lens VS cert-manager

Compare lens vs cert-manager and see what are their differences.


Automatically provision and manage TLS certificates in Kubernetes (by jetstack)
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lens cert-manager
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Posts with mentions or reviews of lens. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2022-01-15.
  • Top 200 Kubernetes Tools for DevOps Engineer Like You
    84 projects | dev.to | 15 Jan 2022
    Okteto: A Tool for Cloud Native Developers - Build better applications by developing and testing your code directly in Kubernetes Tilt: Tilt manages local development instances for teams that deploy to Kubernetes - Local Kubernetes development with no stress Garden: Kubernetes from source to finish - Development orchestrator for Kubernetes, containers and functions. KuberNix - Single dependency Kubernetes clusters for local testing, experimenting and development Copper - A configuration file validator for Kubernetes ko - Build and deploy Go applications on Kubernetes Dekorate - Java annotation processors for Kubernetes Lens IDE The Kubernetes IDE Kosko - Organize Kubernetes manifests in JavaScript Telepresence - Fast, local development for Kubernetes and Openshift microservices Monokle - Desktop UI for managing Kubernetes manifests Kr8s - Desktop application made for developers that need to monitor and visualize their Kubernetes clusters in a user friendly GUI
  • What is the best free webui I can locally install to manage a k8s EKS instance?
    2 projects | reddit.com/r/kubernetes | 12 Jan 2022
    Lens is great and runs outside the cluster, https://github.com/lensapp/lens
  • Which distro should I choose (Kubernetes)?
    4 projects | reddit.com/r/linuxadmin | 31 Dec 2021
    You can also run helm or kubectl from the jumpbox, which will allow you to interact with kubernetes API and deploy applications to it. I would also suggest using something like https://k8slens.dev/ to start getting familiar with what's inside a cluster. You can see logs and even exec into pods/nodes. However, try using kubectl whenever possible so you aren't depending on tooling.
    2 projects | reddit.com/r/devops | 31 Dec 2021
    I definitely understand the sentiment of wanting a GUI for people at a Windows shop. I had a similar experience to what you're describing at my last company. We had a lot of success with AKS and we ran Rancher as a dashboard for developers and SREs to access the cluster with Azure AD SSO. If you're looking for just a quick client GUI, check out lens https://k8slens.dev/
  • Gui app for managing the cluster,portainer?
    2 projects | reddit.com/r/kubernetes | 4 Dec 2021
    Lens maybe?
  • Overview of Kubernetes Lens
    2 projects | reddit.com/r/kubernetes | 2 Dec 2021
    I've been hitting this too, it's rather random and annoying. There's an open bug report for it though, and looks like they might be getting to the bottom of it.
  • Event exporter, observability something alternative for opsgenie stack
    3 projects | reddit.com/r/devops | 17 Nov 2021
    If you are looking for just an alternative to kubectl, you could look at https://k8slens.dev/
  • What is the biggest challenge you/your org faces while running k8s in production?
    3 projects | reddit.com/r/kubernetes | 10 Nov 2021
    https://k8slens.dev/ solves this exact issue via a feature called Spaces... Long story short, Cluster admin can give specific access to a Kubernetes cluster without sharing the KubeConfig file... You can create specific teams for your "Space" and give different access to each team via role bindings etc... It's pretty neat. Here's a blog that explains this in depth and how to do it... https://medium.com/k8slens/how-to-give-developers-secure-access-to-kubernetes-clusters-c6025f0dd288
  • How To Give Developers Secure Access to Kubernetes Clusters
    1 project | dev.to | 8 Nov 2021
    Navigate to the Lens website (https://k8slens.dev/) and download the latest version of Lens for your preferred OS. Once you have downloaded and installed, open the application, Lens IDE will automatically add your Kubeconfig (if done correctly, you will see a cluster icon on the left-hand-side). Lens works with any certified CNCF Kubernetes distro.
  • How to set up a Fabric node?
    3 projects | reddit.com/r/hyperledger | 5 Nov 2021
    If you are new to Kuberenetes, check out lens IDE to check all the K8 components without knowing Kubectl.


