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Compare love vs bevy and see what are their differences.


LÖVE is an awesome 2D game framework for Lua. (by love2d)


A refreshingly simple data-driven game engine built in Rust (by bevyengine)
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Posts with mentions or reviews of love. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2023-03-21.
  • I chose lua to begin my coding journey. Did I do the right thing?
    2 projects | | 21 Mar 2023
    Start by making some games imo, unless you already have a good project in mind. or
  • 7yo wants to get started in game development
    3 projects | | 6 Mar 2023
    If all goes well with PICO-8, you can "upgrade" to love2d, which like PICO-8 uses Lua programming language, but allows for higher resolutions, and generally more polished outcome.
  • Senior software engineer - what game engine should I start with ?
    5 projects | | 6 Mar 2023
    I have a similar profile, and I have tried many different engines/frameworks/libraries. Some thoughts: - ebiten, written in Go, is a very light game dev lib. I like Go, so writing "my own engine" with it was pretty fun (I have some libs for ebiten here). Mostly 2d. - Love2d is sort of the same thing, but written in C++, and scriptable in Lua. I absolutely love this level of abstraction, and this is probably the one I have been the most productive with (example here). Mostly 2d, but people have done 3d with it too. - Godot has a bright future, at least from my point of view. The 2D workflow is very very fast, much faster than Unity in my experience (you don't spend time waiting for stuff to recompile every time you edit a script, for starters), and they just released v4, which comes with insane improvements in 3D rendering. I have never delved into 3D, but from what I can see, it's on par with what Unity can produce these days. Plus, the founders have created a separate commercial entity to provide support for consoles (called W4games), because the open source licensing attached to Godot is not compatible with the NDAs involved in publishing for consoles - raylib and monogame might be interesting for you if you want to go old-school. They're both inspired by the same framework (XNA) and they work similarly. Also very close to the way Love2d does things, and a comparable level of abstraction. - Unity is slow. I honestly dislike it a lot, just for this reason. There's also a lot of "we've refactored this, and there's no docs yet, but you can also use this other system, and also the legacy one, and that one, or build your own based on these primitives" and it's hard when you're a beginner. If you know what you're doing I guess it's fine, or if you don't care, but as a software engineer, you will probably be like me and try to find the "best" solution to your problem, which is tiring and hard to do with Unity.
  • My 9yo kid wants to learn how to code to make games, but I have no idea where to start
    6 projects | | 5 Mar 2023
  • What language should I teach my little sister
    7 projects | | 23 Feb 2023
    Also, a recommendation that is a little more Niche. Lua, and love. is a really easy to make games with a relatively simple programming language. Could be fun.
  • Folks, the platform is not just for query resolution
    2 projects | | 20 Feb 2023
    Are you saying she wants the D? Because that's a total brainfuck. I'd much rather believe they merely fell in Löve.
  • My 11 y/o son is seriously interested in learning to code
    7 projects | | 17 Feb 2023
  • Can I make a game with a low IQ ?
    3 projects | | 14 Feb 2023
    Being a hard worker and having persistence are more important than being intelligent; a lazy genius never accomplishes anything. Try learning programming as its own skill separate from gamedev first. If you're finding C# too difficult, than try a simpler language like Lua. Lua specifically can be used with Love2D to make games.
  • HELP
    2 projects | | 10 Feb 2023
    i read you want to make games. go for 2d games, love or pygame or some kind of js engine for webgame
  • Bard has entered the chat
    2 projects | | 7 Feb 2023
    You mean the game development library LÖVE?


