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Nomad is an easy-to-use, flexible, and performant workload orchestrator that can deploy a mix of microservice, batch, containerized, and non-containerized applications. Nomad is easy to operate and scale and has native Consul and Vault integrations. (by hashicorp)


Dapr is a portable, event-driven, runtime for building distributed applications across cloud and edge. (by dapr)
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Posts with mentions or reviews of Nomad. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2024-06-10.
  • Containers Orchestration and Kubernetes
    2 projects | | 10 Jun 2024
    Even though this article will be focused on Kubernetes I want to mention that there are multiple container orchestration platforms such as Mesos, Docker Swarm, OpenShift, Rancher, Hashicorp Nomad, etc.
  • How to Deploy Hashicorp Nomad Cluster on Vultr
    1 project | | 30 May 2024
    Hashicorp Nomad website
  • Ask HN: Are there any open source forks of nomad smd consul?
    9 projects | | 2 May 2024
    Doesn't look like it.




    There are products that do similar things of course.

  • IBM Planning to Acquire HashiCorp
    5 projects | | 23 Apr 2024
    I don't have any further insight, but looking at <> coughed up although confusingly it says "updated last week" but browsing any one of the branches seems to be stupid old so I got nothing

    Finding conceptual forks, e.g. $(git push --mirror ...) would be trickier but I bet sourcegraph could do it

    Ultimately, the question boils down to: what risk are you driving down: hitching your wagon to a dead stack, not getting security updates, not getting PRs merged, $other?

  • Running Docker based web applications in Hashicorp Nomad with Traefik Load balancing
    3 projects | | 15 Mar 2024
    In previous post, we discussed creating a basic Nomad cluster in the Vultr cloud. Here, we will use the cluster created to deploy a load-balanced sample web app using the service discovery capability of Nomad and its native integration with the Traefik load balancer. The source code is available here for the reference.
  • Building HashiCorp Nomad Cluster in Vultr Cloud using Terraform
    2 projects | | 11 Mar 2024
    Nomad is really awesome!
  • K0s: Kubernetes distro as a single binary with zero host OS dependencies
    1 project | | 1 Jan 2024
    I only heard of this today, but it looks really interesting. It seems to finally get Kubernetes a bit closer to something like in terms of complexity to install and operate.
  • Embracing Simplicity: The Advantages of Nomad over Kubernetes
    2 projects | | 16 Dec 2023
    In the rapidly evolving landscape of container orchestration and management, two prominent players have emerged: Kubernetes and HashiCorp's Nomad. While Kubernetes has gained widespread adoption and popularity, Nomad provides a compelling alternative that stands out for its simplicity and efficiency. In this blog post, we'll explore the advantages of using Nomad over Kubernetes and why it might be the right choice for certain use cases.
  • HashiCorp Vault Forked into OpenBao
    8 projects | | 8 Dec 2023
    I can't discern how many are just those "dependabot" bumps but the 1400 forks show some are active including CircleCI who I would think have a stake in a libre Nomad

    Now maybe their goals don't align with the community, and/or they don't want to be in the maintainer business for such a project, but better than nothing

  • Remote execution of code
    4 projects | /r/Python | 5 Dec 2023
    Could this be a solution? nomad


