in.


Posts with mentions or reviews of nvim-jdtls. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2023-12-09.
  • Having the worst time trying to use JDTLS
    1 project | /r/neovim | 11 Dec 2023
    I recommend that you do not configure jdtls like the other language servers, it is better to use the nvim-jdtls plugin.
  • Noob here, would neovim work for my usecase
    2 projects | /r/neovim | 9 Dec 2023
    Java is actually pretty good with Neovim, jdtls and this plugin. One of the best language servers and I'm using it on a regular base with medium to large projects, mostly spring-based. No Android though.
  • Client 2 quit with exit code 1 and signal 0 when opening a .java files
    2 projects | /r/neovim | 10 Nov 2023
    -- See `:help vim.lsp.start_client` for an overview of the supported `config` options. local config = { -- The command that starts the language server -- See: https://github.com/eclipse/eclipse.jdt.ls#running-from-the-command-line cmd = { -- πŸ’€ 'java', -- or '/path/to/java17_or_newer/bin/java' -- depends on if `java` is in your $PATH env variable and if it points to the right version. '-Declipse.application=org.eclipse.jdt.ls.core.id1', '-Dosgi.bundles.defaultStartLevel=4', '-Declipse.product=org.eclipse.jdt.ls.core.product', '-Dlog.protocol=true', '-Dlog.level=ALL', '-Xmx1g', '--add-modules=ALL-SYSTEM', '--add-opens', 'java.base/java.util=ALL-UNNAMED', '--add-opens', 'java.base/java.lang=ALL-UNNAMED', -- πŸ’€ '-jar', '~/.local/share/nvim/mason/packages/jdtls/plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.6.500.v20230717-2134.jar', -- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -- Must point to the Change this to -- eclipse.jdt.ls installation the actual version -- πŸ’€ '-configuration', '~/.local/share/nvim/mason/packages/jdtls/config_linux', -- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ -- Must point to the Change to one of `linux`, `win` or `mac` -- eclipse.jdt.ls installation Depending on your system. -- πŸ’€ -- See `data directory configuration` section in the README '-data', '/path/to/unique/per/project/workspace/folder' }, -- πŸ’€ -- This is the default if not provided, you can remove it. Or adjust as needed. -- One dedicated LSP server & client will be started per unique root_dir root_dir = require('jdtls.setup').find_root({'.git', 'mvnw', 'gradlew'}), -- Here you can configure eclipse.jdt.ls specific settings -- See https://github.com/eclipse/eclipse.jdt.ls/wiki/Running-the-JAVA-LS-server-from-the-command-line#initialize-request -- for a list of options settings = { java = { } }, -- Language server `initializationOptions` -- You need to extend the `bundles` with paths to jar files -- if you want to use additional eclipse.jdt.ls plugins. -- -- See https://github.com/mfussenegger/nvim-jdtls#java-debug-installation -- -- If you don't plan on using the debugger or other eclipse.jdt.ls plugins you can remove this init_options = { bundles = {} }, } -- This starts a new client & server, -- or attaches to an existing client & server depending on the `root_dir`. require('jdtls').start_or_attach(config)
  • Foot – A fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator
    1 project | news.ycombinator.com | 23 Sep 2023
    I can get by with https://github.com/mfussenegger/nvim-jdtls
  • [HELP] ftplugin and lazy loading in NvChad
    2 projects | /r/neovim | 11 Jun 2023
    This and this provided no viable solutions for me
  • Anyone using nvim for Kotlin development?
    1 project | /r/nvim | 30 May 2023
  • Help for configure jdtls
    1 project | /r/neovim | 16 May 2023
    I tried to configure jdtls for my NeoVim I followed https://github.com/mfussenegger/nvim-jdtls install instruction. and I faced this error does anyone successfully configured jdtls ? help T ^ T
  • Adding JAR files to nvim-jdtls
    1 project | /r/neovim | 6 May 2023
    Am I adding it to the wrong configuration option? Some places I see it added as a referencedLibary - https://github.com/mfussenegger/nvim-jdtls
  • Does anyone config java for neovim?
    7 projects | /r/neovim | 25 Apr 2023
    Sure. Any server that lspconfig supports will work. But for java development is better if you use nvim-jdtls. The documentation in lsp-zero has a guide on how to setup nvim-jdtls.
  • I can't seem to figure it out
    3 projects | /r/neovim | 24 Apr 2023
    Here' my java.lua for nvim-jdtls which solves the nil issue and add more features.

What are some alternatives?

When comparing nvim-lspconfig and nvim-jdtls you can also consider the following projects:

coc.nvim - Nodejs extension host for vim & neovim, load extensions like VSCode and host language servers.

eclipse.jdt.ls - Java language server

null-ls.nvim - Use Neovim as a language server to inject LSP diagnostics, code actions, and more via Lua.

nvim-lsp-installer - Further development has moved to https://github.com/williamboman/mason.nvim!

coc-java - Java extension for coc.nvim

coc - Chroniques OubliΓ©es Contemporain

java-debug - The debug server implementation for Java. It conforms to the debug protocol of Visual Studio Code (DAP, Debugger Adapter Protocol).

ale - Check syntax in Vim/Neovim asynchronously and fix files, with Language Server Protocol (LSP) support

mason.nvim - Portable package manager for Neovim that runs everywhere Neovim runs. Easily install and manage LSP servers, DAP servers, linters, and formatters.

clangd - clangd language server

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