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Compare Kanboard vs Wekan and see what are their differences.


The Open Source kanban (built with Meteor). Keep variable/table/field names camelCase. For translations, only add Pull Request changes to wekan/i18n/en.i18n.json , other translations are done at https://app.transifex.com/wekan/wekan only. (by wekan)
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Posts with mentions or reviews of Kanboard. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2024-04-17.
  • Ask HN: What software sparks joy when using?
    9 projects | news.ycombinator.com | 17 Apr 2024
    Linux Mint with Cinnamon: https://www.linuxmint.com/ as far as desktop OSes go it's familiar (Ubuntu without snaps by default), whereas the UI feels both snappy, doesn't use too much resources and is actually pretty to look at.

    MobaXTerm: https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/ this one is a bit more Windows centric but I ended up paying for it and replaced mRemoteNg and PuTTY with it, it's even better than Remmina or whatever Linux has to offer - you can manage SSH/RDP/VNC/... sessions, input across multiple sessions side by side and it just simplifies things a lot (jump host support, a port forwarding too and so much more).

    GitKraken: https://www.gitkraken.com/ also a piece of software that I paid for, this one actually makes using Git pleasant, feels better to use than SourceTree and Git Cola (even though that latter is wonderfully lightweight, too) and honestly I prefer that to the CLI nowadays.

    Kanboard: https://kanboard.org/ is a lightweight Kanban project management tool, it might not have every feature under the sun but it's the most snappy project management tool I've ever used, looks simple and runs well. I honestly love it, what a nice thing to have.

    Most modern text editors and IDEs: I personally pay for JetBrains IDEs but also like Visual Studio Code as a text editor and both have helped me immensely, they're reasonably performant when you have the RAM, look nice, often give you suggestions about how to improve your code and also have a plethora of plugins in their ecosystems. Nowadays I unapologetically use LLMs as well and overall it feels like I have these great tools and cool autocomplete (that is sometimes a bit silly and wrong) at my disposal, that makes me happy.

    Kdenlive: https://kdenlive.org/ imagine if there was a successor to Windows Movie Maker, though something that gets most of the important stuff out of Sony Vegas, except is also completely free and works on most platforms. Kdenlive is all of that and also somehow quite pleasant to use, I actually prefer it to DaVinci resolve. There is a bit of a learning curve to any piece of software like this, but everything mostly makes sense in this one.

    Gitea: https://about.gitea.com/ I still use this for my personal Git repositories and integrating with CI systems and it's lightweight, looks good and just feels pleasant to use. Previously I self-hosted GitLab and constantly ran into resource exhaustion as well as doubts about the next update is going to corrupt all of my data and break (it did), so now I use Gitea instead.

    Drone CI: https://www.drone.io/ a container native CI solution that I can also self host. It's container oriented, integrates with Gitea nicely, is similarly nice to GitLab CI and doesn't cause me headaches like Jenkins would.

    Docker: https://www.docker.com/ yes, even Docker desktop. It just makes working with containers really pleasant and predictable, even when something like Podman also exists (and also is great). I don't know, I feel like Docker really saved me from having brittle legacy environments, even self-contained containers with health checks and resource limits with still the same brittle code inside of those make me feel way more safe.

  • Elegant open source project tracking, Trello like but self-hosted
    6 projects | news.ycombinator.com | 18 Mar 2024
    For someone that's not a web developer, I found Kanboard to be the easiest to set up, and it has all the basic features you'd expect. It's a traditional PHP app where you copy the files to your web server and set a few configuration options and you're good. If you want to use it locally, you download it, run php -S localhost:8080, and start using it.


    Note: The project is in maintenance mode, it hasn't shut down or been abandoned.

  • My Open-Source toolkit for 2024
    7 projects | dev.to | 11 Feb 2024
    I kicked off 2024 with an attempt to get more organized and continue my quest to rely less on big tech. To start things off, I’m trying out an open-source taskboard called Kanboard. It’s like Trello but without all the integrations or surprises. I’ve been using it for personal tasks and side projects. I like these boards for dumping out the things I want to do and then visually sorting them into their status and priority. Doing the things is still hard, but at least I know what I’ve got on my plate.
  • What are the best self-hosted project management software
    1 project | /r/selfhosted | 11 Dec 2023
    https://kanboard.org has a kanban board.
  • Trello Alternative
    10 projects | /r/selfhosted | 6 Jun 2023
    For the Kanban experience, I was using Kanboard. It is perfect for Project management and it allows for relations between the cards as well. It is also solid in terms of stability. It is also very lightweight and can easily run on Raspberry Pi. The only downside is that the UI feels a little outdated and it is not Mobile friendly.
  • Ticket system for my personal life
    1 project | /r/computertechs | 3 Jun 2023
    Kanboard is a possible solution if you want something self-hosted and open-source - https://kanboard.org/
  • I need a good ToDo list / simple bug tracker for solo development
    1 project | /r/gamedev | 31 May 2023
    Checkout kanboard. It's free and open source.
  • Dynamic Tabels
    1 project | /r/PostgreSQL | 25 May 2023
    Contrast with https://github.com/kanboard/kanboard/blob/main/app/Schema/Postgres.php - a very similar set up with projects, tasks and columns.
  • Kanban Project Management Software
    1 project | /r/programming | 23 May 2023
  • Kanboard is a free and open source Kanban project management software
    1 project | /r/hypeurls | 23 May 2023