Posts with mentions or reviews of dapr. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2024-06-12.
  • Scaling Sidecars to Zero in Kubernetes
    4 projects | | 12 Jun 2024
    The sidecar pattern in Kubernetes describes a single pod containing a container in which a main app sits. A helper container (the sidecar) is deployed alongside a main app container within the same pod. This pattern allows each container to focus on a single aspect of the overall functionality, improving the maintainability and scalability of apps deployed in Kubernetes environments. From gathering metrics to connecting to data sources (a la Dapr), sidecars have found a notable place in the cloud-native developer’s toolbox. Sidecars are designed to run alongside your apps continuously and do not scale down to zero. Wouldn't it be great if they did? In this article, we introduce scaling sidecars to zero in Kubernetes.
  • .NET Aspire is the best way to experiment with Dapr during local development
    6 projects | | 4 May 2024
    Dapr provides a set of building blocks that abstract concepts commonly used in distributed systems. This includes secured synchronous and asynchronous communication between services, caching, workflows, resiliency, secret management and much more. Not having to implement these features yourself eliminates boilerplate, reduce complexity and allows you to focus on developing your business features.
  • Join the Diagrid Catalyst AWS Hackathon!
    2 projects | | 29 Apr 2024
    Diagrid Catalyst is a Developer API platform providing a brand-new approach to distributed application development. Using the Catalyst APIs, powered by the Dapr open source project, developers can overcome the complexity of rewriting common software patterns and achieve higher productivity by offloading infrastructure concerns from their code to Catalyst.
  • Dapr: Microservices API
    1 project | | 24 Apr 2024
  • Interesting projects using WebAssembly
    4 projects | | 8 Apr 2024
    The following two examples are open-source projects maintained by Fermyon with contributions from companies like Microsoft and SUSE. The first is Spin, which allows us to use WebAssembly to create Serverless applications. The second, SpinKube, combines some of the topics I'm most excited about these days: WebAssembly and Kubernetes Operators :) The official website says, "By running applications in the Wasm abstraction layer, SpinKube offers developers a more powerful, efficient, and scalable way to optimize application delivery on Kubernetes." By the way, this post shows how to integrate SpinKube with Dapr, another technology I'm very interested in, and I should write some posts soon.
  • The Ambassador Pattern
    1 project | | 25 Nov 2023
    Speaking of this has anyone had much experience with Dapr ( before?

    I always thought this was a particularly interesting approach from Microsoft where they use this pattern to essentially take the complexity of micro services and instead try and keep it as simple as a normal .NET application but (and I think this is the clever part) in both a vendor and language neutral way.

    But all of a sudden it means you can start removing all kinds of cruft and random SDKs from your codebase and push almost all of your interactions with the outside world into something like this .

  • Comparing Azure Functions vs Dapr on Azure Container Apps
    3 projects | | 9 Oct 2023
    Azure Container Apps hosting of Azure Functions is a way to host Azure Functions directly in Container Apps - additionally to App Service with and without containers. This offering also adds some Container Apps built-in capabilities like the Dapr microservices framework which would allow for mixing microservices workloads on the same environment with Functions.
  • Episode 150: myNewsWrap – SAP and Microsoft
    3 projects | | 16 Sep 2023
    Having containers is nice but everything (well ... nearly everything 😉) gets better with Dapr as an outstanding tool for app development in the container-based area. Here we go what might be worth a look:
  • Using DARP in production?
    1 project | /r/microservices | 9 Sep 2023
    Anyone using or planing to use darp Distributed application platform runtime as a microservices platform?
  • Ensuring Seamless Operations: Troubleshooting and Resolving Dapr Certificate Expiry
    2 projects | | 20 Jul 2023
    A CNCF project, the Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr) provides APIs that simplify microservice connectivity. Whether your communication pattern is service to service invocation or pub/sub messaging, Dapr helps you write resilient and secured microservices. Essentially, it provides a new way to build microservices by using the reusable blocks implemented as sidecars.

What are some alternatives?

When comparing Nomad and dapr you can also consider the following projects:

k3s - Lightweight Kubernetes

MassTransit - Distributed Application Framework for .NET

Rundeck - Enable Self-Service Operations: Give specific users access to your existing tools, services, and scripts

camel-k - Apache Camel K is a lightweight integration platform, born on Kubernetes, with serverless superpowers

Dkron - Dkron - Distributed, fault tolerant job scheduling system

tye - Tye is a tool that makes developing, testing, and deploying microservices and distributed applications easier. Project Tye includes a local orchestrator to make developing microservices easier and the ability to deploy microservices to Kubernetes with minimal configuration.

Docker Compose - Define and run multi-container applications with Docker

OpenFaaS - OpenFaaS - Serverless Functions Made Simple

podman - Podman: A tool for managing OCI containers and pods.

NServiceBus - Build, version, and monitor better microservices with the most powerful service platform for .NET

kubernetes - Production-Grade Container Scheduling and Management

go-micro - A Go microservices framework

InfluxDB - Power Real-Time Data Analytics at Scale
Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.
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