Posts with mentions or reviews of bevy. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2023-03-23.
  • Bevy Jam #3
    3 projects | | 23 Mar 2023
    After the quick start there isn't as much documentation yet as one might hope, but I find you can learn to do just about anything you need by reading the extensive examples. There are tons of them in GitHub of which a subset have been turned into interactive WebGL apps on the main site.
  • Writing a Compiler and a Virtual Machine in Rust
    2 projects | | 20 Mar 2023
    well, wasm threads are weird for some reason. Issues like remind me that wasm is still a moving target.
  • 3D character animation example for Bevy
    2 projects | | 19 Mar 2023
    There are some examples here:
  • OK so whose gonna tell them
    5 projects | | 12 Mar 2023
    Rust is much newer a language than Java. Give it time. There is clearly industry interest: check out the sponsors list on
  • Fellow Rust enthusiasts: What "sucks" about Rust?
    25 projects | | 10 Mar 2023
    Binaries file-sizes in debug are just insanely big, a Hello World will be around ~4MB, an empty Bevy project will be around ~600MB.
  • Announcing!
    13 projects | | 7 Mar 2023
    $ git clone ; cd bevy $ cargo install --locked cargo-public-api $ cargo public-api -ss -p bevy_utils diff v0.9.1..v0.10.0 Removed items from the public API ================================= (none) Changed items in the public API =============================== (none) Added items to the public API ============================= +pub use bevy_utils::<> +pub use bevy_utils::petgraph +pub use bevy_utils::thiserror +pub fn bevy_utils::synccell::SyncCell::read(&self) -> &T where T: core::marker::Sync +pub mod bevy_utils::syncunsafecell +pub use bevy_utils::syncunsafecell::UnsafeCell +#[repr(transparent)] pub struct bevy_utils::syncunsafecell::SyncUnsafeCell +impl bevy_utils::syncunsafecell::SyncUnsafeCell +pub fn bevy_utils::syncunsafecell::SyncUnsafeCell::from_mut(t: &mut T) -> &bevy_utils::syncunsafecell::SyncUnsafeCell +pub const fn bevy_utils::syncunsafecell::SyncUnsafeCell::get(&self) -> *mut T +pub fn bevy_utils::syncunsafecell::SyncUnsafeCell::get_mut(&mut self) -> &mut T +pub const fn bevy_utils::syncunsafecell::SyncUnsafeCell::raw_get(this: *const Self) -> *mut T ...
  • Bevy 0.10: data oriented game engine built in Rust
    5 projects | | 6 Mar 2023
    Firstly, Bevy has an internal crate called bevy_reflect, and it can handle most of the things you would usually use reflection for. For example, exists which uses Bevy's internal reflect derive to make the values available via an egui-based UI. Changing simple values (like an f32, or a boolean) can be done at runtime, and if I remember correctly all you actually need to do is to add the plugin. Taking a look at the README you can "patch" types with new values, iterate over struct fields, serialize + deserialize, and generally do stuff like that.
    3 projects | | 6 Mar 2023
    It doesn't work currently. The only problem is that plugin initialization must be asynchronous, so you have to pass control back to the browser to allow it to initialize the WebGPU api properly[1]. I hacked async plugin initialization into a fork for Bevy 0.8[2], but I never got it to 100% work because Chrome had already moved onto a newer WGSL syntax. In theory if you do the same changes for 0.10 as I did for 0.8 it should allow WebGPU to work (and I plan on doing this in the next couple days).


  • Bevy 0.10
    9 projects | | 6 Mar 2023
    Absolutely! Check out our good first issues and contributing guide. Then reach out to us on discord if you have any questions. Game engines cover a wide area and theres something for everyone to work on. Just follow your interest and see where it leads!
    9 projects | | 6 Mar 2023
    From my experience, the best docs for Bevy are: - The Bevy examples - The Bevy Cheat Book (called unofficial but maintained by one of the Bevy's maintainer)

What are some alternatives?

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specs - Specs - Parallel ECS

ggez - Rust library to create a Good Game Easily

gdnative - Rust bindings for Godot 3

wgpu - Safe and portable GPU abstraction in Rust, implementing WebGPU API.

macroquad - Cross-platform game engine in Rust.

raylib - A simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy videogames programming