Posts with mentions or reviews of Wekan. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2024-03-18.
  • Elegant open source project tracking, Trello like but self-hosted
    6 projects | news.ycombinator.com | 18 Mar 2024
    Looks nice, I selfhosted https://github.com/wekan/wekan for a while, which is a MIT licensed heavily Trello-inspired alternative, does someone know both Wekan and Plankanban and can tell their differences?
  • PostgreSQL on S390x
    1 project | news.ycombinator.com | 23 Nov 2023
    Where can I get info, how to make required changes to get software running on s390x? For example, some software requires CPU-specific assembler code. I can not get some code to compile correctly:


  • Coding Is Hard
    2 projects | news.ycombinator.com | 19 Nov 2023
    Thanks for writing this.

    I have added and removed about 4 million lines of code:


    to WeKan Open Source kanban:


    You are not dumb. It is normal to feel frustrated, when figuring out, step by step, how something works, and what to do. It is like labyrinth. Having enough breaks, taking a walk when needed, having enough coping skills or adding more of them, having patience to keep notes of what is current position in that rabbit hole. If some way does not work, try some other way.

    It is always about the basics. Many programming languages change syntax often. Some dependencies change.

    For example, when writing some for database export:

    1) There was no working code examples at documentation

    2) Google etc searches had old info, did not work

    3) I did not find from source code how it did work

    4) ChatGPT, Bing AI etc examples did not work

    5) So I tried with trial and error, what is correct syntax, character by character

    For some error messages, sometimes Google search shows somebody having same problem, or even a fix. But if not, it's about reading source code of the software.

    But this works when code is available, like in Open Source.

    If something is binary executeable, then there is need to decompile, read assembler, deobfuscate, etc. That means even more required, I have not gone there yet. That is why I use and develop FOSS, when it is possible to more easily fix something, when it is broken.

  • Show HN: Kantankanban – A CLI to track to-do's, custom lists, and more
    5 projects | news.ycombinator.com | 17 Aug 2023
    Hi Wekan,

    looks cool but IHMO suffers from confusing documentation and onramp.

    It took me multiple attempts, days apart, after initially stumbling upon this comment to get a better sense of it.

    The project homepage (https://wekan.github.io/) stresses the different installers but at that point I didn't know if I want to install it or not.

    Clicking on the Features link (https://wekan.github.io/#features) just takes you a few lines down on the same page which doesn't tell you much.

    I tried to find a link to the Github repo but that wasn't obvious either. Eventually I stumbled upon it by following the Docs and API links at the bottom but those are very small and hidden compared to the rest of the content on the page.

    From the Docs wiki there is a much better list of Features (https://github.com/wekan/wekan/wiki#:~:text=Calendar-,Featur...) that tells me more of what I was looking for.

    However, I still don't know what database backends are supported or how configurable those are which I need to know in order to assess my backup strategy and how much work it will be for me to maintain this for our intranet site.

  • Trello Alternative
    10 projects | /r/selfhosted | 6 Jun 2023
  • Firefox Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar
    1 project | news.ycombinator.com | 1 Jun 2023
  • Kanboard is a free and open source Kanban project management software
    14 projects | news.ycombinator.com | 23 May 2023
    Thanks! I added issue about it:


  • Suggestions for self-hosted Kanban with activities timeline?
    1 project | /r/selfhosted | 14 Apr 2023
    Try to look at wekan. https://wekan.github.io/
  • Project Management
    4 projects | /r/NextCloud | 29 Mar 2023
    Deck is very minimal and not really suited for anything beyond simple, personal stuff, in my opinion. As far as self-hosted, my favorite is still Kanboard, which has a lot of plugins and themes to choose from. Leantime is good too and a bit different. I also like Vikunja and Wekan.
  • Self-hosted kanban board
    6 projects | /r/selfhosted | 19 Mar 2023
    Have a look at Kanboard. For Android it can be used with kandroid (available on F-Droid). There is also WeKan with official app on Google Play Store

What are some alternatives?

When comparing Kanboard and Wekan you can also consider the following projects:

focalboard - Focalboard is an open source, self-hosted alternative to Trello, Notion, and Asana.

TaskBoard - A Kanban-inspired app for keeping track of things that need to get done. (Don't forget to read the Wiki page!)

Planka - The realtime kanban board for workgroups built with React and Redux.

budibase - Budibase is an open-source low code platform that helps you build internal tools in minutes 🚀

Restyaboard - Trello like kanban board. Based on Restya platform.

deck - 🗂 Kanban-style project & personal management tool for Nextcloud, similar to Trello

deck - DECK is a powerful and high performant local web development studio, an open source alternative to Docker desktop

taskcafe - An open source project management tool with Kanban boards

jira-clone-angular - A simplified Jira clone built with Angular, ng-zorro and Akita