Posts with mentions or reviews of cert-manager. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2022-01-17.
  • Observability with OpenTelemetry & Datadog in Fission
    4 projects | dev.to | 17 Jan 2022
    # cert-manager kubectl apply -f https://github.com/jetstack/cert-manager/releases/latest/download/cert-manager.yaml # open telemetry operator kubectl apply -f https://github.com/open-telemetry/opentelemetry-operator/releases/latest/download/opentelemetry-operator.yaml
  • Top 200 Kubernetes Tools for DevOps Engineer Like You
    84 projects | dev.to | 15 Jan 2022
    kops - Production Grade K8s Installation, Upgrades, and Management silver-surfer - Check ApiVersion compatibility and provide Migration path for Kubernetes objects when upgrading Kubernetes to latest versions Kube-ops-view - Kubernetes Operational View - read-only system dashboard for multiple K8s clusters kubeprompt - Kubernetes prompt info Metalk8s - An opinionated Kubernetes distribution with a focus on long-term on-prem deployments kind - Kubernetes IN Docker - local clusters for testing Kubernetes Clusterman - Cluster Autoscaler for Kubernetes and Mesos Cert-manager - Automatically provision and manage TLS certificates Goldilocks - Get your resource requests "Just Right" katafygio - Dump, or continuously backup Kubernetes objets as yaml files in git Rancher - Complete container management platform Sealed Secrets - A Kubernetes controller and tool for one-way encrypted Secrets OpenKruise/Kruise - Automate application workloads management on Kubernetes https://openkruise.io kubectl snapshot - Take Cluster Snapshots kapp - simple deployment tool focused on the concept of "Kubernetes application" β€” a set of resources with the same label https://get-kapp.io keda - Event-driven autoscaler for Kubernetes Octant - To better understand the complexity of Kubernetes clusters Portainer - Portainer inside a Kubernetes environment Gardener - Deliver fully-managed clusters at scale everywhere with your own Kubernetes-as-a-Service Kubed - Kubernetes Cluster Operator Daemon Kubestack - Kubestack is the free and open-source GitOps framework to codify your custom platform stack using Terraform.
  • What kind of evil genius research do you do in your Lab? Or not so evil - I won’t judge.
    5 projects | reddit.com/r/homelab | 10 Jan 2022
    cert-manager.io for automatic TLS cert issuing
  • Boardgamegeek.com down SSL cert expired 1/8/22
    1 project | reddit.com/r/boardgames | 8 Jan 2022
    Agreed. Not sure why anyone, let alone a site that relies on fundraising, would pay for a cert these days. Let's Encrypt is awesome. Especially when paired with cert-manager.
  • Introduction to Kubernetes with Amazon EKS
    7 projects | dev.to | 31 Dec 2021
    $ kubectl apply \ --validate=false \ -f https://github.com/jetstack/cert-manager/releases/download/v1.5.4/cert-manager.yaml
  • Self-Hosting Dozens of Web Applications and Services on a Single Server
    15 projects | news.ycombinator.com | 31 Dec 2021
  • Anyone got a good guide for setting up LetsEncrypt on a Bare-Metal home grown K8s Cluster?
    1 project | reddit.com/r/selfhosted | 17 Dec 2021
    I've forwarded ports 80 and 443 to a service that exposes a nginx pod, but I'm unsure how to mount the certificates the cert-bot (from https://cert-manager.io ) are meant to work. Do I just mount the certificates as secrets to the nginx pod and the cert-bot pod somehow takes care of it?
  • How do you handle SSL certs for dynamic sub-subdomains like feat321.dev.example.com?
    3 projects | reddit.com/r/devops | 14 Dec 2021
    If you're running in K8s, check out https://cert-manager.io/. If you're running multiple traefik instances the builtin mechanism doesn't work anymore.
  • Kubernetes Cluster I Made From Spare PCs at Work
    6 projects | reddit.com/r/homelab | 14 Dec 2021
    Look into external-dns, cert-manager and traefik or istio for ingress/service mesh to expose services from your cluster in a automated way.
  • Upgrade cert-manager from old version (< v0.10) to v1.6.1
    1 project | dev.to | 6 Dec 2021
    After having upgraded an EKS cluster from Kubernetes 1.19 to 1.20, we found out that unfortunately the creation / renewal of SSL certificates was silently not working anymore with cert-manager v0.9.1 (due to the stopping of SelfLink propagation in Kubernetes 1.20). This situation is well described here.

What are some alternatives?

When comparing lens and cert-manager you can also consider the following projects:

rancher - Complete container management platform

k9s - 🐢 Kubernetes CLI To Manage Your Clusters In Style!

metallb - A network load-balancer implementation for Kubernetes using standard routing protocols

k3s - Lightweight Kubernetes

external-dns - Configure external DNS servers (AWS Route53, Google CloudDNS and others) for Kubernetes Ingresses and Services

oauth2-proxy - A reverse proxy that provides authentication with Google, Azure, OpenID Connect and many more identity providers.

tilt-extensions - Extensions for Tilt

kubernetes-dashboard-desktop-app - It's an attempt to pack official kubernetes dashboard in a single desktop app using Electron

rbac-manager - A Kubernetes operator that simplifies the management of Role Bindings and Service Accounts.

operator - Kubernetes operator for Victoria Metrics

kubevirt - Kubernetes Virtualization API and runtime in order to define and manage virtual machines.

Portainer - Making Docker and Kubernetes management easy.